Traveling Nurses Missouri | Are You Looking For A Job That Travels?

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Hello. My name is star Selwoods I’m with the recruiter, the travel recruiter with Trinity employment specialists. And today I would like to discuss what we’re doing here at Trinity employment specialist is building on travel nursing. And, um, right now with the Colbert going on, it’s a little bit slow as a lot of, you know, already, but we still have to move forward. We have to be more proactive than reactive. So what I want to talk about today is how to, in these times that we’re living in with the COVID-19, um, to lay a groundwork of building on this. So when it does come back, as we know things are coming back where I’m faced to nowhere in Oklahoma, um, within the next couple of weeks, and 1st of June, we’re going to be in phase three. So I believe, um, to be more proactive in talking about getting candidates to come into Trinity, go on to our Trinity employment and filling out an application as a Traveling Nurses Missouri.

If cause most nurses, as you guys know, you’re either furlough, you’re taking some time off. The government has gifted you with unemployment. You guys are taking time off, but at the same time, as everything comes back to together with the hospitals, we’re going to need nurses. So with that being said, they will be a lot of travel contracts for you. A lot of opportunities to come in and do 13-week contracts. Uh, you would do a 36 hour week for 13 weeks and get paid a travel stipend, um, per Dem sort of say, um, this will, in turn, help the hospitals out a great deal. So if you’re a med surge, ICU PCU, E R O our labor and delivery, we need you on board. If this is something that you’ve talked about doing in the past, that’d be wonderful. We would love to bring you on and try to get some help from the hospitals with the best Traveling Nurses Missouri.

I know again like I’m saying it is slow, but that will, that trend will stop. So let’s talk about how to do that. First of all, you go to our website, fill out your application, uh, call me if you don’t call me, I’m Darcell. The recruiter, which Trinity employment, you could call (918) 622-2588. Once you complete your application, that way we can discuss the needs that we have. And then I will send you out the skills checklist that is the beginning and as most of you know, to become a nurse and to be credential is essential. That is a long list of items that we would need. So I would ask all the nurses to collect all of their documentation, all of their certifications, their shot records, things like that. Make sure you have all that handy, um because you’re probably working or doing other things as the best Traveling Nurses Missouri programs.

Those are things that we will need. And communication is essential. We have to communicate, I’m dealing with a travel nurse right now. Who’s going to PA, but it’s hard to connect with her because, with this COVID, she’s picking up extra shifts. And so we can’t get in contact with her. And it is very important to connect with your recruiter and the credential department here at Trinity. So we could move quickly to get you ready. So we’re not if you were working somewhere else or doing something, we’re not constantly trying to reach out to you. Uh, I hope that makes sense to you being some of you are new, never done our travel contract. I’m just trying to give you grounds a groundwork of how and the things that need to be done to get ready for a travel contract. Uh, travel is fun for a lot of Traveling Nurses Missouri with us here.

They make a lot of money doing travel, um, more than they would on their regular job. You could take a vacation after 13 weeks. You can’t do that on your regular job, uh, on your regular job, you would have to work a year, but would travel after that 13 weeks, you could take a week off and then you could pick up either, go do an extension with the current contract you have, or we could find you another 13-week contract somewhere else as a Traveling Nurses Missouri. And again, I wanted to let you know to be a travel nurse. You could have your home license and a compact license, and we’ll talk about that in the next segment. So you understand to be ready, you can go ahead and apply while you’re sitting at home or have nothing to do. Uh, I’m sure you do have a lot of things to do with this downtime.

But again, we have to think ahead because we’re gonna get hit with a lot of surgeries coming back. A lot of people being able to go to the hospital. And I know there’s a fear out there that people don’t want to even go to the hospital to get checkups or what have you. So it’s making everything very slow, but we know that trend will change. And I believe starting June 1st, that will be a, uh, a switch was gonna come on and everybody’s going to be okay, what do I do when it comes to your Traveling Nurses Missouri jobs? So let’s not be in a panic, let’s be proactive and start laying the groundwork of what we want to do. If you want to do a travel contract, if you want to do per dam, you could do that as well. We have several things going on for all different specialties at Trinity. Sorry about that.

Um, so I wanted to just introduce myself, introduce you to Trinity. Just let you know that we are here for you. I want to educate you on travel. If you’ve never traveled before, that is a lot of facets to traveling, contracting a lot of facets. And if you could call me, I would like to discuss those facets with you, how you get paid, how to get other licenses or licensures different things of that nature. So if this is something of interest to you, please reach out to me. darcel at or give us a call at (918) 622-2588.