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Staffing Tulsa | Personal Finance

Hi, my name is corey metro on president of trinity employment specialist trinity, staffing company. We staff for people all throughout this region in oklahoma, primarily in tulsa and oklahoma. We are specialties, are in the medical Staffing Tulsa field and banking and finance and accounting, and we’ve done quite well it in these. In these areas over the last few years were wrapping up this year. This is the very end of 2016 and I were getting ready to move into 2017. So for this little small segments I want to talk just real quickly about some of the things that you have to do for success, especially when it comes to your career. It can relate to something that is it. Can you relate to something who it is not cruel? Related, Staffing Tulsa it’s just more related towardsyou know any any kind of success, but I’m going to try to relate this more to to your career, because that’s primarily what we do at trinity is help people out with their careers. You know I was I was asked the other day by someone he he asked me how it was that I was able to do some of Staffing Tulsa the things that I’ve done and if you don’t know me in tulsa, I’m well known for going and doing some really remarkable things.

They don’t cost a lot of money and it doesn’t cost any money really to do. But I I go in and do a lot of remarkable things during the summer time, two to three mornings a week I’m going to be out on the lake right at sunrise, taking pictures of the sun rise in my kayak, something that I really enjoy in doing that there this this last year, there’s a family of beavers that and I go out and outside of there behoover dam and i, just I just like to watch him swim around. They know who I am I know who they are. They swim right up to my boat every morning and take a look at me and-and we just Staffing Tulsa know he wanted one another or I mean to me-that’s an extraordinary experience, it’s something that I really enjoy, but it’s Staffing Tulsa also things that most people wouldn’t take the effort to go and do I’m a part of a group. In that you know we just called and asked mark green of hobby lobby hey. Would you like to hang out with us and he agreed, and so he invited us into his house. We did some remarkable things after that we paid about 25-30 bucks and went and jumped into a wind tunnel that simulated skydiving or not things that take a lot of money in. There is just a series of things like this:that’s what he was talking about, but he Staffing Tulsa he admired the fact that we got to go. Do those things and and soi wanted to kind of put this into a lesson Staffing Tulsa because he asked me said how or why did you get to where? How did you get to where you went to go? Staffing Tulsa Do those things-and this was this-is exactly how why and where I was in bass pro shops I’m, an outdoorsman and I would go out to bass pro almost every weekend, and this is what I would do if I swear to you, I would go out there and dream about either being out. You look at the, kayaks and I dream and think about how cool it would be to be on the water and i. Had a small little kayak at the house, and you know I would dream about going and hiking and doing all of the things that I really love. Doing and I did this for I did this for about a year, I just go out there and think about it, and it occurred to me one time. I started. Thinking is like why in the world, do you not Staffing Tulsa just go? Do it, it doesn’t cost you any money. Why don’t you go? Do it Staffing Tulsa rather than go here and think about it? Go really do it in that and that’s exactly what I started doing and so I incorporated that in maine different things in my life, and so if there was something that I ever thought hey, it would be neat if I went and did xyz well.

I stopped thinking, hey, it would be nice if we did x y and z and I started, putting together a plan to try to make that happen, and so I’ve been able to I’ve been able to have fun a lot more fun at life. Staffing Tulsa Will the same thing is for your career and success for that matter? At some point you have to be willing to just get up and do rather than think or dream. You know, as an entrepreneur, I meet a lot of people who are currently in their jobs, and some of them are some will tell me man i. Just really would love to go. Do this. You know what I am trinity and so I don’t recruit as much as I as I once did, but when I recruited it used to drive me crazy when I asked him. Staffing Tulsa What would you really like to be doing and they would be like? Well, you know if I had my choice, I’d really like to be doing this thing over here, but you know this is where my experiences and so I’m going to stay here in and I and I do get that because they probably we’re going to make a little bit money at first doing the thing that they had more experience in, Staffing Tulsa but over time. If you’re doing something that you love you going to do a much better job at it. It’s it’s. It’s pretty certain that that’s what’s going to happen because you’re going to throw your passion and your enjoyment will be fulfilled into that role.

Will these individuals were going, they just what what they had happened in their career path? Is they let the wind just take them wherever that it wasn’t, they went and I never could understand why they wouldn’t take control over their career and try to get it to where it was to where they wanted it to be understood that it was going to be difficult, but this happens more often than you would think and I think that if there’s, if they’re many people watching this, that there’s got to be a few that Staffing Tulsa are any career that they wish that they were over here, but they’re their experiences here and so they’re. Staying here will just like my moment, my aha moment and in bass pro. Why don’t you stop dreaming dreaming about it and just go? Do it and I want to encourage anyone who’s in a career path, to consider doing that? If they’re in a career path is going the wrong direction, consider making a move and just going to do what it is that you really truly love and not just not let your career go the way the wind takes it. Many people do this. Many americans do this and they just put in their time into their career and they never live a satisfying life and that’s a big part of being a set of living, a satisfying life for any entrepreneur or anyone who’s done anything successful. They had a dream and they put action to the dream and i. Just I feel like I’m way too many people who have a dream, but they just leave it there in the dream area and they know footaction to going and seeing it happen, and it’s sad and I’ll turn wonder how many great ideas happen or don’t happen all, because somebody had a dream.

A really great dream in a really great idea-and they were too fearful to be able to put action to that plan and make it happen in fear, is a reason that some people don’t make steps. Laziness is sometimes a reason why people don’t make steps, but probably I would guess. The fear of the unknown is the biggest reason that people don’t, but it limits your success level. Staffing Tulsa Weatherton your career or a personal goal, or you know a financial goal. It limits your ability to do something great when you have a dream and you don’t have the tenacity or Staffing Tulsa the drive or the whereabouts to put action to that plan and go and make it happen, and so the reason that I wanted to say this today is I wanted to encourage someone that might have a career goal or a personal goal that they would like to complete rather than sitting around and thinking about it for 20 or 30 years. It probably won’t take but a year to implement the plan, so I want to encourage you to go, live life to its fullest, live life abundantly. Staffing Tulsa Don’t just let life happen to you, make something happen that but make something happen to where your life is exactly what you want it to be, and not what the wind blew you that day. I hope that this encourages somebody today at trinity, employment specialist. This is our passion, and it’s our why we help people do career transitions and get Staffing Tulsa where they want to be in their careers in in, in many cases, giving them opera cities that they wouldn’t have had. Staffing Tulsa Otherwise, we would love to be able to help you and see if we might have a position. That’s right for you. Please give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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