Staffing Tulsa | Going the Distance

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Staffing Tulsa | Going the Distance

Hi, my name is corey mitchell and I’m, president of trinity employment specialist trinity’s, been in business for about 10 years now, and I’ve I’ve been asked to talk just real briefly about how to manage work-life balance and how that’s worked for Staffing Tulsa me and how it’s not work. For me, I’ve I’ve got one i, think one of the best ways to know what trulock work-life balance is it to be extremely unbalanced at some point, your life and then get to a place where it’s a little more healthy, and you start to see, see how you how you are in in that realm. You know, I’ve got good friends and they are they own their own companies, and you can just see it when you have lunch with someone trying to get him to lunch is extreme. You know it’s, they want to go, but it’s it’s just like just like one thingafter another that keeps them from getting there and then, when they finally get there I’m in their eyes, are just glazed over, like they had a lunch with the guy.

Just I just got an email from him actually, and you know what I met with him and I just I just brought it up. I said me, and it just looks like you’re really struggling and yeah I like to bring it up, but is there anything I can do to help you know and, and he you know it-you just admitted to me that he was. But what was happening is that he was struggling with work-life balance and he was working all the time, but the thing was:is he was the bottleneck for his company and I knew it? I can easily see it, but i, don’t think that he could. So you know if i, Staffing Tulsa if I were to give him some advice. I, don’t think he wanted it that day, so I I just listened, but if I were to give him some advice. This is what I would say and, like I said, I’m still working on it a little bit myself, but this is what helped me more than anything. First thing is be intentional, with what I do so every morning at 8, at 9, I have a meeting with my assistant and we can go over and decide what it is that I’m going to do that day now, occasionally, I may get interrupted, but I make the decision at what I’m doing that day. So the main thing you need to remember is that you need to be intentional with your day. Do not let your day run you you run your day. You tell it where to go and you can do that by creating a calendar.

Every button I think a lot of people are just like well, a calendar is that you know any kind of meetings. I have I’ll put it on the calendar and that’s not what I mean you want a time block your time out. So everyone in my entire office Staffing Tulsa knows that from 10 to 12 every morning, I’m doing sales. Don’t bother me, that’s what I’m doing sales with I inside that’s what I’m going to do. That’s what I’m going to do it I decided. Nothing else, comes in the way, lexington absolute emergency and come hell or high water I’m, going to do sales from 10 to 12, and then we are going to take a look at my schedule and we’re going to you know, schedule any kind of lunches and I’m usually booked out about 2 to 3 weeks in advance for lunches and I’m, going to tell myself exactly what I’m going to do that afternoon. Now, that’s what that meaning means for me, so me and my sister if we meet and we go over and I decide what I’m going to get done that afternoon. That’s the flexible part but see my set my main sales at spent 2 hours on sales already, and it’s so that’s that’s how that’s how I organize my day, but what what I’ve noticed is when I don’t adhere to that schedule? What happens if what happens is is I’ll start out intending to and I’ll have one thing take me off facebook or you know.

If that day, I allowed got a minute meanings got a minute. Meanings kill you, you know it’s like. Oh well had wanted to talk to you about this, and it just completely takes you off your day. So it’s the end of the day, you’re sitting there wondering what the world did. I do did I get anything done, and you know when you really sit down and think about your, like no I just answered all these Staffing Tulsa small little things that they probably should have been able to answer themselves, and you know I totally get that that’s where you’re at, but you’ve also got to make sure that you were very careful at what you delegate make certain that you’re delegating enough off, and you empower enough of your staff to get certain things done, that you do not become the bottleneck and the go-to guy for everything, because that will stall your company’s growth. If you’re able to do that and you’ll be working all night long and every night you know so now, I’ve got us. I’ve got a scenario where I don’t work every night my employees do and I’m Staffing Tulsa intentional, with what I do I’m intentional with when I answer my phone, you know I’ve kind of trained my customers on what my schedule is. We do a great job for him and we go overboard for them and I do take their calls after hours when I know that it’s necessary, but if it’s just something random that can wait until monday i, don’t want to spend my time with my family to go and do that and so I’m very intentional, with what I’ve done in overtime, my work-life balance has improved drastically it’s it’s sad when I see my friends who are just drowning and it’s because and they’re, not delegating and they’re, not intentional, with their day and they’re, letting their day run then, rather than them run your their day.

So if you are dealing with these types of monitor, your got admitted meetings be very Staffing Tulsa intentional with your time every day and then make certain that you set limits on what it is that you will and will not do you know, and when you commit to being the very best you can be during the hours that you’re working, you ought not to have to work all night long. So I hope that this helps you please give trinity a call if we can help you in any way and are our number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Staffing Tulsa Thank you

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