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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am the president of Trinity employment specialists. And Trinity, we are located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we staff all over the nation in travel nursing. And today I want to talk to you about the 10 best things about being a travel nurse that I think that any travel nurse could just begin to think about what I want these videos to be for is someone who is just thinking about travel nursing. Maybe you’ve heard about it because you’ll have a nurse at some point in time, show up at your facility. And you know, they’re only going to be there for a short amount of time. Maybe you’ve heard about how much more money they make. Maybe you’ve heard about some of these things that they’ll tout. Well, there are a lot of great things about being a Traveling Nurses Missouri.

And, um, I just want to go over some of these things with you. And then if you have any questions, I want to invite you to give Trinity a call at (918) 622-2588 and ask for Darcel or Kasey so that they can begin to share with you some of the great perks that Trinity offers its travel nurses. So let’s get started real quick. The first one is to travel. Nursing gives you flexibility. Let me give you an idea about this because you make basically double the money and you can double your salary instantaneously, just so long as you’ve got one year of experience as a nurse, as an RN, and then you’ve worked in a hospital for at least a year, but you can begin making double the salary. So let’s just say you were comfortable at making a nurse’s salary, which is not a bad salary. Let’s just be honest.

Most nurses make good money, but you can instantaneously double your salary. You could start just working six months a year and that’s it. You could work a month, take a month off, work a month, take a month off. The flexibility is completely up to you. This is something you could do. You could work for three months and go do anything else that you wanted. You could just work for one month and then go back to your normal job. You there, the flexibility is completely for you. And the salary that you make is way more. It’s double the salary. Number two, you can make new friends. If you want to go all over the nation and have someone pay for your travels, you can go out and make new friends all over the nation. Um, let’s just say, you know, one place that I’ve never been to, I’ve always wanted to be a Traveling Nurses Missouri.

I’ve always wanted to go, but I’ve never been able to go. I want to go to see Hawaii one day. I’m not even a beach person, but I just want to see the mountains. I want to go see the different islands. I want to go see what, what everyone talks about in Hawaii and how beautiful it is. I’m probably going to become one of those horrible tourists. And it’s such, I go to these touristy areas and it’s going to feel like any other vacation, but I still want to go one day. Well, if I was a travel nurse, that’s the first place that I would go, which by the way, salaries are a little bit higher up there. And there are options on every Island. I also want to go see Alaska. I know these are the two places outside the mainland. I want to go see it with the top Traveling Nurses Missouri.

You can go do a travel nursing option up in Alaska and get paid to go see these things. And you’re going to make a lot of new friends where, where you, um, wherever you go, number three, you can travel with your pet. If you want. There are a lot of people that have pets, and that is one of the things that they’re concerned that, Hey, well, I wouldn’t have anyone that to take care of Bobo. Well, um, you can take your pet with you wherever you go. Uh, number four, you can pick whatever city you want to work in. This isn’t something where the Traveling Nurses Missouri agency says, all right, you’ve got to go work here now and work this contract. You can go wherever you want in the nation. And one of the things that I just talked about in an earlier video, you can just follow the weather.

I’ve got a great friend and he is very wealthy, very blessed, man. He is one of the largest coffee sellers. I think he is the largest now coffee seller in the entire United States. So he sells more coffee than anyone else does even Starbucks, but he has a house in Tulsa where he started his company. He has a house in an, in Arizona where it’s a little bit warmer and then he’s also got a house in Cabo. So he just follows the weather. So when it gets too cold in Tulsa, he goes to Arizona when it gets too hot in Arizona and it’s too hot and Tulsa, because, those summer months, then he goes to Cabo and it’s cool. And he’s off the beach. He just follows the weather. That’s what some of the well wealthiest people, that’s what they do. They have houses and they follow the weather.

Well as a travel nurse, you get to live a lifestyle that only some of the richest people in the world get to do, and that just travels the weather. Um, number, number five, you get more independence. Let’s just face it. Your day to day, operations are not going to be the same. You’ve watched the story, the movie Groundhog Day. It’s not going to be Groundhog day in your world. Um, you’re going to get to work generally for three months and then move on. Um, one thing you get to stay away from is the drama. Generally, it takes about three months before people consider you to start implementing you into their trauma, you know, and you get, you get a chance to work with different, different people as well. But it’s the honeymoon phase. Every single time, number six, you’re going to get to see the country and different cultures for your Traveling Nurses Missouri.

And I think that that is one of the most important things that I got to do. Um, early one of my early on in my life is I got to see the way different people lived and that different cultures lived completely different from me that had different thoughts and ideas that I did. And opening up my mind to different cultures was really, truly a great benefit to me. And for me to be able to explain that to you on how, who, what, when, where, and why. Um, it’s very difficult to do, but there’s not been one person I’ve ever spoken to that got to travel and see different cultures that did not say that was one of the best benefits as a human being that they were able to have. And so it’s a great way to do that. Um, number eight, you get to expand your professional network and your experience for the best Traveling Nurses Missouri.

So you’re going to have, you’re going to have friends and trusted colleagues all over the nation. You’re going to be able to call them for advice. Some of these places you’re going to go to are gonna have some, some of the best top running operations available, and you’re going to learn how they run their system. So if you ever did come back and had a management role later on in life, you are going to have a plethora of knowledge of how all these different systems worked, which ones were best, which ones, you know, had some struggles in it. And you can implement some of the best management strategies that you’ve learned along the way. Number nine, it’s resume building. You’re going to be able to pick up experience that you wouldn’t get to experience, uh, pick up anywhere else. And then with that experience, you’re going to be able to get paid more because you’ve had experience in all of these different areas.

It’s a great way to build your resume. And the last thing, the adventure you’re going to have an adventure that no one else is going to be able to talk about. Um, very few people get the opportunity to do this. Very few occupations, give you the flexibility and the opportunity to go get paid, double what you normally get paid and travel the country and have somebody else paying for it. It’s just an amazing way to do that. Have your benefits paid for and everything that uses a Traveling Nurses Missouri. If Trinity can help you in any way with your travel nursing or answer any questions about how some of these things might work and what are some of the downsides to it, please give us a call here at Trinity and ask for Darcel or Kasey two of our travel nursing recruiters. You can call them at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online to see all of our

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