Staffing Tulsa and Many of the Top Companies and Hospitals

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Staffing Tulsa and Many of the Top Companies and Hospitals

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa

When you choose staffing Tulsa experts at Trinity Employment you will understand the Trinity difference immediately. Our drive and motivation comes out of the life of having to deal with HR and staffing firms. We knew that we could do it better by focusing in on a few key areas and that’s exactly what we’ve done in the great town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We noticed that many staffing companies we use did not seem to pay specific attention to very important instructions that were given in the job description. This created a large Between what the company is looking for and what was provided as “good candidates.” So if you’re ready to leave the rest behind and find the best give us a call today at 918-622-2588 or visit us online at

Throughout our lifetime we have grown exponentially, doubling in size each year of our existence. We do this by following the general principles of paying close attention to detail regarding specifics of each position that we recruit for. Now that large portion of our business comes from a customer and employee referrals. People were for us because we have the amazing touch that you’re looking for when you’re looking for quality staffing in Tulsa. We offer direct hire, contract hire, and temporary employment positions. Contract are is great when you’re looking to screen someone on the job before actually decide if you’re going to hire them. This allows you to evaluate if someone is going to be a successful long-term employee. If they are not we can find someone else to fill his position. We want to provide long-term solutions that are not just to patch a hole in the wall.

Are giveback program is probably the aspect of the business that we are most proud of here at Trinity Employment. Every time we successfully place someone in a brand-new position, we are not only helping lower the unemployment rates in Tulsa, but we are donating to Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home. This is a nonprofit, nondiscriminatory home based in the Owasso, Oklahoma area. They provide shelter, educational tools, and a variety of other services to young adults and children in our community. These are the same at risk children that society tends to cast aside. But we believe the children are the future and everyone should be given an opportunity to shine.

The economy in recent years has not been the best, but we have been able to provide jobs for people despite the economic climate. If you’re looking to make your life amazing and find the job you’ve always been looking for, give Trinity Employment a call today. We’ll find the right fit for your skill set and start diligently looking for a position that will fulfill your life, and your wallet. See why the trusted experts at Trinity Employment are the staffing firm of choice for many of the top companies and hospitals in the Tulsa area.

Staffing Tulsa with a Firm Noticed by NBC and Tulsa Business Journal

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa

Your company can rise above the rest by choosing the very best when it comes to staffing Tulsa. Trinity Employment is dedicated to giving you the personal touch that only a firm dedicated to treating everyone as an individual can do. We love the people and the companies of Tulsa, Oklahoma and we want to see them succeed. We believe we can do this by partnering with you, the trusted business people of this great city. Give us a call today at 918-622-2588 or visit us online at today. Find out how Trinity can help you and how they can help the community at the same time.

We do staffing for many of Tulsa’s top companies and hospitals, and if you are a business owner who is looking for staffing solutions, we can do the same for you. Trinity Employment is dedicated to bringing you a workforce that will outshine your competitors and give you a new level of productivity that you never knew was possible. Visit the employer section of our website today and you can check out all of the different services we offer ranging from contract to hire, direct hire, and temporary employment opportunities. We know that no two companies are the same and we want to give you the tailored fit, original treatment that you deserve. When you partner with experts like the staffers at Trinity Employment, you can expect the best, and you will get the best.

On the flipside of that coin, if you’re currently looking for work in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area or you to know someone who is, Trinity Employment can be there service provider as well. Our career Center lists amazing jobs all across the state of Oklahoma. We have positions readily available in the medical and business industries. So whether you’re looking to be a Medical Assistant, RN, Receptionists, Salesperson, or IT Department Worker, we will find the right fit for you and your lifestyle. We want to provide more than just employment opportunity, we want to provide you the chance to really elevate your lifestyle with the job that you’ll love.

Trinity Employment donates to Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home every timely find that job for you. You can take comfort in the fact that when your company uses Trinity Employment for it staffing solutions, when you hire someone on, you’re also supporting a young child in our community that needs help. Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home is dedicated to giving back in a way that is irreplaceable. They are not-for-profit firm that provides shelter, educational tools, and a variety of other services to the young adults and children our community. Help us support them today by giving us a call at 918-622-2588 or visiting us online at Together we can make a genuine and long-lasting difference in our city, economically and socially.