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Staffing Tulsa | Get The Job Description Accurate

Hi my name’s corey mentor on with trinity employment specialist. They are going to talk real quickly about hiring strategies once you find out
that you have a position that you’re trying to car for trying to figure out who you’re going to get in how much money you’re going to spend all these things. I want to talk about some things for you to consider and see if this might be of help to you at trinity were staffing organization and we staff all over in our region. Staffing Tulsa We’ve been around for about 10 years. We’ve been ink magazine. It appears we’re going to be in it again this year, which I’m kind of excited about, and it’s a week. We’ve worked really hard to try to develop different hiring strategies for the different partners and companies that we work with, and so these are. These are not something that is absolute. You should do this for every company. However, you should take a look at some of these, because it’s going to bemost likely some of these going to be very helpful for your organization, so that the very first thing is to define the position. It’s really important that you spend time going over the position, a lot of the large organizations that we work with. Sometimes Staffing Tulsa they have a job description that might be 2 or 3 years old, and in that true 3 years, the job is changed a little bit or maybe a different department has taken on part of the role. It’s really important that you get together with several key members of the.

You know that that work in that in that arena and make sure that the job description that you currently have is still valid. If it’s not that going to change it, that way. That way, you don’t get it. You, Staffing Tulsa obviously, obviously in a larger medium-sized organization, have two or three people, probably looking at this position, and you don’t want the two or three people looking at different variableshave, their own variable that they’re going after so it helps everybody to stay in touch with what it is that you’re doing and when you’re. If you decide to contract out of staffing organization, trust me this week, we’ve already had one job description that was sent to us and it was completely outdated, and so when we, the reason we figure this out is because we sent over candidate that perfectly matches the job description and then all of a sudden they’re like no. This isn’t what we’re looking for it all would like. Staffing Tulsa Please help us understand because there’s something that we’re doing wrong, and then that is where they recognized it. Oh, my gosh. This job descriptions way old. It’s not any good. Let’s not take a look at. Let’s not use this.

Let’s start over so a lot of times, if you’re, not using a staffing company-and you start over you’ve, already placed job ads, attracting the wrongand. That’s that’s not a good thing for you so make sure that you define the position next thing you need to know the company and the department often times a human resources person if you’re the human resources person. Staffing Tulsa Listen to this. You really need to get to know that department well spend some time in there asking good questions. Don’t just go only to the department manager, you might go and talk to the people that are around there and just get a general conception conception on what it is that you’re needing to get I think sometimes the hiring even the manager of the department. They don’t really truly understand what a person does they understand the generalities behind it, but they don’t know specifically what it would be that you is, the hr person need to make sure and try to find, and sometimes when hr is contracting it out to a staffing firm again. That’s how I’m learning all of this knowledge we then find out thewhere were they where were missing it, but we’re missing it because the job description is off or the perception of the manager on what it is that they want from the candidate is not really what they need and it’s in again. This is mainly in the larger and medium-sized companies, but it’s really important that you know your company and the department you working with the next thing. Is you determine your time frame? Staffing Tulsa I know that in our company we we try to. You, know I’m. Looking at hiring another recruiter, because I I see some growth, it’s coming on right now in our economy, it’s it’s pretty good job market in everyone’s looking, so we’re on a ramp right now and so I’m going to be pretty I’m, projecting that we’re going to need a new recruiter. Now that was the most difficult decision that I make is a small business person, but I know my time frame. I know that come around september or october I’m really wanting to have someone in place:okay, well, right now we’re sitting in june. So I’ve got four five months to interview, and if we found the right person we could we can go ahead and hire. But I know my time frame on when I’m wanting to get someone started because I’m wanting to try to get them trained so that come around february they’re ready to go and I know that I’m going to need to start around october or september october is to get somebody ready to go in february. So I don’t know! Staffing Tulsa If that helps you one time frame. That’s that’s what we look at but know your time frame is really important and then share it with your team, so your team doesn’t get stressed out on trying to get somebody right now when it’s not answering next thing is, is you want to develop a budget? You can go and spend all sorts of money.

There’s a million different web sites out there of of those websites, the top are probably monster and careerbuilder and ziprecruiter, and indeed I personally hate it I love. It I want you to know the difficulties that they create in trying to get better and they tripled their price in one year, I’m, just so I would I would use anything that you could, except for indeed just based on how they treated our company. Okay, I’m done with my review on indeed, but develop a budget. Try to figure out how much it is. Staffing Tulsa You’re wanting to spend make sure that you do some google research on approximately. How much does it cost to hire someone if you use it for computer you’ll get a pricing their lot of people be talking about it, you’ll get it pretty good perspective from that. That will be a better perspective. Then, if you were to reach out and take a look at the advertisement that zip recruiter has because each one of these websites nickel-and-dime you for all sorts of little things, you’re going to want to know what those things are and be aware of them, and don’t just take them, you know, beat be very specific and deliver it. If you’re going to take some of the nickel and diming that they do when you said that I think that’ll help save you money. The next thing is you want to assess your hiring options. You want to try to see. Is there someone else in the company that can do this, that we could promote first i, really think that’s the most important. Do you currently have the talent and then, if you do have the talent on somebody that could be there? Is this someone that you actually want to move over into this location, because, in my Staffing Tulsa experience, moving the wrong person into the manager into a manager role? You need to be careful with that because it can get out of hand in this is somebody who makes a great great employee in this area. Then you move them over there.

There will be pain points in some occasions, so be really careful of who you move over, but access your hiring options and find out. You know what what does the what’s the market going to offer on this? Should we just train somebody inside? Is there someone in your company is just hungry and underemployed? Take a look at that and see if that might be able to help you out. Staffing Tulsa The last thing is:is collaborate across departments, so I talked about this earlier, a little bit on know your company in your department bit. Let’s, let’s talk about collaborating different departments. This is especially again in the larger organizations going to have your going to have different departments that work with this person in each department are likely going to need certain things from this individual. You need to make sure that you understand from the different departments of what it is that they need and make sure that you at least consider that, because not collaborating cross departments. That is where you create division in a company where you have a department says we’re only going to do it. This way that we have our own agenda and then department to have agenda, you want to try to bring them all together to bring the type of culture that you’re wanting. If trinity can help you with your hiring system or created, you know giving you people for Staffing Tulsa your hiring system and operate within your current system. Would love to be able to do that with you. Please give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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