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Hi, my name is corey mentor and I’m, president of trinity employment specialist trinity, Staffing Tulsa we’re staffing company and we specialize in staffing in almost everything in the medical field, from a medical receptionist, all the way up to a nurse practitioner in between their lpns rn’s, medical assistance, x-ray techs, really all of the positions in the middle of the medical field, and we also focus on finance, Staffing Tulsa accounting and banking and customer service as it relates to finance. So it’s more of a collections, top of a role is, is what we specialize in providing we do this in both the tulsa and the oklahoma city markets. Today it just real quickly. I want to talk about something that somebody asked me about not too long ago and I’m actually needing to do a presentation on it in this saturday. So this is kind of a practice. Runto see to see how it goes. Staffing Tulsa But let’s see, if you find this resonating I want to talk about the art of persuasion and I’m, going to talk to a group of people who are section leaders of church, so they’re really what they do is. They are basically like their pastors of a small section of a mega church and I’m doing. This is probably one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever done in ministry I’ve been a section leader for probably 3 years now, and it is one of the it’s just very. Staffing Tulsa You have to be very diligent in your time. So I want to talk about the art of persuasion and getting people to be interested in want to engage in conversation with you and whether you’re, trying to do sales or whether you’re trying to just get what you wantthese principles are things that I’ve developed and learned over the last 10 years of owning and operating my business. You know we started out as nothing and now we are multimillion-dollar organization, Staffing Tulsa and we were one of ink magazine fastest growing companies in america last year and so i. Just these are some of the techniques that I use and I think that they’re going to be a lot of people. That think, if this is interesting thing is, persuasion, is not what most people think that it is a lot of people think that when and if your persuasive person, you talk a lot-and you got this really dynamic personality and I really found it. That is the exact opposite. Staffing Tulsa I’ve always had a pretty outgoing person I’ve had it all my life, but I’ll tell you one way to turn people away, and that is not listen to them and talk the whole time.

Trust me you’ll, bore everyaround and that the people that are most likely buying from you need to feel Staffing Tulsa important, and so one of the I think the most important organ in the human being body to persuasion are your ears. It’s taking the time to listen to the people that are around you and asking them detailed questions when you engage with them and show them your interest, I even want to encourage everyone there to use your body language to show this a lot of times. I will really engage kind of like this and I’ll lean in and show the person that Staffing Tulsa I’m interested in them and then I’ll validate it with further questions. But the thing is:is when you’re doing less of the talking most likelythat’s when you’re doing most of the persuading it is, is by asking those questions in the I’ll. Tell you a couple of reasons:why did it so important? One is:is that in our culture most people are interested primarily in only one person, and that is themselves, and so you go around and trying to find someone that is Staffing Tulsa willing. That has the I don’t know if it’s the maturity or just the discipline of listening is rare. It’s just rare, and so when other people find someone who is not only willing to listen to them, but also willing to listen to them intently and give them good feedback immediately, they feel probably the most valuable that they felt all day long, and it was just because that person ask the right questions and took the time to listen and not interrupt them in so you Staffing Tulsa make the person feel like they are. The most valued person in the room that that is, that is one of the reasons why people why people see this is as so value valuable. The next thing is, is that listening gives you knowledge of that individual and i? Don’t want anybody to take this as like a negative Staffing Tulsa thing like a manipulative thing, but knowledge gives you power. Knowledge gives you ideas at at where to go in the conversation that you, ordinarily might not have, and so from a sales standpoint will, if they might and probably will in most cases, reveal to you what their needs are. If you’ll just ask them, they’ll tell you switch remarkable in all the sales people have ever trained, they just want to go in there and talk and talk and talk and talk, and they bore everyone there and if they would have taken time to really ask the right questions and listen, they would have been able to pinpoint the right things to Staffing Tulsa talk about and and talk about those things and it homes in on what that person is interested in cuz. Remember back what I just said earlier:who is the most important person to everybody else, it’s themselves and what their interests are, and so, when you put other people’s interspersed all of a sudden Staffing Tulsa they they will feel badly you’d and once they feel valued and once they feel truly listen to, they will want to mirror this activity. So what that means is, is they will? They will be willing, then, to listen to you and so once you listen to someone show them that they’re valuable.

