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Staffing Tulsa | Submit the Resume

Hi, my name is corey metron, president of trinity employment specialist I was i, was asked to answer the question of what do you do once you submit in your resume into a company and what what it is? If you get stuck into a black hole because they’re Staffing Tulsa everything is an automated system process and in so I’m going to answer that today my name is corey metron, president of trinity employment, specialist, trinity staffs has staffed in tulsa and in oklahoma city for over the over the past 10 years and i, we specialize in the medical field and banking and finance and accounting, and so I’m I want to throw out some advice to you today. If you’re looking for job-and hopefully this will help you and your job search, but the the idea is, is we’re going to dress like once, you send in the resumeand. If you’ve done this very much, you know exactly what I’m talking about you go into an abyss of a black hole, and you are just hoping that somebody might pick it up in the unfortunate part. Is that when you, when you’re sending it into a huge Staffing Tulsa company, they are just getting loaded down with resumes and getting yours noticed is really crazy. You know it’s very difficult to try to get yours notice, because one you don’t even know if it is noticed or not you’re, just crossing your fingers and hoping will. What I want to do is give you some action steps this going to help, get your resume out of the abyss and at least looked at by a human being, rather than being screened by word, search on their on their applicant tracking or on their resume trackingdatabase.

So here are just a few things that I think can help you out the first thing that you want to do once you submit Staffing Tulsa it is wait a day or two be patient, so you don’t want to just call right away. You look like the impatient, desperate person in that. That’s not a good look, but if you will call and ask you in resources, if you receive if they received it, sometimes it might get somebody to look at it and see something special there and it moved on, and these are the things that I would suggest that you addressed when you called human resources when you call them. Let them know I applied for this specific position on this specific day and I wanted to just make sure that it was received and it didn’t getstuck in the stuck in the internet somewhere, because I wanted to be proactive and then, if they see, if they most time they’re going to say yes, we were saved it you’ll want you want to then Staffing Tulsa say what I would, if you need any other information for me. I would really like to be proactive and make sure and get that over to you. Is there anything that you can see there that I’m missing? That would be helpful for your hr process. You’re wanting to be helpful, you want to seem helpful and most the time they say no, and you want to thank them very much for your for your time and then get off the phone. Don’t hound them. You want to. Let hopefully your resume and your experience do a lot of the talking for you, but you got somebody to look at it, and that was your main objective there, your main objective. There is not try to close the deal and get an interview. That would be great if it leads that way and if they give you a little bit ofattitude to go there. Please take advantage of that, but most likely you’re probably going to be talking to an assistant at that time and they are extremely busy and you don’t want to appear to be cumbersome and anna bother. So you just want to make sure and get that up and hopefully rely on the fact that you got some stuff in there that they’re interested in the next thing is, if you can’t reach them over the phone, because you get stuck so you sent your resume out into the black abyss, and sometimes you have a phone call that sends you into the voicemail returned or even listen to so i. If you’re in the voicemail abyss I really want to suggest that you just show up, you show up so I just wanted to introduce myself to you, I i, applied for this specific position several weeks ago and I wanted to make certainthat. Staffing Tulsa You had a physical copy of my resume because sometimes sometimes you get stuck in the internet and i. Just didn’t I wanted to be proactive and give this to you. Would you mind if I gave this to you and then, when you leave there ask say:do you know which recruiter would be responsible for recruiting for this position and then I would ask for their car? If you get their card, make sure and only send emails? I? Wouldn’t blow him up over the phone and give them an opportunity to respond to you, but at least then you know who it is that you’re dealing with and that that can be a great help and I’m getting ready to tell you how that can be a great helpbecause. The next step is I would suggest that you reach out to that individual on linkedin and then try to do a friend. You know get them to accept you and that way, it’ll give them another shot to look at your at your credentials and background connecting with people on linkedin at least right. Now it’s getting a little bit more about rusev. Then then, then it was in in the recent past, but many people are much more open to connecting on linkedin and I and I’d I suggest that you do this in sales.

