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Staffing Tulsa | Get the Right Players

Homonyms cory mitchell, with trinity employment specialist, we’re staffing organization. We help other people find a player’s what we do and when we are able to do that we save companies, thousands and thousands of dollars, mainly because of the process that we have in place of hiring slowly terminating quickly and and making sure that we get the right person in in the spot. When we do that, a player’s do magical things for people who are managers one. It makes the ant the manager’s life 10 times easier if they can actually hire and a player. So if you’re a manager-and you were just sick and tired of trying to manage people-listen you’re a player’s, they don’t need managed a lot I need it somebut a lot of times, they’re just needing you to keep them in the box. Cuz they’re going to go, you don’t have to sit there. Make him drive you crazy. So, with managers that struggle with managing people, listen having a players on your team. If you will have us get the right players on the bus for you it, it will change being your entire job description, because your job description will change from going around and putting out fires everywhere, to being able to really truly focus on working on the business rather than having to work in it and fixing all of your human being problems and that’s what we want to do in for four people and will make your life easier and save you tons of money, but listen. This is what I’m trying to talk to you about today. It’s when you’re trying to hire millennials millennials is they are a complete different group of people. People are writing about it. They have different things that they like different things. Staffing Tulsa

Staffing Tulsa They don’t like. Some of these things are are going to be good in the future and a lot of people, primarily everything that you read about millennials and working with them. It’s primarily negative I see a lot of positive positive things. However, most of your big time, writers, thinkers and leaders in organizational development see a big negative thing coming, but I want to bring up some things that I’ve noticed in us hiring millennials one of the things that’s very true, with hiring millennials in every it doesn’t matter where I go. One of the things that we notice is they flat-out will not show up to an interview if we schedule 8 interviews, i, think we’re looking at maybe 4 to 5, actually showing up think about that in the in the odds or showing up on time. You know it’s. It’s a real big thing. It’s a real big thing, especially in entry level positions and it’s starting to move itself into mid-level positions as well. Staffing Tulsa You know, I will tell you this isn’t just millennials, it’s mostly millennials I would imagine, but this is starting to be a problem in professionals as well. We see it happen all the time so I’m going to talk to you real quickly about some of the things that we see and some of the fixes that I think that we can help you. If you are trying to recruit a millennial, guys wouldn’t complain about it all we want.

Staffing Tulsa The thing is it’s here:we want to try to make the very best of it and the way that you do that is look at the streets of millennials and try to work with that as best as possible, without literally giving away your entire company culture, which you know if you get the wrong type of person, they’re going to ask you to give up your entire company culture for it anyway. Here we go number one listened, do not write, vague job offers or job descriptions for millennials. Listen. They are going to take you at your dad gum word. If you tell them that they are supposed to do a b and c, and you change it and say it’s a b and d once they get their listen. It is not out of the ordinary for them to quit. Right then, and there and not be flexible, so you need to be very clear and concise in your job. Description I strongly recommend that you do this, be very clear and concise in your job offer letter and then I would even repeat it in your onboarding checklist. I would have them sign off, saying what it what it is that they’re going to be doing. Listen to me when, if you are going to have a company of millennials, and especially in tech companies and stuff, like that, it’s going to be there be specific and make sure your job description is up-to-date, impedance serious, like I’m being really serious. You need to make sure that this stuff is on point, because you will get a lot of complaints and I believe that you know one of the traits that if you go out and read anywhere, is they know that there are options out there in right now are our unemployment rate is very low? Listen, they will go, find something else. I am telling you they will. We we have. It happened pretty often make sure that you’re, clear and concise. The second thing is:make sure that you chart clearly a career path. I was talking to a large bank yesterday and it was there a vp of operations very large bank, and they were talking about this and they they were talking about how someone you know a lot of the people that they’re bringing in her younger when they’re there for two and three weeks, and they don’t get the promotion like they’re, genuinely upset and one of the things that I told them was. Is you need to clearly communicate when a promotion is possible before they start and have a clear career path on where they can go and then a realistic time line? Listen, don’t over, don’t try to use it as a selling point and try to say all mean you can you can promote quickly in this organization? Alright, listen to me! If you are a veteran, if you are a veteran in your field, your definition of quickly versus what most millennials view as quickly are two different things. Staffing Tulsa

Your response does not need to be. You can promote very quickly in this organization. Your response needs to be listen in the first year. If you do extremely well and meet all of these measures, then we will consider talking with you. If there is an opening for this, this type of promotion, it needs to be very specific, don’t be general when you’re talking about promotions, give them a realistic idea of what it might be like to promote within your organization. That way when expectations aren’t met, they’re not disappointed, and they think that you’re not holding your word and they will leave. There are many books written about this. Go read some articles from the top magazines or organizations around like I’m, telling you some good advice here. Staffing Tulsa The reason I’m saying it like that is because it doesn’t sound reasonable to someone from my generation that the second thing is do not, or do not entice only with money, make sure that you provide any kind of information about the culture. What they’re going to work in this is what we do.

Staffing Tulsa Okay, we support things that are much bigger than trinity every a percentage of everything that we make goes out to the oklahoma baptist children’s home, an orphanage I meant or someone there, and then you as an employee. We will pay you to go out there and and volunteer for a certain number of hours each quarter, I meant or young man out there. Percentage of everything we make goes goes out there. Plumb line is a free, counseling service that we support everything that we make goes out there. There’s another organization called dayspring villa a percentage of what we make goes out there and we promote this and we let them know listen by working here. This is what you’re supporting and we give them opportunities to go and volunteer. If they’re interested in these organizations, we pay him to do it, we’re not just we’re not just giving them a place to work, but a bigger idea in in the culture very very important to most millennials. Listen. There are many things. I only went through some of these because it’s a it’s a stress point for our organization right now, and so these are some of the things. I’ve learned, I hope that it’s helpful and I hope that you saw it in more of a hey. This is what we can do to work with it rather than old. We’re just complaining! I, don’t want you to hear that just the complaint department use some of these things and make it better for your organization. Trendy can help you give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you