Successful Interviewing Leads to Jobs

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Successful Interviewing Leads to Jobs

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa Experts at Trinity Employment

Trinity Employment knows it’s difficult finding a job out there. That’s why we provide staffing Tulsa experts for the people that are looking to get the very best jobs in the area. Give us a call today at 918-622-2588 or visit us online for more information on how to find the right career opportunities for your lifestyle in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our website, features all of the current job postings in the area. Check out our Staffing Tulsa solutions today and let’s get the ball rolling on your next big career move.

You’ve been on the prowl for a new assignment with a list of preferred organizations, sending out hundreds of resumes and trying to network your way to a job. Yet, you are still not getting invited for an interview. This is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the job search process itself that has many job seekers wondering what the secret to getting an interview is. This article will provide you with a few key steps in obtaining the right interview for the right job.

Getting the Interview – Keys to an Open Door
The truth is, there is no one way that recruiters are compelled to ask candidates in for job interviews. Sometimes, it’s just left up to chance, the demands of the business to hire someone, and the compatible skills that candidates have. However, there are some keys to getting a step closer to an interview and a decent job offer.

Professional Presentation
Recruiters and hiring managers immediately get an impression from candidate from the way they present themselves initially. This means, you must take the time to create a professional cover letter and resume, and if at all possible apply in person looking your very best. If you ever hope to make a good impression that will stand out in the mind of the recruiter, then making this extra effort can and will pay off.

Tactful Follow-up
Once you have taken the time to respond to job advertisements, or submitted online job applications, you are free to follow up within a reasonable amount of time. In fact, just taking the time to follow up in a professional manner can put you in front of other applicants. But have respect for the hiring person’s time and limit your follow up to one email, one handwritten thank you card, and one email per week. Anything more than that and you are likely to be viewed as desperate.

Networking for Referrals
Your personal and professional networks can be great sources for finding jobs, but they can also be opportunities to ask for referrals which can help you get an interview sooner. Chances are, because of the industry you work in, you know several people who either know someone working in the kinds of companies you want to work for. Ask for referrals and give a reason why you would be a good match for their corporate culture.

Message to Employers: How to Get the Most Out Of Your Temporary Workers

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa Experts at Trinity Employment

Using a staffing Tulsa firm like Trinity Employment can help you lower costs of recruiting and on boarding staff, raise levels of productivity and employee morale, ease and managing fluctuating projects and seasonal work, and give you access to quality and prescreening employees. If you are deciding to use our temporary workforce solutions, this is an important step in the growth and improvement of your organization as a whole. In fact, our staffing Tulsa experts will give you the experience you need to enjoy the benefits of our industry. To get the most out of the temporary workers that you receive from Trinity Employment Staffing Tulsa specialists, this article will provide you with a few steps that you can take as you work with our agency. These factors will help you gain a more positive return on your investment. Give Trinity Employment today to get the ball rolling on your staffing solutions at 918-622-2588. You can also check us out online anytime at

Hiring and Training – It’s true that your temporary workers will come from the agency, but still you must be invested in their success through a strategic hiring and training program. Develop clearly written job descriptions and requirements to provide to the staffing agency and to review with each temp. Have a training process put together to bring temps quickly up to speed during their first few days on the job.

Improved Onboarding – Every business can improve the onboarding process with an orientation for both regular and temporary employees. Give your workforce a good introduction to the business, the mission and values, the corporate culture, and company leadership from the very first day. Assign mentors from among your more experienced employees to act as an initial point of contact for all new hires. Frequently check in with temps to help them understand and reach their goals.

Task Management – It’s critical to provide training and orientation to all new temps, but it’s also important to provide them with the tools and resources needed to manage their tasks efficiently. Make sure all temporary workers have access to the systems they need to complete work, as well as guidance and support from your permanent employees. Let your teams know that they will need careful supervision to make sure tasks are not overlooked. Meet with your team leaders to ensure this is happening.

Communication – The key to successful temporary workforce implementation is open and frequent communication. This includes communication between you and the agency, as well as floor managers and temps. Explaining work tasks and expectations is critical, otherwise the temporary workers may not know if they are meeting the needs of the company. Any special requirements need to be communicated early on so that Trinity Employment can provide the best possible temporary workers for the job.