When people don’t want to take my phone calls and they don’t answer their emails for some reason, i, don’t understand why no answer their linkedin page I suggest this to you, because you are a salesman you’re, just a salesman of yourself and so I’m, Staffing Tulsa just giving you some of my techniques that I use all the time. So the next thing is, is you want to reach outother team members on linkedin? So you want to try to research other people that work at that company and try to befriend. Then you might even want to consider doing that. First before you go after the hr person. That way, if the hr person sees that you are also linked with many team members of that company will feel a lot more comfortable connect with you and then you’ll have a direct line to communicate with them in a very non-threatening way. The next thing that I suggest that you do is reach out to your social media Staffing Tulsa platform, whatever it is that you use facebook, twitter snapchat instagram whatever it is that you use and ask your connections if they might know someone who works in that company and if they do ask, if there’s any way that they would be willing to introduce you indian, you want to try to connect with that individual, that’s being connected by friend. Hopefully you know this into this person and if and then you ask them if they wouldn’t mind to submit your resume to to hr through their internal recruiting process and they’ll, get a likely get a referral, a referral bonus for referring you if you’re hard, and so it’s advantageous for that individual. But it’s almost guaranteed like hr, has to look at the internal referrals. You are it it’s it’s it’s an hr nightmare. If you were not looking at your internal referrals and those are some sometimes your best candidates and then and so, and so that is a way to slowly integrate your way into a company and you’re doing it in a way. That’s not on threatening you’re doing it in a way that it takes some patients. It does, and that’s okay, but you’ll, Staffing Tulsa be able to start to slowly become more familiar with who’s who in that company, and if that’s a company that you want to work with, that’s the way that you get into it. You do these things and you are much more likely to be able to get in there. So once you get the interview first I’m going to be real, quick here, except I’m short on time. First make sure in and do the research on the company make sure that you know what it is that they do? You know their stats. You know their news. You know:what’s happened to them in the in the recent time to do some research on their industry. So you know, if they’re, in an upswing in their industry, if they’re in a down swing in there, history make sure that you know what you’re going into interview for the next things just be just be impressive. Make sure that you dress well make sure you prepare for the interview make sure that you get a list of interview, questions and be prepared on what Staffing Tulsa you’re wanting to say, like some general ones, if you’re wondering how to do that, go on the internet and type in sample interview, questions know how you’re going to answer those and be prepared when you go in there, you might want to sit sit with somebody make sure that they agreed that you’re prepared with your questions. Last thing is, after the interview make sure you send a thank you note and I would make sure that grammar was impeccable in there I would hand write the note. No one hand writes anymore and it’s something that is a lost art that a lot of people appreciate, and it makes you stand out so anyway. Staffing Tulsa Those are some things that I think can help you trinity can help you in your job search. Please let us know our direct line is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you. Thanks bruce, it’s really good topic for me, hi. My name is corey mentor on president of trinity employment specialist training is a staffing company. We specialize in staffing in the medical field, and we’ve done this for years and years and years so I want to tell you real quickly about two or three positions that we are constantly recruiting for that. If you know someone that is looking for a position like this or if you are someone who holds one of these certifications, we would really love to speak with you. This is what we are constantly recruiting for class. Only looking for medical assistants lpns or ends in front office people all the time we are looking for these individuals and finding someone in the medical field that has a good work. History is rare. It just is anymore, I think that’s probably across the board, with all industries, but in the medical field, especially it’s it’s unusual to find someone with two three and four years of consistent experience. When you look at resumes anymore, it is just crazy how many people are one year here, one year there. This is what is this is what is so interesting about this. Even our news media is telling people to look out for the gigs look out, for only you know. The short-term thing so you can continue to promote in our education system. Does not understand that if you do that, you make yourself less and less valuable the shorter you stay at different places, because what you do is you make yourself the jack of all trades and master of none? Let me tell you who is going to get the money, the master, and let me give you just real world experience.

Do you pay the lawyer six figures, or do you pay the legal assistant, six figures? Legal assistant knows a little bit. The lawyer is a master. Even in karate you, don’t you don’t pay the yellow belt a lot of money. You pay the master, the money to pay to teach you I am telling you that this new trend that is happening that I see on with suggestions all over the place to try to go after these gigs and do Staffing Tulsa short stints of work. If you follow this pattern, you were going to make yourself less and less valuable and the people that are going to have all the money are going to be the people who are who become and make themselves a master at whatever it is that they do and they’re not going to be able to do that unless they are able to stay in master a position at one particular place. I’m telling you that’s a that is what’s going to happen, but the people who have a longevity. Those are the only people that were after we’re not even going to consider people who have a horrible work history and no, we will have people Staffing Tulsa will call them on the phone and ask them about their work history and, if there’s a good reason, why you want to bring them in and talk to him. But you know when, when there is a series of events where it’s always somebody else’s fault or this or that of the other, just poor excuses, those are not the top of individuals that train tries to staff. Trinity is a staffing company where we focus on quality. That’s what it is that we bring to our clients and we want to partner with a player’s so that we can provide a player’s to our customers, are customers, our great customers, and we have well vetted them for Staffing Tulsa employees and so I’m. Not that’s who it is. It were looking for for medical assistants were constantly looking for someone who has period in specific industries as well like right now we’re looking for someone in urology. That’s a very difficult position to feel we’re. Fine I’m trying to find someone and family practice is well, so you just never know what type of industries that we are looking for. It trinity lpns are extremely difficult to find right now, especially those that have clinical experience. We are constantly looking for people with clinical experience and for lpns, and especially since this is the end of the year, if you’re, if you’re, watching this later on the year right now we’re in december at the very end of december. In fact, christmas is in 3 or 4 days now, and we are always looking for good, solid, lpns and there’s a big shortage for lpns in the clinic setting right now. But a lot of the hospitals and large clinics are trying to be indian lpns to their clinics. We’re always constantly searching for our ends as well. Our ends will always be in demand. They were, there will never be a shortage. We have a need for our ends at the hospital level working in the hospital as well as in the clinic setting-and this is this is a constant need that we will have, and if you have experience in one of these fields-and you have a good work history about yourself-we definitely want to talk with you. What we do at trinity is we find a players for our clinics that we work with, and our clinics I believe are a player clinics they’re. Not, they are good good places to work, and so we want to make these connections with people, and so we would love to be able to speak with you. If you have experience-or you know of someone-that’s looking, please give us a call at trinity, employment specialist. We would really love to speak with. You are number, is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you. So much

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