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Staffing Tulsa | Specializing in Job Finding

Hi my name’s corey mentzer and I’m with trinity employment specialist. We are staffing organization that was created about 10 years ago that wanted to put quality back into the staffing world in and switch two things take quality and put it in the place of what I put it at the forefront of what most staffing companies put quantity. So it won’t replace Staffing Tulsa those two and just flip the order of importance on and when we did that we we changed a lot of things, we’re still trying to change the perception of staffing I bet, you know, went on a big scale. We can’t hardly do that because we had there’s 200 staffing companies in town we’ve been having to do it. One client at a time one client at a time, and so it’s very slow going. But it’s it’s been really really great to to be able togreat. This and man am i, so excited about what we have in store for our future, especially with the team that we’ve gotten play.

So super excited about this, and this is part two of us section that I just did and so I said. I was going to come back, I’ve got three more points. I left off with you know, analyzing your Staffing Tulsa people patterns so and we’re talking about creating a system for growth and so part of those you want to analyze the people that you have find out about how long people stay in each position try to create a plan to be able to keep them longer and then, if people are going to leave or just expect that people are going to leave at some point, you’ll want to create a type of system to where there’s not a lot of knowledgelost when this per person leaves so tribal. Knowledge is a killer of business. You know, I was talking to one of my buddies who took over a position in sales and he sells something in the oil and gas field. He told me what it was, but is really really complex man. They make so much Staffing Tulsa money, but they had this one guy who have been in the oil and gas business for ever, had all these relationships and was just known and he loved his company in the owner loved him, and it was just a great great match. Okay-and this is what happenedthe guy like he had a brain, aneurysm, okay and then and then lost a lot and now he’s no longer there. Okay, it’s not the fault of the company. The company did a great job of retaining this employee. All of a sudden, they lost all of the relationship, because the sales people, literally, that the sales people that were around this key sales member had no idea how he was structuring the structuring the deals he had no idea. They had no idea some of the ways that he was using to make a profit dead, no idea even some of the relationships that the dude had so nothing was recorded. This is called tribal knowledge that one person leaves and all of a sudden, all of these really important details are just wiped out lost. So the idea behind this is:is it if you have a key employee? We have a key employee and she’s Staffing Tulsa got the other, something very special at how she does things, but we do not want. We have created a system where she documents her procedure exactly and we every communication she has with each one of our office manager.

She documents that nothing is lost. So if this person were to leave wasn’t it would be a tremendous loss. I would get down on my knees and start crying because i, don’t i, don’t want to lose this person. But if a brain in your welding, this happened the other day that her husband was on a was on a motorcycle and had a really bad motor motorcycle accident and I think he’s getting out of the hospital. Today. Staffing Tulsa Things can happen. Man is so you want to create a system so that you don’t lose it everything if one person is lost, tribal knowledge, protect your tribal knowledge by making sure and creating procedures by these key people so that you don’t lose a ton of knowledge just because one person exits so so I talked about creating systems. You want to identify your staffing and people needs. So I talked in the last section about creating an organizational chart, so you can see will make sure that you create hey. This is where we intend to grow trinity. We have a complete growth plan. We want to have a manager and two people underneath them. We call them pods we’re going to create a pod and then that Staffing Tulsa manager creates those two people they get. A percentage of everything is that their team makes and then we’ll take one of those two people and create another pot and that’s how we’re going to grow, and our team knows that they know the growth process. They know the process of growth, they know how to grow. They need to you know, so you want to create and identify who you want to be in these new staffing developments. It’s going to help you to be able to visualize, because you’ll start to enter you’ll start to invest yourself into these people like i, know who I think our next organizational development person is so I’m getting ready to invest in this person, because I think it’s very important and I Staffing Tulsa want so badly for this person to be able to promote into this position. I think he’s got the mindset in the intellect to do it, but it’s going to take about a year year-and-a-half of me. Investing into this person until I can get rides him up and so listen. You know you don’t want to invest in everyone for everything, but listen.

When you see someone special like invest in them, they will really really appreciate it. So you want to create a future staffing projection, and then you want to create the the culture that’s going to be able to keep and help to pee help for people that thrive. So creating culture Staffing Tulsa is not an easy task. I have spent probably the full 10 years of my 10-year at trinity. Developing culture I have failed miserably the first half of our company i. Did we we just trial by fire. It was just that kind of atmosphere, I allowed it I didn’t know. I was allowing at the time. But just you know, our industry by nature is a stressful industry, and so I didn’t recognize the drastic importance of putting humor and fun in the workplace. So it would balance it out now I’m going to walk I’m going to leave I’ve got a meeting after this, but whenever I walked back into the office, listen to me I’m going to be cutting up with somebody before I get to my office.

That’s just what I do I go, I’ll make fun of them, I’ll get into a sparring match with one of them. Everyone will be laughing and we’re going to create an atmosphere of positivity i. Give speeches once a week about trying to drive the vision of our company. Our mission statement is extremely Staffing Tulsa clear:we connect people and change people’s lives, so we do and they know exactly what that means. That’s a long thing:they know what it means, but it clearly communicates what it is that we do and it’s short it’s not complex. You know it’s for four words in it. That’s how that’s how easy it is to understand what what it is that we do. This is very intentional, so you need a mission statement that is easy for people to get easy to understand, and then you want to make sure and look around listen, get in just walk around and watch people’s face. You’ll know where your culture is okay, and-and if you, if you’re, like a majority of companies, okay you’re going to need to change some stuff, but be Staffing Tulsa intentional with it. Don’t just let this culture go, you will lose your key employees. Listen! This is very, very important. This is what makes great companies is culture. So listen to these things are ways to begin to grow. Your organization I think it’ll help you. If trinity can help you with the staffing end of that we would love to. Please give us a call anytime. You can give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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