Simply Dial 918-622-2588 to Find out How Staffing Tulsa Experts Can Help You

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Simply Dial 918-622-2588 to Find out How Staffing Tulsa Experts Can Help You

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa

Staffing Tulsa is done right here at Trinity Employment. We are the leading staffing company in the area because we care more about the people in our community. If you’d like to partner up with the company that truly wants to help you grow, visit our official website at or give us a call at 918-622-2588. Your company deserves the helping hand it needs here in today’s economic times, and we want to help you grow in ways you never thought possible before. Check us out and put us to the test today. Trinity Employment is dedicated to making sure we find the right match between employers and employees on a daily basis.

Trinity Employment partners with Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home to make sure the young adults and children our community get the help they need no matter what their background may be. Every time we successfully place someone in a new position with one of our clients companies, we make a donation that goes towards Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home. We want to make sure that they are still around and available to help the children and young adults find the support they need to live the lives to the fullest. Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home is a nondiscriminatory, not-for-profit firm that gives a shelter, educational tools, and a variety of other services to the young people in our community.

As a leader in workforce solutions and Tulsa staffing, every day we provide our clients with the talent and specific employment expertise needed. Trinity focuses on contract-to-hire and direct hire career opportunities. However, we also provide temporary professionals on an as-needed day-to-day basis, providing you the flexibility to staff up or down to meet your business needs.

Our expert recruitment and selection process will help you find the right candidate with the right skills and personality that work well with your business culture. We want to make sure we have a group of quality candidates that have been thoroughly screened. To assure that, we do not accept walk-in applicants and will recruit candidates specifically to fit your needs. Only the best will do if you’re looking for experts in certain fields. Trinity Employment understands that there is the right person for each skill set, and we will not rest until we find that person for your company. If you’re looking to radically change your workforce or just find that one specific expert who will get a required job done, give us a call today at 918-622-2588.

Our local staffing experts know each job market inside and out and have relationships with the best professionals in the marketplace. We will take time to get to know your business and company culture. We understand the need to find highly-qualified and trained professionals. In order to have a position transition from temporary to permanent, we try to find that right “fit”. Candidates are interviewed for not only skills, but personality and the position desired. We don’t just “send them out” – we search until we find the right candidate for the position.


Trinity Employment Is Dedicated to Staffing Tulsa and Helping the Economy Grow

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa

The staffing Tulsa experts at Trinity Employment our local people who are dedicated to making sure that Tulsa has the very best human resources and staffing firm around. We’ve been seen on NBC as well as Tulsa Business Journal for our expertise in the staffing Tulsa industry. We one of the leading staffing companies because we only provide strategically recruit employees who perfectly meet the needs of our client companies. If you are based in the Tulsa area and own a company that has some human resources or staffing problems, give us a call today at 918-622-2588. We will be sure to get our expert team dedicated on your company’s cause immediately. We are different because we take the time to understand your culture and make sure that you still retain what sets you apart in your industry. is also a great place for you to go to find out how we can truly become your staffing solution for the long term.

We give back to the children’s home that is Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home. They are located in Owasso, Oklahoma and they’ve been doing the Lords work as far as helping the young people and children in our community get a helping hand. If you’re interested in partnering with Trinity Employment and giving back to the community as well as we do, click on over to and you can learn more about Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home. It is a nonprofit, nondiscriminatory firm that gives some of the best shelter, educational tools, and a variety of other assets to the young people in our community. We believe that the children are the future and we want to invest in them today. We do this by giving back and making a donation to Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home every time we fill a position in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Contract to hire is one of the ways we enable our clients to fill full-time position after there is an on-the-job performance review. Is a great way to find employees without taking on all of the risk of offering permanent hires to people you don’t even know. Put our candidates to the test and find out why we only provide the most experienced, dedicated employees the first time. If you don’t like the way the their work is coming together, then you don’t have to hire them on. That’s the beauty of a contract to hire system. It allows you to eliminate the risk while still finding a dedicated expert for your workforce. We also offer direct hire and temporary staffing solutions for no matter what type of company you’re trying to be.

On the flip side of that coin, we also provide solutions for people who are seeking employment in Tulsa area. We know that the recession has been difficult and many people have weathered losing their jobs. But we want to say to you now that is the time to take control of your life in find the employment solutions you’ve been looking for. Give our experts a call today and get the ball rolling on the life you’ve always wanted.

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