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Staffing Tulsa | Consider the best company to get the job done

Hi, my name is corey mentor and I’m president of trinity employment specialist, where staffing organization located here in tulsa. We start our company 10 years ago and we’ve been one of the magazine’s Staffing Tulsa top fastest growing companies in america, we’ve been in tulsa’s top 40 fastest growing companies I believe that we’re going to be in ink again to for the flashers performance. So that’s that’s really cool. We started 10 years ago in the medical field and i, where we staff for everything from a front medical front office person all the way up to a physician, and that includes physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, lpns rn’s, medical assistance, medical billing, specialist medical coding, specialist. We staff for everything in the medical field lpn and a medical front office people medical receptionisteverything in there, and then we have another division in our finance and accounting, and in banking we stafford positions like banking, loan officers, bank tellers, customer service, representatives, accountants, revenue analyst and all sorts of different, revenue-generating type of revenue management, type of positions, and today, I want to talk about. I saw an article the other Staffing Tulsa day, I thought it was really interesting because they had 23 characteristics of a of hiring the right people and I was like hey I’m, going to take a look at this I’m going to try to make sense of it all in this in this article, but there’s no chance I’m going to get through 23 of them.

I think that you could. You should be able to probably bounce it down to three or four things to look at, but every companies a little bit different. You know iti, think, that’s why I’m so open to listening and talking about so many different things to consider when you’re trying to create your hiring process when you trying to figure out who should Staffing Tulsa I bring into the seat, you know what it cost:walmart $11,000 if they bring in an employee at $11 an hour and they stay there for 3 months. You know that that dad was put out by three or four years ago. How interesting is that? How crazy is that, though $11,000? So, let’s think about that real quickwhy? Why do they eat one of these say that it’s $11,000? Well, most people don’t see this and be honest with you. I didn’t for a long time, but when I saw that stat I start asking myself that so start researching it. Well, you better hire someone to train them, and so just as a cashier, you would think that would be an easy task, but apparently it takes around 2 to 3 months to get somebody really truly up speed. Staffing Tulsa You know, so you got to have somebody to train them. You got to have you you’re going to spend money while they are not quite as effective, is what they can be so they’re going to be really slow, so you’re going to pay them for a much slower, pace level.

Then some of your up-to-speed cashiers I’m you’re, going to invest in benefits for them you’re going to get them set up on your system. You’re going to get your going to have your team players werecan! You get them up into the up into your system. You know you’re going to create payroll for them all of this stuff and then, while you’re, paying and you’re also going to be paying federal, state and employment taxes on them. So it’s not just $11 an hour. It’s going to be likely more closer to 15, to $17 an hour depending on walmart workers, comp code, which I wouldn’t think it’s very hot. So by the time that you add all of this up, you’re going to be spending roughly $11,000 on a higher, so you’re probably likely a smaller company. It’s likely not going to be as high as $11,000, but, let’s just say it’s seven or eight. Just for one lower level position. One wrong decision cost you ate grant, wow I might want to put some thought into whoever it is I’m hiring. But that’s not the case. With most with most companies, most companies they’re going to be there just going to hire Staffing Tulsa someone at $11 an hour and bring them in and do it in bulk and I kind of understand, because your typical $11, an hour person, is not going to be as responsible as someone else, but listen think about it. If you’re hiring somebody to higher-level how much money is that costing you? How much money is that one decision cost you if you’re wrong? So why not put some effort into understanding who top players are and what are their characteristics and what makes them tick, what make them great and then trying to score them? Based on these things and putting together a process which I talked about for months on on hiring, let’s talk about 23 characteristics of great players and I’m, probably going to break this down to like 3 or 4, but getting better the number one emphasis and purpose behind training. Each athletes go for you to walk into the gym should be to pick up one or two new golden nuggets of improvement. You want to see somebody that comes into your office every day. Wanting to learn something they’re going to be committed to learning quickly, if they’re, not let you need to you need to listen to me on this cuz I haven’t Staffing Tulsa talked about this in a while terminate quickly. That’s one way to stop the bleeding of that. $11,000 is you oughta know in one to two days, whether or not they’re going to be a good fit, and then your percentage of margin goes way down if they make it past your judgment, 1/2 days, listen, i, know, you’re busy, I know it’s hard to hire. People I know all of these things cut it cut it early you’ll get what you tolerate.

If you got somebody showing up late first day, do I need to say anything else in in the reality is:is that most people still tolerate it? I’m just telling you how I see it everyday next thing is energy. There two things people do when they walk into any room. They either take away energy with brown’s, bought negative body, language or they’re, going to lift it up. What what do people do on on a daily basis? I would ask a reference of somebody this. What do they do? Are they going to be lifting somebody up? Staffing Tulsa What happens when they walk in the room? Is it a good thing? Is that a bad thing I’ve got I’ve got people in our office where, to be honest with you, they don’t I’ve got people that don’t impact anyone at all and then I’ve got someone who’s going to be gone today and I swear to you, I’m. Actually, sad britney, you would love me saying this cuz, you rip me all the time for saying i, don’t care about you, bubba blah and she’s joking by the way, I walk in and she’s like you’re, not going to say hi to me, cory thing that she’s going to start in a in a silly way making it like that when I was like I’m going to miss that when that girl walks in our office, the energy elevates she’s, just a she’s one of her coordinators, I believe she’s a leader on our team, but her position, title and her job description doesn’t say that, but good grief almighty Staffing Tulsa that girl right there I’m going to miss that she’s gone today. I swear you will, and so will everyone else and someone in the office is going to mention it I guarantee you so whenever you’re hiring somebody what what is it that somebody does whenever they walk into a room and pay attention to those things to help you next thing is focus. Most people attribute the success of athletes to the physical game.

This is key and important, but you cannot underestimate the power of a strong and focused mind talk about this. In my last statement. I just did where you’re you’re a player’s. They are going to be the top people. If they get knocked down there going to get right back up. If something doesn’t go, well, they own it and they move one. They don’t make excuses. I’m, be players, make excuses, a players on it and adjust. These are traits of people who do these things last last thing is see:i told you 23 and Staffing Tulsa I barely got to 4 and I’m barely can get through for hustle. Great players have an uncommon hustle. You should know that in york rear window, that york rear window is limited, so make a habit to maximize every second that you have people that are eight players. This is what they do, they’re committed and they hustle-and this is a characteristic sometimes like right Now-i’ve got someone I think is in a player, but I’ve got to get hustle in them and I’ve got to teach them what it’s like to hustle I in the recruiting industry. I’ve, never not had anyone that I didn’t have to teach them how to hustle no one, but once they get it holy cow. When the thing is they see their potential, then they can see what hustle does and when you explain it to him and they see their capabilities, they they hustle even more the really great thing to watch. Staffing Tulsa These are some great great things to consider when you’re, hiring somewhere I hope it helped. You give trinity a call. If we can help you out, our number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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