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Staffing Tulsa | Selling Yourself

Hi, my name is corey mentor I’m, president of trinity employment specialist, Staffing Tulsa that I treated you, the staffing company and we specialize in staffing in the tulsa and oklahoma city, markets guy in the medical fields, in accounting, finance in banking and customer service, and that’s what we’ve been exceptional at in fact, and just september. This last month we were in ink magazine is one of america’s fastest-growing companies and we’ve been we’ve been awarded as several awards in tulsa for being one pulses fastest growing companies as well, Staffing Tulsa and it’s so in doing that and interviewing. So many people, I i, was asked the other day or just a minute ago by someone said. So how do you sell yourself if you’re going to be in an interview-or you know, even if you’re, just trying to sell yourself in generaland, so I wanted to give give some ideas. I’m in one of these ideas is very specific to an interview, but I think that this might be interesting to some people. So whenever, whenever you have to sell something, Staffing Tulsa you have to know what it is that you’re wanting to sell, and so you need to have a clear vision of what you want to become and make certain that you are able to trade that so once you have a clear vision, and you know what it is that you’re wanting to sell about yourself, then at that point, you’ll want to start formulating what it is that you know what are your assets?

What do you contribute in that particular area and I would really strongly suggest that you literally write it down just bullet point out what it is that you offer and start to know it like it’s second nature, if it most people, when they’re going through this process, they’re uncomfortable in selling themselves and I totally get that, but one of the something that naturally happens when you’re uncomfortable Staffing Tulsa is its. You have to force yourself to put in, like you have to force yourself to put any kind of effort into it, and so there’s a lot of people who will want to sell themselves and no thank hey. I want to sell my cell phone, this particular vision I have for myself, but they won’t ever really go in there in memorize and put it in their heart how they want to sell the cell whatever it is. So what I suggest to you is once you bullet point this out really truly practice, Staffing Tulsa how you’re going to say it practice it and practice it in practice. It say it different ways are going to be some ways that work in some ways that don’t I was reading a book by steve martin the other day and I really really relate steve martin, because I am the exact same way. He is especially when I go and speak different places, but this this is what steve martin said. He said it’s a really really good good thing. That effort is a great substitute for talent, Staffing Tulsa and this is what he was meaning to tell the story said:listen when i, when I go and try to create a set list. Nearest e-mart was known there for a long time is one of the one of our nation’s best comedians by country mile, very, very popular and very, very funny, but it would take him two years to create that set list that you would go on and perform.

We said, listen I would tell a hundred bad jokes, two like two or three good ones. It’s just that I would keep trying and I will keep using it and I would pay attention to the audience, see what got a laugh and see what didn’t end and that’s how I created a cell. Staffing Tulsa Is it took him a long time when, when create a speech, I’m, not someone who just created off the top of the cup I put a lot of effort into it and then I’ll go out and speak at smaller events and really refine. My ideas and I’ll pay attention to things that resonated with people and then you know I’ll slowly, adjust you until you have something great. You want to do the same thing as well when you’re trying to sell your skills on your vision, so I make sure that you put some effort into it. Make sure that you really know it and that you’re not having to think about it in the moment and so, but a big part of that Staffing Tulsa would be practice it. If you’re in an interview and you’re trying to sell yourself. That is what I suggest print out we’re just going to google a ton of different interview, questions that you’re most likely going to get asked. And you know if you just type in sample interview questions. You were going to get a list a hundred miles long and you want to go on there and pick out several of them. But I think that you should go line item by line item and just save yourself. Staffing Tulsa What would you say if somebody ask me that and go through and just know what you would say if somebody asks you like that, because if you take a sample of 100 interview, questions-and you already know what you would say, if somebody ask you that when you going to an interview, you’re not going to be surprised, you ever seen a deer when they when the car comes in and the headlights are flashing on and they just look at you like what I’m telling you can tell when you meet with somebody who’s nervous in an interview, and you ask me a question they weren’t prepared for that they don’t know what to do. They look stunned. You will not look stunned if you go and print out from google a list of a hundred interview questions, and you know exactly what it is that you’re going to say it’s going to cover so many different topics that you’re you’re, probably going to at that point, have some ideas for yourself.

It’s a great practicing. You’re trying to sell yourself in an interview. I think that would be a really good place to start and just make certain that when you are answering those questions, your highlighting that you want them to know and make sure that you keep inserting that even when it might feel uncomfortable, x good at the last thing to to selling yourself is to be able to listen so and i, whether you’re, in an Staffing Tulsa interview at what, if you’re an interview, ask questions, ask questions and have questions prepared in and listen really do a good job. Listening I suggest that if you can ask some good follow-up questions to whatever it is that they say I’m going to tell you why I hear this is something didn’t a big majority. Staffing Tulsa People just have no idea how to do in in the reason is, is because the most important person to just anyone is themselves like in this in this building got pride I’m guessing at least 20 people in this building.

Right now and right now, the most important person to each one of these 20 individuals that I do not know that’s in this building it’s themselves in, because of that, it is against. Most human beings nature to really really pay attention and listen to someone, and it is the Staffing Tulsa biggest gift that you can ever give someone. If you listen to someone, you ask them a thought out question and you really listening pay attention to them and you validate what it is that they say you will make that person feel valuable and when they feel valuable, they will want to be around you and it is a the Staffing Tulsa biggest, the most influential in persuasive organ that the human being owns are there deers I’m, telling you I’ve been in sales for years and when you take the time to sit down and listen to someone and really value what it is that they say and validate them. When you agree with them, you will be Staffing Tulsa giving them a wonderful gift and they will want to be around you so that those are some. Those are some things that I think that can help sell you in whatever it is you’re doing whether you’re doing an interview with a place like trinity, employment, specialist or whatever it is you’re doing. I think that those things will help you. If trinity can help you in employment in any way whether you’re an employer looking for good employees, we would love to speak with Staffing Tulsa you and you are a great, a player employee. We would love to speak with you and see if we can help you as well, give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit this online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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