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Hi, my name is corey mentor and I’m, president of trinity employment specialist attorneys a staffing company. We specialize in staffing in the oklahoma city oklahoma city and the tulsa market, and we staff primarily in the medical field and accounting in banking and finance, and it’s something we’ve done for over 10 years. We’ve won many awards for on the quality of what we do and, Staffing Tulsa and it’s some it’s something that would be created quite a name for ourselves and the city of tulsa and so forth. For today’s small little segment I want to talk about how did how did not become unemployed I just a few minutes ago. Ask somebody what would what would you be interested in hearing about this? Was a topic I’d like to dress it? Real quickthe, becoming unemployed is being unemployed, just a scary thing anyway. Right now we’re coming out of an oil and gas. It really is like a devastation oil and gas industry were coming out of it, but every 5 years is a big downturn, the only gas field, and there a lot of people who are at Staffing Tulsa this point right now, trying to get out from being unemployed they’ve been laid off from their job before I start talking about people, you know what to do when you’ve been laid off, I’d like to talk about what to do. If you currently have a job and how you keep yourself from being unemployed being unemployed is is, is not fun, and so here’s how you here’s, how if you have a job, how not to become unemployed, is really really true, but let me tell you in are in today’s culture:it’s true it a lot of people. Just do not do this, it’s it’s. What happens? I promise you just work hard. Just have the commitment to working hard work harder Staffing Tulsa than everybody else.

It’s around you and doing things that are helpful to your employer, what most people, or what many people, at least in our culture. Right now, it seems as though they can’t see past their own nose. It’s true. They have a really tough time, looking right past their own nose and a pastor own problems with the people that are valuable in companies are people who can look out for one the interest of the company to the interest Staffing Tulsa of their supervisor in trying to do and put effort into things, that’s better for the whole, rather than what’s good for right now and that’s what I think helps people to become valuable to their employer, and so, if they ever do have to do any kind of cutbacks you want to everyday put in the topper performance and make yourself valuable enough that they would literally be crazy to let you go and it’s because of your efforts in doing good for the whole and not just trying to Staffing Tulsa advance your career. I was talking to somebody the other day. You would just come out of a corp, a big corporate corporate environment and it was so difficult for him to get out of the thought process that he’s got to cover his back wherever he goes, because someone’s always buying for his position or something like that, Staffing Tulsa and that is true and I’ll. Tell you I’ve hired people in our company before and all we were trying to do. It took a long time just to get out of their head that we work together as a team, a true team-and you don’t have to look out for yourself for your next position. That type of thought process is really toxic and we’ve had we’ve had to release people all because of that attitude. They were looking out for me and not we and the people who have the ability to look out Staffing Tulsa for everyone around them, as well as the theirselves. It makes a great difference and you’ll be much much more valuable. Then you know I even had an employee looking at it from a different standpoint and he he wanted a raise, but the individual.

This individual was in sales and he had not yet created enough income to where the company was even breaking even on his salary and he wanted to raise, and he could not comprehend why he couldn’t get erased. Cuz he’s like we’ll, listen, I’m I’m putting in work, you know I’m working hard, but he didn’t create the results, Staffing Tulsa and so what he wanted is he wanted money without the results, and a lot of americans are like that. Now they they don’t care that they are a drain on either the company or the people around them. They don’t care, but it is because it’s not in their head. They don’t they’re, not looking around to see what kind of value Staffing Tulsa they’re adding they’re. Only looking around who’s going to add value to me and when you have that kind of mentality, when a downturn in a company comes or when bad times come, you might be the very first to go or you’re going to be in that line of of people to go where, as there’s going to be a group of people and if Staffing Tulsa you’re, if you’re, listening this you and you’re working right now, you probably know who those people are, and those are the people that there is no way that that company would get rid of that person because they add so much value. When you go around, you become that person you’re not going to believe. What’s going to come your way and then, whenever they’re down turn times in your company, you’re not going to be one of the very first to go, you’ll be one of the very last and Staffing Tulsa most likely you will never have to worry about unemployment if you’ll. If your position yourself in that way, I want to talk to people who have lost their job and they are trying to get back into the employment world.

And there are two or three four things that I like three things that I want to address here. The first thing is, you want to get as many systems working for you as possible in your job search, and so let me count to go down run Staffing Tulsa down a list of things that I know are good resources that we use at trinity to find good talent. These are the sneezed like the secondary and 3rd levels at what at looking for people, but these are levels that will help you find a job in this. That’s what it is, one your facebook page linkedin. Indeed, careerbuilder ziprecruiter monster there, many others that are out there, but you want to get each one of these resource. This is working for you, so with facebook. How do you get facebook working for you? Well, you can start by letting everyone know that you’re currently unemployed in this is what it is. This is the kind of position Staffing Tulsa that you’re looking for and, if you know of anything to let them know, you can also do a facebook, page or facebook search, because I will tell you we all the time advertised on facebook and and just use our network to be able to get people out there, but here’s here’s, a real big hint when you’re using on facebook or snapchat or whatever instagram twitter whatever it is that you use for social media is to make sure that those pages have things on it. That represent you well, and if you have a lifestyle where your little bit crazy, you want to get some. You want to get that off of your facebook page from making public, and you want to Staffing Tulsa portray a positive professional individual but get twitter get snapchat all of these social media resources. Let people know that you were looking for a job for the others like linkedin. Indeed, careerbuilder ziprecruiter, you want to fill out a profile for each one of these and make sure that you fill it out in full the people who are developers of these websites. They reward people who complete their profile completely lot of people go in there.

Just do the bare minimum and get the resume up and call it good. But what happens is you’re not nearly as Staffing Tulsa searchable as what you would be. If you would fill out the your profile completely, the developers put out the people that look the most impressive first, and so it’s an algorithm that they use and trust me. You would make sure that you fill that out, because it’ll make you a lot more searchable. Linkedin especially I Staffing Tulsa know. Does this. The second thing is:is I want you to consider to just make a list of the of the places that you would really love to work? If you had the opportunity to and call those people ask for the human resources person and and and try to figure out a way to get to know the people in network in there? Let them know that you’re looking for a job and that you have the skillset and you would love to be able to meet with them. Most people aren’t doing that. They’re Staffing Tulsa just submitting the resume you’ll stand out. If you do that, the last thing is it’s:the network I want to encourage you to let everyone you know, know that you’re looking for a job and do it unashamedly make sure and let them know that you’ve had a downturn or you know you had a job that didn’t work out right and be confident in it. Let people know that you’re, not that your car looking for something it because most jobs come through the way of networking when we find people for other companies, it comes gin generally buy some form of networking either use using facebook and social media or personal networking make sure and Staffing Tulsa utilize this resource do not eliminated. It will help you more than anything and if you’re, if you’re, looking in the fields that trinity staffs in in the medical field, accounting and finance and banking, please contact us at trinity. We love to see if we could help you are number is 918-622-2588. Thank you. So much

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