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Staffing Tulsa | Have To Be The Very Best

Hi, my name is corey mentor Staffing Tulsa I’m with trinity employment specialist. We are staffing organization were located here in tulsa oklahoma, but we also staff in the oklahoma city area in kansas and in texas missouri and arkansas and I wanted to learn to tell you a little bit about some of the positions that we staff for we staff in. We started out in the medical field around 10 years ago and in the medical field we staff for lpns, rn’s, medical billing specialist, we staff for medical assistance, medical front office and receptionist customer service and patient patient service reps and then in the medical billing and coding arenas. Well that those are just a little a few of the positions and we’ve even started staffing for nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and physiciansso. All everything in the medical field is is what we have specialized in 4 years will win the old, Staffing Tulsa the obama administration incorporated, the affordable care act wiese I studied that law and I knew what it was going to bar medical clinics in it about it decimated a lot of them cuz. At the time we were, we were staffing for small and medium-sized medical clinics in the writing was on the wall that you know they really wanted to get rid of all the smaller medical clinics cuz. They couldn’t manage them and get those positions underneath the big umbrellas. So that’s why I happened. It worked the people that created that law. It was genius to get that done. I hated it and I think a lot of other people did rural america really got that they’re, the ones that got hurt the most, but it worked, and so we started our second division. Finance accounting inbanking and we’ve been doing that for the last 5 years now, and so we staff for bank tellers. You know loan originators, loan processors, accounting, auditors accounting assistants, account accountants, 1, 2 & 3. All of those type of positions we staff for today I’m going to finish up a second. The second part. The series I was talking about different hiring strategies that you need to take a look at if you’re a large organization.

Staffing Tulsa These are often times some of the problems that people sink into a lot of times. It’s in their efforts to becoming better, but they, but they they miss just a few components. And so you know, if you study history, will then you’ll you’ll appreciate this, because this is kind of taking into account some of the historicalfacts and figures that were learned when people do this before, but the first three that I talked about was removing bottlenecking, and you know like having someone like mary, who has to interview before everybody in the entire team has decided, but we’ve got this manager who’s constantly busy they’re scheduled 2 weeks out. We found who we want, but before we can hire him, we need to have mary meet with them and as a staffing organization I’m telling you, we lose more great a player candidates because we’re waiting to meet with mary, then you would ever believe in it. If you knew the money that you had to pay to get an a player just to be able to be interested in your company, you would, you would think twice about having to meet with mary, first or mary might see the dollar signs and go hey. Maybe I need to make an exception of my schedule if this is a necessity. So the second thing is is infested leadership rather than playgrounds. You we’ve all seen the google playhow did they create that got food in their foosball table tennis courts. All this really really cool stuff, google’s invested millions and millions of dollars on it. Staffing Tulsa

History is going to show even more so in the future that if you will invest in leadership and mentorship versus I’m, a foosball table, it’s going to mean a great deal more to your company. The third thing is:rethink how you promote, making sure that you don’t promote the wrong person or somebody who’s, really really great in your company into the wrong position. You back filter position in all of a sudden. There left without a position in your company, and you just lost a great great team player and I gave a great example of that, where we see it so so now, we’re on to the ii 3 ought to be able to knock these out in the smallest short section. That next thing is, is to revamphow your the job descriptions are written in, so you want to. You want to be careful to make sure that your job descriptions are written very, very well, they’re, not outdated, and you want to keep the person’s experience the. Let me let me say this:the right way you want to try to be able to describe the experience of working in this job with, especially with the the younger workers coming at millennials, and maybe the generation right behind them is bit they’re. Looking more for an experienced, a good experience, while working versus just the job description that is written in the bullet points on their the bullet points to the end, sound extremely boring, describing the experience is going to help you now I’m, not trying to tell you completely eliminate thefour key functions, the job, no, no, leave that in there, but make sure that you also incorporate what is it like to work in this position and paint a picture of it and I can almost guarantee you you’re going to get a better result from that? One of the things that we are doing this week actually at trinity is we have pulled up 8 or 10 different sources of writing the perfect job description and we are studying this and we are going to be putting in we’re going to be running this, like a statistical analysis lab here, we’re going to we’re going to see the difference in riding in this style versus this style versus this stuff.

We’re going to try to see how many people did this attract and did this attract the people that were wanting to attractand we’re going to use a numerical system on it. It’s going to be a really cool statistical analysis that we’re going to do on what? How can we change our job description? Can we create the perfect job description for today for today’s worker? What is it that people are looking for, so we’re going to go? We are going to utilize current existing data and then I believe we’re going to be able to put our little flare on it as well, but make no mistake:i intend for this to really increase the qualityof, the people that were attracting while reducing the amount of money that we are paying on per click to the ad. Staffing Tulsa So we’re going to try to eliminate it’s it’s a long thing. I, don’t want to that’s not why I brought this up I just want you to consider creating a process for your job descriptions and and explain the experience put some research into it. Make sure that what you put out if you’re, going to pay a lot of money to put it out, will then you some really great information when you’re when you’re riding it up and be specific with it and don’t make it one of those things that well, it’s friday I’ve got to get it out this weekend, hey, hey mary! Can you ride up this? For me real quick and that’s your assistant, I’m saying that happens.Staffing Tulsa A lot so be careful with it. Okay, to spend enough time jobs create incentives for employee referralslot of times. People probably have this larger companies, especially they have this. They just don’t promote this very well. You know jerry seinfeld had this really great episode, i, don’t know if you remember it or not where he said they went to go.

Staffing Tulsa Try to take a reservation reservation at the at the movie, Staffing Tulsa theater no at sears at a restaurant he’s like you know how to take the reservation. You just don’t know how to hold reservation right. So you know you got to be careful with you. You know how to create the referral program. You just got to learn how to promote it and let everybody know about the referral program. Cuz. That’s the only way that it works. So this is likely your bestway to get employees. A players will bring over other a player’s. It’s really really important. It’s! My last point:you want to activate networks that you didn’t know existed, get everyone involved in your brainstorming. Ask your team:do you have any good ideas for networking this out? Does anyone know a certain social media better than the other people get your networks working together, get a brainstorming session going and make sure that you utilize all of the resources around you, especially the other. A players make sure that you’re a player’s know about this, about this job description and that they are actively involved in trying to get the right person there and you, as leader, can promote the vision of think about it. If we get somebody greatthat’s what we want and so give give trinity a call. If we can help you in trying to get the right person, rr number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit online at trinity employment.Com Staffing Tulsa

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