Staffing Tulsa | Dealing With Employees

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Staffing Tulsa | Dealing With Employees

Hi, my name is corey mentor I’m, president of trinity employment specialist trinity, we’re staffing company, who works in both the tulsa and oklahoma city areas, and we staff primarily in the medical field. We have a complete division that staffs in the medical field. Staffing Tulsa In another day that works primarily in finance and accounting. Some administrative type positions, some customer service positions is what we’ve done for almost 10 years now, and we won a lot of awards with the way that we do staffing so I want to I want to share with you real quickly, so some of the processes that we try to put in place for some of our customers and the hiring process that we think will work really well for you in this is just you know, couple of Staffing Tulsa really highlighted points that weren’t, where I can go really deep into it. We just four times they going to try to keep this in enough timecan. You can watch it and it be very quickly. But first thing is:is that hiring someone and hiring the wrong person can be so incredibly expensive? And there are lots of articles that are written about it and you can you can go anywhere and read about the cost of a misfire, but not a lot of people do that their Staffing Tulsa articles written about it, but it’s kind of in the back of our minds and we don’t realize it especially managers who had their toughest most office manager.

Their toughest job duty is just dealing with employees, especially dealing with the negative behavior Staffing Tulsa or the negative habits of employees that you want to changeand a lot of the ways that people deal. You know good. Some good managers deal with this as they sometimes they avoided the great managers, but they’re really poor at calling things out-and somebody told me a long time ago is when you do not address Staffing Tulsa bad behavior that you do not want you basically celebrated and so that that good manager is only as half as good as they can be, and it’s all because they’re not dealing with things that they need to be dealing with. But it can be so expensive, like in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in that that can happen very quickly. In fact, walmart said that if they hire someone at $10 an hour and they work for 3 months and they quit walmart-considers that an $11,000 Staffing Tulsa loss in time spent in them training development salaries, paid taxes. All of that stuff that you paid into that employee is roughly$11,000. Staffing Tulsa It’s really important to have some kind of a process. So I want to talk to you about that real quick. The first thing is, is when you’re hiring someone you need to recruit the best and I’m really trying to talk about recruiting. Only a players like bringing the best in your team, not just subpar, but trying to find the best.

What are the things you have to do? Is you have to sell them on the position in one of the best ways of doing that is casting a vision for the company, the role in the company and what it is that they will be doing and what’s expected of them, a lot of managers will Staffing Tulsa just hire the position and then kind of make it up as they go, and a players are not going to stick around for that. You may miss a lot of a players that you interview and realize that they’re not interested any longer a big part of it is is, if you want to find success, you need to cast a vision you got to let this person know what it is. It’s going to be expected of them. What the what the future looks like for the company, what the possibilities are and what their role is in it and how can they benefit from it? And so before you interview with someone, you need to be able to have this vision in your head and know how Staffing Tulsa to communicate it to them, because the biggest thing that you want to do is get them wanting your job. You made in doing this all I want to warn you, you may get people, you don’t want to want that job, and you don’t want in that position one in that position, so you might get a lot of phone calls if you do a good job of casting vision, but for that right person casting a vision in letting them know about. It is really really important now. So it’s really great to cast a vision, have a clear planned out career path for them in your company. But the next thing is:if you’re going to say it, you need to have a real pathway Staffing Tulsa yourself to implementing that vision that you talked about in a player will realize very quickly, possibly within within the first year lot of times, it’ll take about a year for them to recognize. If you’re not going to implement your part of what you described them in the vision and an a player will pick up on this really quickly and what’s worse than having turnover, is losing hope, you’re a player’s. So you know this is a big keyt of not just getting the a player, but you need to keep the a player by being able to implement your vision and your process that you and talk to them about the their career path. The second thing is:is when you’re interviewing-and you have somebody come in-make sure that you have a list of prepared questions for each individual and if Staffing Tulsa those questions are the exact same, keep in mind I’m trying to give you a process here, I was horrible in statistics, so I can in any other circumstance. Please not take my advice for statistics, because I’m not going to be the guy you’re going to want to hear, but I do remember.

This in statistics is that if you are going to sample different karate. Make sure that you measure Staffing Tulsa them using the same measuring tools and I may have gone over into a weird statistical lamb with that language, but basically asked the same questions of each candidate, so you can measure them the same way. What happens is in a lot of interviews, as managers will come in through the day was just swamped and they had no time to prepare. For this really really important interview were talking about the person you can be taught you be working with, alongside Staffing Tulsa possibly for the next 10 years. It’s important for you to take time to invest in this, but they’re so busy. They don’t take time and what happens? Is they look over the resume? They ask some questions that come to their mind right then, and there and then they in it, and then they they try to figure out their work history and ask ask a little bit around, but what happens is is small talk takes over and many people in hiring people that they like based on small talk, and it’s so always hear this from managers like you know, I interview this person and I literally have no idea what happened after the first week, Staffing Tulsa because that really really nice, aggressive and assertive individual turned into something completely different. It’s because they were decent sales person good.

The interviewer did not ask specific questions to learn their knowledge of the field and they hired someone that they had good small talk with well. I have small talk all the time with people with that, doesn’t necessarily mean that I would work well with them, Staffing Tulsa and so it’s really important to make sure that you’re very specific in your questions and you ask each person the same set of questions and these questions are really well thought-out. I promise you. This is a good strategy for you. The last thing is:is look at your top performers and and really analyze what it is that they’ve done in their past? What kind of personality do they have and what kind of background did they have? What about their background? Did Staffing Tulsa they think help them in that position, really interview them and get to know your top performers? That way, you can start using some of those criteria to look for in eliminate people who are coming into your company because keep in mind what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to duplicate a players over and over and over again you only want to hire the best small and medium size. Business cannot afford bnc level employees and so following this process, and it hearing to it very strictly will make a big difference in your hiring decisions. I hope that this helps so far managers out here, because this is really good advice, Staffing Tulsa make sure you have a system for your hiring processes and make sure that you’re not making a decision based on how well you had small talk with somebody hope that helps you thanks. So much all right got to town

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