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Staffing Tulsa | Place in the Office

Alright good hi, my name’s corey mentor I’m, president of trinity employment specialist, trinity staffing company, Staffing Tulsa with staff all over tulsa oklahoma city in the in our our our primary specific there in the healthcare field, and also in banking and finance, and today real quickly. I want to talk to you about some of the struggles that people might go through when they are trying to find a new job you’re. Staffing Tulsa Just recently, we’ve had a lot of people get laid off specially in the oil and gas field, and so because we’re recruiting company work always seeing people from the only gas build and at the moment, they’re trying to find something else into a new field. So they’re trying to transfer their Staffing Tulsa skills into a new field, maybe try to change a different job category or a different career path, and so there’s always some confusion that goes on there and I’ve I’ve noticed so much frustration in in a lot of people that have been coming into our into a place of business. To interview with us and so I thought.

I would take just a couple minutes here to share a couple of stories with you and also want to give you a pathway on what to expect and what’s not become frustrated with all this going to help. You I think there’s there’s somebody’s going to help. So you know, I was I had a meeting with someone did I a kind of mentor and he called me-and he said you know, i, don’t know I just feel like I’m wasting your time corey Staffing Tulsa because I’m not accomplishing this I failed at that and there were like two or three different things:did he didn’t meet his goals on and it was, it was frustrating for him like totally see why he was frustrated, but the one thing that he said to me really bothered me and I’m hoping this somehow resonates with someone. That’s having a tough time right now, but he said this. He said you know, i, think that I’d be doing you and me a favor if i, if i, just if we just stopped meeting and me, try me stop trying to move forward the way that I am and so I asked him. Why I wanted to know why? And he said that you said that, because of all these failures that were happening, he just didn’t see his way out, and so he was going to just quit and that just doesn’t resonate with me and Staffing Tulsa I know that it’s a part of my personality also want to back up that. That was something else you I went and I was, if I get invited to meet with several different business leaders in in the tulsa community and I met with some of the largest business owners. Yesterday, in a meeting-and we were talking about our kids school and our kids school-we were talking about how we don’t see our teachers putting pressure on our children as much as they could or they need to, and we knew as entreprenuers that, if they, if our children did not experience pressure of some kind, there’s no chance that they would be able to grow and get concerned us, because the happened, the ability to deal and experienced failure over and over and over again is extremely important. Let me jump Staffing Tulsa back just real quickly to the young man. I was talking about that that I meet with pretty regularly. He was wanting to just quit trying because he had two or three failures, and what every real successful person knows is is that you learn it through bad experience by the way.

Generally, it’s not always easy, but through experience, we’ve learned that it’s not how many times we failed. It’s how we reacted to the failure that really makes a big difference and I’m sure that there’s a there’s a there’s been probably about 20 books that Staffing Tulsa have had that similar statement. If this isn’t a poison, this is just anyone who successful ism they get this, and if you’re trying to make your way up to success, you should expect failure and then not only that I want it. I want to change it back like i, want you to embrace failure and welcome it, because that’s going to be the pressure that you need that’s going to allow you to grow and I’m going to wrap this up into employment here in a second I want to give you an Staffing Tulsa analogy:i was listening to something the other day that I thought was really really great. Is our great analogy-and this was it i-didn’t know this, but really interesting, lobsters and we’re going to really weird wrecking your lobsters, don’t have their their tail, it doesn’t have the ability to expand. It only has it. It only is one size and then the lobster grows, and then the lobster will feel a ton of pressure and when that pressure gets too great, Staffing Tulsa what he has to do is he has to go and get under a rock use that rock to pull off. That show a lot like a snake sheds its skin. Probably, and then you know the the contents of the ocean and some of the particles in the ocean will help it create a new tail for it to grow into in the the. Lobster will do this probably 10 or 12 *. What’s causes what causes it is? It feels the pressure has to shed that old skin, so we can create some new skin and then he’ll field pressure again and you’ll grow a little bit bigger and then he’ll shed that skin that’s the way growth works pressure is a good thing. It’s something that leads you to grow, and you know when the three different scenarios that I’m that I’m going to talk about hear one of them is the young man that I was talking about.

The second is the meeting I have with all these huge entrepreneurs talk about how important watching our kids fail is, and then the third one is how this relates to people who are struggling finding employment and what I’ve noticed from people who are coming into trinity to looking for a job, especially those that are that have been in the oil and gas industry, is that they are just at their wit’s end at trying to figure out Staffing Tulsa how to transfer their skills into a different area, and the oil and gas field still hasn’t recovered. It’s getting really close, but it still hasn’t recovered. So we still see these people just trying and trying and I’ll tell you what, when you take away money from people in their in their having to go on welfare or something like that for very first time, their life gets really scary. So, in the midst of the pressure, you have to somehow know that you’re growing and if you don’t get that pressure, you’re not going to grow, and so, if you’re experiencing something, especially in your job, search right now, where you are just Staffing Tulsa not getting anywhere and you’re feeling the pressure. Look you just wait for about 5 years and you’ll see what you learned in the midst of that trial in later on you’re going to be able to probably talk to someone and make your struggle back, then your purpose now need to be able to help someone out, say:hey, listen, it’s not going to be that bad! It’s going to come around you going to be able to express them.

How you felt it’s going to make them comfortable going to be really. It is going to be something that would be great for you to be able to offer that experience, but not only that whenever you get yourself in that position again, you’re going to know that everything’s going to Staffing Tulsa be alright, because you felt that pressure before and it’s not as big of a deal and just like a lobster feeling that pressure will make you grow. But this is the thing that you need to realize if you’re searching for employment you’re trying to switch into a new career field now-and it’s it-it’s not working. The way that you want to one is that all you’re looking for is one yet so going on this journey you’re going to hear possibly a hundred nose, but you can’t Staffing Tulsa focus on the know. You just got to know that all you need is the one yes, so what most people do? Is they focus on all of the knows, all of the hurdles, all the walls and that’s where they shift their focus? Then eegi shift your focus into the hole and know that yes is coming, and it may be that god is doing you. Staffing Tulsa The best favor you’ve ever had by saying no to all of those opportunities so that he can get you into the perfect opportunity and that’s what trinity’s all about we’re, not able to help someone if we can help you out with your employment in any way, please let us know we would. We would love to help you, but but for at least this week at least for the next 10 minutes. Welcome failure and don’t worry about it and know that it’s giving you the Staffing Tulsa pressure that you need to grow into someone that you never thought you’d become hope. This help to you today and I hope you have a great day today. Thank you, can figure out something else to talk about i, don’t know, I didn’t like that. I was all over the place, so I wasn’t clear enough

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