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Staffing Tulsa | Come on over to the best in town

Hi, my name is corey metz, her with trinity employment, specialist trinity, the staffing organization, we’re located here in tulsa on we staff, in oklahoma city and surrounding oklahoma, and the surrounding areas in texas, arkansas and oklahoma oklahoma and kansas. We we stab primarily in the medical field, is where we started, and now we also staff and finance accounting in banking in those industries, but we also you know in our medical division, we staff for everything from medical assistant all the way up to a physician, and so that that require that includes a medical assistant, lpn-rn x-ray tech, medical billing, specialist Staffing Tulsa cpc, coders, everything in the medical field from the revenue cycle, all the way up to the clinical care, and so in this segment. I want to talk just real quickly, aboutcharacteristics of people that you would want to consider promoting. Is that sometimes, when you work with someone there is this thing that gets in your head and you just promote the people that you like I’ve done this before, and it didn’t work out that awfully well. So the thing wasn’t:if I had a top performer, then and I really liked working with him, I’ll be like alright I’m, going to I’m, going to I’m, going to elevate them to a manager level, and sometimes this doesn’t work out.

If you don’t see some really key things in an individual’s, where is there really great in that role lower? Are they ready to be moved up to be a leadership role, and so I’ve got four things that I want to Staffing Tulsa talk about here or four characteristics that I want you to think about it at least, consider before yougive someone, the formal promotion and give them more responsibilities, you need to make sure that they are in a player before you begin to elevate them in the big. The big reason is I’m going to go over here in a second, but your b players are not going to elevate the people around them. They love stand where it’s comfortable and if you don’t have an a player in a role as a leader, your your business is likely going to stagnate and it won’t increase and I’m going to give you for reasons. On why that is here, but I want you to also considerthese four things before you promote someone:let’s, let’s give it a whirl, hear a players on both the good and bad about bad outcomes. B players have a laundry list of excuses for why they’re not performing so whenever you have someone in your staff and and if something goes wrong you you need to take note of this. Do they own it or do they figure out Staffing Tulsa reasons to tell you why it didn’t happen, and then none of those reasons really make sense. Some of them do in end. It here’s the thing. Some people are really that they’re there, a player ism kicks in when they’re trying to defend themselves and they become extremely creative and try to give you reasons. Whythings didn’t work out when really what it was as it was. Their fault lay me down it. Okay, and if you like this person, it even makes it more easy to believe some of these ridiculous things and some of them sound, good and so I want to caution you to be very careful and start taking notes is:does this person make excuses or do they own it and then try to fix it? Do they own it put something in place to fix it or are they just saying?

Well, you know the weather was bad, so we didn’twe didn’t get very many applicants in this week on. This is just the stuff I’ve heard. You know that we can get enough applicants in this week so and we just didn’t meet her numbers or yeah it christmas is coming. So you know it’s very difficult to get people to come in for an interview, and so that’s why we didn’t meet our numbers or schools getting ready to get out and no one’s willing to come in for an interview, so we didn’t hit. Our numbers, Staffing Tulsa like all of these things are, are excuses and you’re a player’s I’m telling you I see it in their players in our office. Those that are, we only have we have a very small number of b players, but the some people will go well. It’s cool and others like i, don’t care, but it’s cool. We got to figure it out anyway, and so you need that mindset. That mindset is huge for you. It’s not horrible, to have a couple of b plus players on your team. You know it’s not horriblebut. You need a player’s in leadership. So I’ve said enough about that list. We want a number to a player’s, try something new or different to correct their course. Be players stick to their comfort zone, so any I just gave you two or three instances. So well, it’s christmas time. So man it’s just tough to get people in here. Will you correct your course and you change the things that you’re doing then I was s proud of one of our top leaders. This last week, we’ve had in school has just gotten out. Okay, that’s that’s why I said schools just gotten out of his office inside man, it’s tough to get interviews in and then our leader. She is like. No, let’s Staffing Tulsa set up a meeting to figure out other ways that we can go after people to still meet our goal. If we meet our goal, everyone’s going out to dinner, it’s going to be on trinity, let’s go, let’s go! Do something:cool and surprise ourselves:okay, like thatreaction to that. How different is that, if you’re a manager like what inspires you? Is there a well or is it hey? Let’s go kill him, you know, that’s why people like the movie braveheart the guy goes on.

He takes on something. That’s just sounds impossible, all the great movies, all the greats, walt disney greatest big thing with huge obstacles, henry ford, create the speaker. You say with you, jobs, steve, jobs from him and then brought it back. That’s what people love! They love story like that, and that’s why leaders who do this inspire other people take note if you want to be a leader. Take note of this. Take note of these things:number 3 a player’s, excite and motivate people in be players. Staffing Tulsa They require motivation. So when you bring in someone-and you are talking to them-you know I struggled with this as a manager with an a player managing a player’s because I’m going in there trying to excite them and get them going, get them moving. Let’s go pulling up the hill top of it approach and they had already done that to themselves. Be players need motivation in you’ll, see this you’ll see some people. When things get tough you’re a players, they are going to increase in energy to feed it. Your b players are going to stay the course it’s just what they do not ever especially large organizations. You need be players to take care of the mundane mundane things, but but man when you promote people, do not promote someone who wants to keep status quo when things get tough. So you need to look at this when, when something happens, pay attention to the people underneath you are they motivating or are they staying the same? It’s a really really important thing. It’s! So if you have leaders Staffing Tulsa that or if you have people that you’re trying to elevate into leadership, if they are the top that stay calm, do not promote them, don’t do not fall into that trap. I get it you like them. You want to work with him. You enjoy working with them, maybe because it’s there a little bit laid-back and easier to deal with. You know, but you’re a players of the one. That’s going to be pushing that needle for you.

The last thing is a player’s work, hard to understand the ins-and-outs of their business. Be players know just enough to do the job, and so this is something that you should have paid attention to. Anyone that you were trying to promote. Staffing Tulsa They have come to you and ask you questions where you’re like i, wonder why they’re trying to ask that? But when you sit back and think about it, they are truly trying to understand how the back end of your business work or there try understand another area of your business that has nothing to do with their job, but they’re just trying to piece it together. They want to see the whole picture I’m telling you the every one of the people that have killed it for us. They’ve done this and so pay attention to what they’re asking you overtime. You know that this isn’t going to be somewhere they’re going to slam you with all these questions. One day, it’s just going to be drips, it’ll be small, little slow drips where they walk in your office and I can oh I was thinking the other day. Where is it what’s the percentage rate where’s your profit margin at here you know:how do we make the most money for for trinity? You know where is trinity profit the most and why you know? What’s the workers comp rate and how does that impact your your bottom line, the all these slow little drip, questions help me to understand. Hey this person is really going to seek to understand a lot more than what I think these are characteristics of people that you should consider promoting. Staffing Tulsa If anyone that you love, you love them, but they don’t. They don’t require these four characteristics really think about it before you give them a shot. I think that you’ll you’ll save them sometime. You have trinity call. You have any questions. We love to help. You are number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com thanks

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