Staffing Tulsa | Setting Boundaries

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Staffing Tulsa | Setting Boundaries

Hi, my name is corey mentor and I’m, president of trinity employment specialist trinity, we’re staffing company and we specialize in staffing in the medical field, all everything from the front office person to a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, and then in our business side we have finance accounting, banking and we’ve also done quite a bit of a staffing. Just recently in the huge Staffing Tulsa uplift and oil and gas we’ve been asked to staff and only gas field in the finance and accounting division, even some of the engineering positions that we just started working on somebody, so that that’s kind of what we do, and it is what we specialize in i, always like to have a challenge, and so I asked someone earlier just to give me a random topics to talk about and, and so I wanted. I want to share with you that topic and let’s see if any of this resonates with you, because I thinkthere’s. Some really interesting items in here in this is setting boundaries for yourself as a as a businessman. I have learned this the hard way and in it it can be very difficult because before you know it, this is more as you’re growing in your career and maybe your games and popularity or Staffing Tulsa gaining influence or whatever it is that you’re growing in I’m telling you more and more people are going to want to have a piece of your time. It’s just it’s justi think and for me, I’m I am generally a very nice. Individual I’m always have been very kind individual and it’s very difficult for me to say no, but one of the most detrimental things that I’ve done in my career is and I’m learning and I’ve learned about this and I’m still learning about. It is trying to find the line on when you need to say no and when you need to say yes, because if you, if you get too caught up in the now I’m telling you it’s real easy to say, oh well, Staffing Tulsa just say no to all the things I’m telling you will miss out on some unbelievable opportunities. If you just say no to things that aren’t really that convenient at the moment. I believe that there is some wisdom that needs to be utilized when and before you say the word, no to anything that you’re getting ready to that you’re being asked aboutand. So I really just want to to tell everybody that you need to have some kind of playing some kind of thought out. Staffing Tulsa

Don’t just say no on the snap judgment telling you it’ll it’ll hurt you, but if you don’t say no to enough things, you’re going to end up in a crazy land, I’ll tell you. I’ve got a really great friend and he is very successful. He is one of the most successful people in this town, I’m telling you probably one of the most popular people in this town, but man Staffing Tulsa he has I believe that he started saying no to a lot of things, but he has had so many opportunities presented to him that even amongst his peers, he there they’re starting to notice where you know balls are being dropped and he’s not anywhere near as effective as they remember him. Being it’s just it’s a thing and that this is this is probably Staffing Tulsa one of the most successful people and someone that I really look up to and just yesterday I had someone call me and say listening I reached out to him like three or four five times, but he’s not getting back with me in in the whole thing was:is this is one of the largest at this one of the largest companies in our town and and they were basically trying to refer him business and it was big business, so I’m going to call him myself and say:hey! Listen! You need to take that call. You know, but that’s how it’s so crazy. It got a read a book about the one thing and it’s really a great book. I really recommend it and I’ll Staffing Tulsa listen to it on audible, but really, if I can see, if I can you know just bring it all together in one quick statement, it’s this. You need to set the most important thing in your life and make it the most important thing and work everything else around it. So, for example, and I’ll just tell you, my life I’m a little bit different because there’s there’s their you know I’m, a very religious individual. So my my statement you’re my number one number two number threes and be different than some people, that’s okay, but this is how my day works out. This is my one thing right in business. My number one thing is trinity now I Staffing Tulsa own two other companies, but I’ve set them up specifically so that they are subsets, but my main thing is trinity all my time, all my wisdom. All of my almost all my efforts goes first in to trinity and then secondary. It goes into my other company, so I’d I try to make those ii things that that I do I only own portions of these other companies, so so I I wait towards the end of the day and I fit that in then. But this is the way my day generally works, Staffing Tulsa I’m going to start working on trinity. That’s what my folks and that’s what I’m doing right now for trinity, but if anything, pops up in between the next little bit I never want to allow myself to get so busy that I’m not able to do any kind of ministry. So might my very first top priority is going to be ministry and then trinity in and then the other companies that I work with so it what that means is it that doesn’t mean that I’m going out and all I’m doing is ministry all day.

