Staffing Tulsa with Expertise

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Staffing Tulsa with Expertise

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa Experts at Trinity Employment

We serve multiple industries from our staffing agency in Tulsa. We are a leader in the staffing Tulsa industry and are one of the most effective cross-industry staffing solutions available. Trinity Employment not only sources qualified candidates efficiently and effectively, but we also take care of all of the statutory costs for our clients that are associated with Tulsa and Oklahoma staffing services. The candidates we work with at our Tulsa staffing agency are matched to jobs best suited for their skills and backgrounds. We provide interesting assignments and exposure to varied work experiences for our contract employee’s. To allow flexibility, our assignment options we provide include temporary, temporary-to-permanent and permanent.

Trinity’s growth throughout the years has extended to offices throughout the nation. We serve multiple industries from our offices headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma across the region, check out our current professional staffing office locations in the Tulsa area. Our success is driven by our full-service staffing Tulsa approach. Trinity Employment sources and screens qualified candidates efficiently and effectively throughout our specialized staffing services. When you partner with Trinity, you can be assured that we mitigate the risks associated with specialized staffing so that you can focus on completing your projects efficiently, effectively and on-time.

We understand that our clients staffing needs range from short-term to long term and can be largely project driven which is why we offer comprehensive temporary contract staffing services. Trinity employment has a contract staffing agency team that provides a fast and reliable way to have qualified individuals fill your specific needs both quickly and effectively. This provides the flexibility to maintain individuals only when your work load requires while still ensuring access to top talent. There are many benefits to contract staffing including: Increased access to individuals with specialized skill sets you require, The ability to hire for specific projects and for certain lengths of time, Transfer of human resource and compliances responsibilities, and Reduced recruitment costs.

At Trinity Employment, we understand that our clients staffing needs include short/long term temporary assignments that may develop into a direct position. Trinity’s contracted temp to hire staffing service allows you to convert temporary employees on assignment to full time positions at your company. This temp to hire service option provides the opportunity for you to assess employee performance and suitability to the position and your organization prior to making a hiring commitment.

Many of our clients find that utilizing Trinity Employment’s professional direct hire recruiting staff to source candidates is an efficient, time-saving process to fulfill direct hire staffing needs. Our direct hire staffing services save time spent reviewing numerous unqualified resumes, extensive pre-qualification of candidates, as well as money associated with expensive advertising costs.

Building Business Relationships One at a Company Time

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa Experts at Trinity Employment

At Trinity Employment, our business philosophy comes down to one thing. We offer a service which brings top talented people and great businesses with employment needs together. Technology, Accounting, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Oil and Gas, Customer Service, Administrative, and Receptionist service needs are just a few of the staffing sector resources that we specialize in and provide for our clients. We believe that whenever a responsible Staffing Tulsa firm is in business they should provide the highest quality service to their clients. That’s exactly what we do at Trinity Employment. We acknowledge that this is a business relationship, and we are partners with each one of our clients, not simply resume pushers. We treat each candidate that search for employment through Trinity with the same respect that we would expect to receive if we were in their position. We only represent top candidates to our clients, and we always have our candidates best interests in mind. By finding a meaningful link between employee and employer, Trinity Employment has become the Staffing Tulsa firm of choice for people and businesses across the region. Give us a call today at 918-622-2588 or check us out online at for more information on what we can do for your company.

We go about recruiting in a way that will leave you astounded. We have a thorough qualifying process that delivers quality candidates who meet client requirements, and we listen to our clients. Our screening process includes a phone screen and an in-person interview prior to submitting any candidate to you. We also verify candidate references to confirm their skills and experience. We can use the technology from a skills test to confirm the skills represented on their resume at your request. We will only submit those candidates who have been informed about your position and are interested in a relationship with your company. Since all situations are not the same, we always urge our clients to conduct such background investigations as they deem necessary to verify potential candidate information. The information we provide to a client is obtained from third parties or the candidates. Many times we can not verify the accuracy of the information we pass on to a client about a candidate and will always recommend a screening company if the client would like to have a thorough screening conducted prior to offering employment. Our active involvement with professional staffing associations enables us to stay on top of the latest technology and accounting practices. Our commitment to building long lasting relationships with our clients enables us to better meet your specific needs.

People who are looking for jobs and Tulsa can benefit from our services as well. We encourage you to apply for any position that interests you and for which you may be qualified. We will review the information to determine your qualifications and we will contact you to discuss the opportunity before we forward your resume to our client. Trinity Employment maintains a database of resumes and we always search our database for potential candidates first for all new job requirements. Having your resume in our database means you will have the best opportunity to be matched to a job requirement.