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Hi, my name is corey midterm, president of trinity employment specialist trinity, Staffing Tulsa we’re staffing company in the tulsa area, and we we specialize in staffing in the medical field, everything in the medical field and also in in our business section and accounting and finance and banking. We staff for bank tellers I’m, customer service agents account and loan processors, everything in the Staffing Tulsa financial industry that you can think of. That’s that’s kind of what we do. That’s what we own in on dinner and a very good specializing in I want to talk just real quickly about how would you go about applying for job? You were staffing agency, so we had people come in and apply to to become employed with us all the time that I’m also asked on many occasions effect does go to texas the second ago to go, speak somewhere and Ii’m often asked to speak about. Are you know? Staffing Tulsa How do you go on apply for jobs and how do you? How do you become successful in that? So I want to go over just some quick things that I think can help anyone as they’re applying for job, whether it’s through a staffing agency or or whether it’s not first thing is, is applying for jobs quite different than what it was 10 years ago and reason.

I say that is because they’re many people who’ve never had to apply for a job in 10 years and then all of a sudden there, companies had a layoff or downsides or whatever it is that they’ve had happened, and it’s so you’re having to find yourself in the position of trying to figure out how to how to get a job. Now I’m going to start assuming that you’ve already gotten your resume ready, it looks great. Staffing Tulsa You have consulted three or four people with it. They’ve all give you giving you the thumbs up, and so you have a real good documentwhat you going to go and apply for, and so you’re, probably finding I think a lot of people find that sending the resume into these different companies. It’s like sending it into a big dark hole. It’s because everything is managed electronically anymore. There’s there’s not any paper resumes floating around and you’re going into electronics cyber business or whatever it is, and you use don’t know where it’s at so you have to do things a little bit different, so I’m going to try to try to go over with you. Staffing Tulsa Some things that we’ve noticed that would help first thing is:is if you’re looking for a job go, get as many systems working for you as possible, so you get the big websites that have information on them and you go and you get your information updated on these websites. Now this is going to take you, maybe 2 or 3 days, to be able to get them all updated. Andfor example. If you’re going to try to get your linkedin page up to where it has all of your information, will you have to fill out your linkedin page to incompletion? Get the answers, many questions, you know as you can and get as much stuff in there as possible. Staffing Tulsa When you do that, linkedin makes you way more searchable to recruiters I promise you it does go, ask them their algorithm big day. One is they want everyone to fill out, the profile is completely, and so what they do is when it’s filled out completely. Will then all the sudden you’re more searchable when you do this you’re going to start getting a lot more friend, requests or connection request is as well on linkedin, and so you want to make sure that you get that system working for you same thing with with indeed careerbuilder.

You know, monster they’re, all of these websites, their price for five of the big ones and I recommend that you go get your profile filled out completely, get your resumes uploaded into all of them and make certain that you make it aware, make the person to wear that you were looking for a job. That’s one of the very first things that you can do. The reason you want to get as many systems working for you as possible. Staffing Tulsa Is that when you’re not working on your job search, the search engines in these websites will be doing a lot of your work for you to really really great thing to do so. The next thing is, you want to get staffing companies working for you. Most of our jobs are all contract-to-hire there intending to be permanent positions. Very few of them are temporary positions, and so contact in staffing companies is a really great way for you to get your foot in the door and it it’s a Staffing Tulsa way for you to get out of the electronic black hole that we were talking about because, all of a sudden, now you have a human being presenting your resume directly to the person’s inbox who’s going to be doing the hiring and throwing throwing out a recommendation for you. We help people get jobs if they normally never would have had the opportunity to do it’s all because they met with this, and it might not have been even for the position that they want, Staffing Tulsa that they very first applied for we do this all the time and you should go, read all reviews on google or on facebook. We have so many people telling us how great grateful they are. They met with us because of that weight and I mean it’s overwhelming at how many people have said such nice things about us online. The reason is because we went out and help them find something they would have never had the opportunity to do. Many staffing companies will do this, Staffing Tulsa for you I would recommend that you pick two or three staffing companies and get your resume in with them and then contact them and try to stay in contact with them so that you can be presented to the opportunities and being their mind.

The next thing is:is that you wanted. You want to use social media social media such a powerful tool. Staffing Tulsa Networking is generally the way you’re going to find your job. If you look at stats, you’re, probably going to be using some some level networking most likely it’s going to be on social media, so get your social media page up to where it’s viewable. This is what I mean make sure that it looks professional and positive and friendly all the post that you have on there. The last thing you want is be very, very close to getting a job and your potential employer goes and checks your Staffing Tulsa facebook page, and they see this horrible active political campaign that you’ve been going on that see all of these negative camber political posts and generally what that means is I’m. Just telling you is that you’re going to be somewhat of drama at your work and I’ve got lots of friends, great friends, good friends who are really professional, that I’m telling you they’re teeing off on facebook about all that you know some political stuff, but I just don’t think! Staffing Tulsa that’s a good look for you. It is. It generally is going to pier you to be negative and not working with the team. You’re you’re going to be looking at somebody you staying in the ground and really trying to make a point and creating more problems than you are cohesiveness, and so make sure that you get all of that out of your facebook page. If it, if you have curse, words and negative comments, make sure and get all of that off when you went and then when you meant, when you get that all your social media pages ready to go, make sure and post posting letting people know that you’re currently seeking opportunities. You know Staffing Tulsa it in and let them know you’re here, you’re unemployed at the moment, I’d closet at least. Let them know that and then give them the opportunity to invite them to try to help you if they, if they know something, and then you know in your post as well, you want to make sure and let let your friends know what kind of position it is that you’re looking for, so they don’t take you in the wrong direction.

On third thing, is you want to use your network and in like what I said, ask for jobs and then use your network network? Staffing Tulsa Ask your network to post up stuff for you and do some research for you. If that’s possible, the last thing is is find the top places that you would like to work by the very top places and then go and walk in there with your resume dress up really nice and ask to get the name of the hr person and when you get the name of the hr person, sometimes will give you a card but call in and ask him directly and then make sure that you ask:did they receive your resume to Staffing Tulsa say I’m just wanting to just follow up and make sure that you got the resume I dropped it off by 4 in person also said it to you online, but I know what the big abyss you know. I don’t want to get stuck in a big black hole, so I wanted to make sure and get it back to you. I don’t want to be pushy in anyway. I just want to be proactive for you. So if you have any questions for me or if you need any other information, I will be very, very quick to get Staffing Tulsa that back to you. When you go with that approach. People see that you’re just trying to be helpful and it can really help you to stand out so i. Think if you did these things really going to change the ball game of your job search and it sounds like it’s a lot, but when you get that on autopilot, truly not that much once you get all your social media pages and everything working for you, so i, don’t think that’ll help you please, please give us a call at trinity. Staffing Tulsa If we can, if we can be resource to you, we would love to we help employees get jobs every day every day. So we would love to talk with you, give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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