All of a sudden things switch, and now you have a platform at which they listen to you, Staffing Tulsa because it is a human nature. Weird just natural thing to do is that if you listen to someone else, they will want to mirror that activity and then listen to you. But you got to be smart enough and mature enough and wise enough to do the listening first and then you’ll you’ll gain influence for the person, so that. Staffing Tulsa That’s the first. That’s the first lesson that the next thing I think it’s probably the number to big thing, for what are we talk about. Persuasion here is to show strength and confidence in whatever it is that you’re you’re talking about so knowledge, is power studying up and having a good, solid knowledge base about what you’re, talking about and being a good resource is in a confident way is something that people are drawn to want to ask you take two or three Staffing Tulsa seconds and just think about the people in your life right now that are unbelievably confident like they know what they want they in in in pay attention to what you think whenever they speak. If they’re, the top person that listens to you, really pays attention and then when they talk, they are confident and strong. You instantaneously want to listen to this person and so becoming that to other people will give them comfort that they are being led by good, solid leadership showing strength in your voice, showing strength in your poise even in your body. Language is a is a vital, important piece to this to this pie. Staffing Tulsa If you can’t think of anyone think about john wayne movies, you just never wanted to mess with john wayne. Why? Because he knew what the credit to do in any kind of situation, even if he didn’t know what he wanted to do like he was here and I’m telling you that that is a trait of a really great leader is Staffing Tulsa showing strength, something that you need to do also just being diligent and being reliable. Being consistent in the situation where I’m going to be speaking to the section leaders of a church, one of the things that I will want to really hard pain is being diligent, beaver, be consistent, and that should that goes along way that that develops trust over time. But you have to remain positive and so being a positive individual it just in general it. It is Staffing Tulsa something that people like to follow.

They like to be around these type of people. It makes them feel better about themselves, and you have to you, have to put some effort into doing that, and so I’ve got four things here that that help me more than anything else has in trying to lead other other Staffing Tulsa people trying to be an influence on other people, and this these are these. Are it i? Tell everybody you should write these down. These are really really good. Good hints here to to live by the first thing is, is whatever it is that you commit that you were going to do commit to being the very best that you can be. Most people won’t do this. In fact, 95% of people probably do not do this. Just a simple commitment to be the very best that you can be that day Staffing Tulsa whatever it is that you do don’t store cut things, don’t do it halfway, be prudent in the way that you do your work be diligent in the way that you do your work in silently. You won’t have to say a word silently people want follow. You I promise you this. The next thing is, is look for other ways. Look for ways to help other people that you come in contact with, get what they want and there’s there’s a hint to this okay. You cannot do it so that you’ll get something Staffing Tulsa else back later, don’t go help somebody get what they want and expect something from them. If you do that, you’re going to ruin the whole thing, you’ll ruin joy you’ll be frustrated your whole life. If you go to that, don’t go do that. This is what I want you to go:help someone listen to them, find out their needs and go help them just make a small. You have to make big big steps, make a small step to help them get what they want. You go do this okay, and if you do Staffing Tulsa this over a year’s time, you are not going to believe the snowball of good things that are going to come your way because they are going to reciprocate this, not all of them. In fact, most of them want. But there are a small core group of people that you go out and help and I’m telling you they are going to 4k disc in ways that you would have never thought you’ll grow more in one year by helping other people get what they want than you ever will, if you just go and try to get what you want the whole year and be diligent in that really really huge key here. Look out for other people’s in front of yourself. Trust me. Staffing Tulsa the next thing is, is to be grateful. For what you’ve been given being grateful is a huge, huge key to happiness, enjoy telling you and I was watching this video and I’m going long here, but I’m going to finish it. There was a video of this guy and playing ping pong match with this guy I mean you’re just going. You know, you know how to get far off the table, there’s whacking it back and forth, and finally, this guy over on the far side of the table, wins the point right, and so, when you’re watching this video, that’s all you see that you won the point like that gun.

That was good. That was a good match good for you bud, and so this guy starts doing a serious michael. Staffing Tulsa Jackson. Dancing goes for like at least a minute like he is just dance in then gets up in the guy’s face like this. One goes in the camera just zooms over to the score in the guy that was doing, the dance was one in the guy that was over. Here was 10. That’s like the point that whole video and I wish I could show it to you if it’s really funny don’t be afraid to celebrate the small things and be grateful for the small things that you’ve been given im that dude’s Staffing Tulsa illusions I’m. He was 0 to 10 there when he won that point I was sending this point. He does a huge celebration and I think that we have to do that in normal day life we have to celebrate the small things with the thing is just be grateful for what you have been given, don’t be looking to everybody else and trying to get what they what they have I’m it’s it’s a key to unhappiness, just be grateful for what you’ve been given. This will give you the kind of Staffing Tulsa attitude I’m telling you people going to follow. Last thing is believe the, best, is, yet, to come there going to be a lot of things are going to happen to you in your life same thing with me:i had something happen. This morning. Unfortunately I didn’t like it, but it has an overall if you will have an attitude of believing the best is, yet, to come. Everybody needs hope that gives you the hope that you need, when you exude this to other people, I’m telling you Staffing Tulsa don’t want to follow you they’re going to want to listen to you. These are the ways that you gain influence on people. What I like to try to do I want to be an influencer of influencers it. However, you want your influence to be and it what level these things I’m telling you are it it’s my key to success in life. I Staffing Tulsa hope this helps. You truly would love to help you. If we can I was your job search, give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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