What that means is that when, when things pop up occasionally at at work and I notice, it and I feel like it’s something that god’s asked me to go. Do I stop what I’m doing right then, and there and I go to that cuz. That’s my number one thing and Staffing Tulsa then everything else seems to flow I’m telling you just you just does for me:i, don’t know how to explain it, but you have to know what’s the priority and if, when you keep those things in line, I know that when a ministerial type of event comes up generally, it’s not going to take very long, but I know i. Have it Staffing Tulsa resolved in my head. That’s the top thing, I stop what I’m doing I go. Do that then I come back to my work and then after I get done with that, then I’ll work on the other, the other two companies, that’s the flow, that’s the way it works. I know it and I don’t get mixed up in it and I think that it’s really important for you to know your priority list. What’s your number one? What’s your number to and what’s your number 3 and make sure that you work on them in Staffing Tulsa that order, that this is something I’m still working through, but but it’s that seems to work really well, but the thing is, is you got to be willing to say no to things that don’t fall within those three categories and because I’m telling you you will have some really great opportunities. Take you into no-man’s-land, hill lose a ton. I did that about 2 years ago. You don’t have to do that so fun and i. No one likes you at the end or not, no one, Staffing Tulsa when your wife is your cfo. She doesn’t like that at the end of the last thing that I want to assure here and I’ve got like 2 minutes left are it’s a statement here? It’s the people that you surround yourself with.

If you show me, the people that you were hanging out with now I can almost guarantee you that I Staffing Tulsa can tell you what you’re going to be in the next 5 to 10 years. Other there’s somebody really really smart. That said, that I heard it I’m not trying to claim it, but that is a very, very wise statement. So you have to and I have the sounds rough. It sounds harsh, but you will want to carve out and spend less Staffing Tulsa time with the friends that you know are not going to take you where you’re wanting to be. You have to say vision for yourself and most people go through life. I swear you they do this, they go through life and they just let they let the wind take them wherever they want to go, and so they get an opportunity and Staffing Tulsa they’re like well. I. Don’t really want to do that. That’s going to pay me so I’m going to go. Do that then they can see if they go. Do that and they lived miserable life. Doing this and telling you and I did that for at least 10 years, I just went wherever the wind took me until I decided, hey, listen, Staffing Tulsa I’m going to take over my own life, so the first thing I had to do.

There is set my vision at where I wanted to be i, told myself. What I was wanting to do and I went and did all those things listen I had to set another vision, cuz I went in accomplished all of the first vision and now I’m almost three-quarters, the way of this Staffing Tulsa vision and then I’m going to another vision, but at each level of johnny each level I have to change the people that I’m around, so that I can learn, be like them and then start to do the right things to get me up to that next level and I’m going to be sitting in another level, probably I’m guessing in the next 3 4 5 years, and when that happens, I’m telling you I have to carve out certain relationships been less time with them and then start spending time with people Staffing Tulsa who can teach me and I can be around its are acting like and game game inside from people that are at the next level, but I’m telling you. It is true you’re going to be like the people that you’re around and you have to be intentional with him and if you’re not you’ll be like I was the first 10 years of my career. I just followed the wind wherever it took me, whatever opportunities came to me, I took and I wasn’t very directional in my life. Being directional Staffing Tulsa means that you were setting the one thing that you know you want to accomplish in the next 5-10 years. If you don’t do that, you’re going to get derail and you are going not setting boundaries setting boundaries leads. You success and I’ll just help you. If we, if trinity, can help you in any way Staffing Tulsa sometimes setting your boundaries means that you need to you need to get in the right career field, and if you are looking for something the finance accounting, banking industry or in the medical field, really we may be a good resource for you. You should cut, you should give us a call or number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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