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Staffing Tulsa | Getting You Employed Today

Hi, my name is corey mitchell,, trinity, employment specialist stanley, to talk about the different concerns or different problems that people have when trying to bring in top talent and then I’m, addressing probably these last two or three segments to larger companies, because we we’ve started taking on a lot larger company, Staffing Tulsa so we’re single, new and unique things over the last fight, 2 or 3 years. So I want to share those with you, because I think there might be a manager on the other side, it’s listening, they’re working, a large organization and they might be frustrated by some of these things. No make a lot of sense. So I want to take a look at some of these days. We are currently seen in large or organizations from the staffing companies perspective. I think it might be able to help you out. A little bitthe first thing is, is if you’re in a large organization, make sure that you were moving the bottle next to your hiring process. You know I’ve got the shoes aerospace company that were that we are meeting with or that we are interviewing for and we’re Staffing Tulsa trying to find a really select staff okay, so we find the holy grail, okay, there other we’re in tulsa oklahoma.

So there’s a lot of other aerospace and engineering companies around andif. You get somebody with the holy grail. You have a small amount of window until they’re going to be picked up and they’re likely, even when you’re interviewing with them they’re likely being hit up by other people as well, because we’re not the only staffing company that I’ve consulted, Staffing Tulsa most likely so I’ve got to think there’s at least five others working on it, and then they have access to this guy cuz he’s made himself available and they’re, not dumb and they’re good at what they do. Stay likely gotten hold this guy all right, but then, like our company, that we’re working with right now, they’ve got this thing and I’m going to use different names. They’re like well, but before we make hiring decisions, they need to meet with mary who’s. Marybut wait. We just need her to be able to meet with the winds. Winds mary available, she’s not available for the next two weeks because she’s on vacation this week, but we really need him to meet with mary. First, okay, like i, get it if she’s Staffing Tulsa directly working with them. But this is just somebody, that’s just it it’s not it. It may be possibly be just a power struggle, but dirt. All this person is going to do is say:yeah. Okay, that’s all I’m telling you that’s all they’re going to say. So, if there’s a bottleneck likely it’s going to be at the top I remember going through a journey of growth with trinity I became the bottleneck for a lot of things.

I didn’t mean to it’s just that I was trying to take care of so many things in until I passed off the responsibility and the authority to the people. All of sudden, everyone was waiting on my decision and I’m stacked up meeting after meeting after meeting, and no one could ever get access to me, and so because of that we had a struggle in our in our in making decisions. In our company, so don’t do not allow this to happen. If you got a long, long, hiring process, the likelihood of you being stuck with b players is really high, because b players are the only ones that will tolerate that a players, no hay i, don’t have to tolerate that. Staffing Tulsa I’ve got five. Other companies over here, really eager to hire me and so I’m. Just I’m not going to tolerate any more plus read about. Are the new generations coming up? Listen, I’m, not trying to harp on the new generations. Behind the camera. I’ve got another I’ve got a millennia i, don’t want to harp on them, they’re going to create really great things but ate a trait. Is it they’re not going to sit around and wait forever? So, if you’re wanting to pick up top talent, it’s really important to do that. I spent way too much time on this topic. Let’s, let’s move on to the next one is invest in leadership rather than playgrounds. I’ve noticed in some of the large organizations did we work with their creating, especially in the technology industry they’re. Creating these really really great fun spaces to work and they’re investing all of their dollars in this crazy research. You got it there’s not too many people around that has not looked at the google space or you know amazon space work. Staffing Tulsa What they’re trying to do is there trying to do this new hiring technique? Where everyone’s going to want to be here all day long, because we’ve got tennis court for got foosball table, we got free food, we got all of these things can I propose something to you:invest in leadership. Put put some extra money in mentorship, develop these developed the key people that you have as human beings. First loved it I get to be on a radio show with this guy and he’s going through this book and I’d never heard of it before so. I go and start reading course the radio shows already done, but but holy cow. I learned a lot from that because, at the end of the day, what these the reason these guys played so hard for phil jackson, was because he was putting effort into developing them as men and is fathers and all of the in all of these other things, and that was where they really got. They really got on board and work so hard that dude 111 rings, like there was a magic to that think about it. Staffing Tulsa all they did was develop them as men, and now they talk about how important was that feels showed them this and feel so.

Nuts, and it’s in this is this-is a good illustration of this. If you develop people and mentor them and get them to see the heights that they can accomplish things, they didn’t ever think that they Staffing Tulsa could do before listen to those people rather than pushing them up the hill as a leader, they will carry you on their backs. I’ve adopted this in our company and right now, I’m telling you these people are taking us to the new level and I’m just I’m on the backs of them riding it up, and so it’s made my job a lot easier again. I went too long on this topic, but invest in leadership rather than those playgrounds and you’ll. It’s not as Staffing Tulsa at first and it’ll, be a struggle for them, but it will pay off in large dividends way larger than foosball table. The next thing is is rethink how you promote a lot of times. We have somebody, it’s really really good in a certain position, especially large organizations in all the sudden they’re going to promote them. I’ve got a manager, and one of our larger organizations in the girl is the most immature person I’ve ever seen. Is leader and listen. I need their business, so I’m not going to say no I’m not going to reveal exactly who it is but holy mother.

Do we roll our eyes at this girl and she had no business being promoted into leadership role? She was in a lower-level. She was really really good in that position, so they’re like well, of course, you’ll be a good manager and the crap storm that this lady has created in this department is actually it’s kind of entertaining to watch just from a leadership standpoint of Staffing Tulsa watch it go down on what what can happen with the wrong leader, she’s not going to last long, but the holy cow. The problems promoting the wrong person can create so I think I think that the only our other side of that is that you could promote someone into a position if they absolutely hate. So a great example of that I’ve met with many people that were, managers and I was interested in interviewing them from a manager and they’re like i. Never want to be a manager. I will never take another manager role and that’s what I was interviewing for lassen. Why I was really good at my job, and so they promoted me as a manager and I I hate managing people and that’s why they quit so they lost in a player because they were promoted as a manager, and then they back filled the position. They were really good at and had no place to go and so make sure Staffing Tulsa that you ask the people. Is this something that you wanted, something that you are interested in and then run a personality test? Make sure that this is something that fits in before you promote one of your great great great assets into the wrong position, so I made it through half of what I was going to I’ll. Probably do another segment here, but I’m going to wrap this one up. If trinity can help you in any way. Please give us a call we’d love to we. We have a hiring system for getting you a player’s. 918-622-2588 is our phone number or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com thanks

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