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Staffing Tulsa | Brilliant Perspectives

Trinity staffs for bank tellers in all in the financial sector and the accounting world. We we’ve done this for years and years we want to wards with that, we’ve been an inked magazine and and all that stuff and so bank tellers accountants, Staffing Tulsa financial analyst. All of these things we’ve done for years and years, it’s essential to be intentional about your thinking and get off of autopilot. If and when autopilot is thinking in a crappy way, I’m saying all right. This is part. Little number two pain starts with a feeling of loss is mark. One of the things that I I’m trying to dress with is one of the things that you and laramie have that you share in common I watch him go through this process and so I’m kind of outlining the sock, the psychology that I think he went through in his healing towards it and now, as you know, he’s he’s been able to speak positively into your life because of it and likely he’s going to be able to help you even more bit from a from a high standpoint. This is what I watched him go through psychologically okay. So pain starts with a feeling of loss. You can only feel lost if you perceive that there’s a loss, and you have to tell yourself that you have lost something. I noticed that this happened with him.

You know, I was watching this news story about this guy who lost his leg in a shark attack, and his perspective like blew me away because he was so positive about it. He’s like man, that’s not going to answer me I’m, going to keep doing this, that and the other, and how many guys doing all this stuff. My dad told me the story about this guy who lost his arm, he’s a little kid and dad was just blown away that he was like here. Staffing Tulsa Let me help you tie your fishing knot that kids like no way man I can fly I can tie my fishing knot to tie to fisherman’s knot with with you know is elbow, which is the attitude that listen I’m, going to do anything I’m not going to let this hinder me, and it was like this perspective that he had his head-that girl that got attacked by shark a bit. Her arm off and now she’s surfing, they made a movie about her cuz she’s like I’m, trying to let that stop me. So it’s it’s all in your perception on whether or not you have lost these guys. For some reason. Somehow somebody spoken lies, i, don’t know what it is, but somehow they decided, listen, i, don’t have a loss. I, don’t care about that loss. I’m going to do it anyway, and so did the guy who loses leg by shark has a choice of meanings. It could be. I will never walk again. No one will like Me:i’ll never get married, Staffing Tulsa what it whatever it is, but you know if you people who master their perspective, say I’m going to I’m going to continue anyway and I’m going to go surf again or I’m going to go. Do whatever you know, that’s that’s just their mindset. You know:i had a bunch of learning disorders when I was growing up, I got ton of them and had seizures and all sorts of weird crap I couldn’t remember anything. But what ended up happening is that was my biggest strength. Cuz. That gave me the person who prints to be able to run this company. You know cuz, you get your hammer dance company, but you need to ask yourself:do you really, ever, lose I say no. It just changes form like life doesn’t happen to you.

It happens for you now in laramie situation, all of a sudden he’s helping you once he changed his perspective and i. Don’t know what god has in store for this, but it could be something great. So here’s chapter number three i, don’t know I’m gone long, I’m, probably in like 15 minutes here you know, if you want to feel bad, all you have to do is create the illusion of loss. That’s how you feel bad! You create the illusion of loss. That’s all you have Staffing Tulsa to do. This is a stair step of how you feel bad, like this kind of me maybe different people, other people step 1, create a feeling loss step to feel hurt and have a sense of loss. Step 3 create a bunch of crap in your head and step for keep anger inside and become depressed. Like that’s a way to feel. That’s pretty good stair set feeling bad, but that’s that’s kind of like the process of doing it. So in any communication, do you have with anyone where they respond in some way like that communication is either. Let me skip that part. That’s not very good! That’s not good stuff! But when you, when you think that something is a loss, how do you generally feel hurt? And then you begin to say Staffing Tulsa crap in your head and eventually you’ll get all this crap in your head and it’s not true, and but it’s going to become your belief system and then you’ll create a meaning which we talked about earlier. You create the meaning, you’ll create a meaning. Where am I hear you’re going to and you in you, but you have to take control of the meaning and then you’ll label. We talked about label for then you’re going to label the loss in the in a loss is going to be created and if the label is negative, you’re going to become depressed and you have to change your state. You have to change your mindset about how you think about whatever it is. It has hurt you, you know. When we are stressed, we can create Staffing Tulsa the worst situation and anything but you’re the producer of display.

You get your right to play. You know some people only have one style of writing. You want to change your style up a little bit and ads and a different perspective. Some people need to change the the style from a comp. They need to change the writing style to a comedy or love story, so how you feel is going to determine what Staffing Tulsa you do. What you do is going to shape your destiny and nothing has meaning except the meaning that you give it it’s not the event, it’s what we do with it, that determines the quality of our. Lives life happens for us not to us, and what we do with it is what we do inside her head. It’s not the event. The problem is, are you communicating with yourself in a way that is empowering or disempowering, and you need to you need to figure this out and then change it if you’re not happy with something, it’s probably disempowering Staffing Tulsa the way, you’re communicating with yourself about it. So you need to begin this process. It won’t happen overnight. It takes a long time takes about a year in general, from my from my understanding that the meaning that were associating is probably disempowering. So the meaning is that meaning that is in your belief system, and it creates your core values about yourself. So I want you to consider to him to choose empowering meetings rather than disempowering meetings, but you this is my lap, my very last one I promise you you get to choose and whatever you look for you’re going to find okay.

So if you look for what’s wrong with me, I promise you you’re going to find it. But if you look with what, if you look for, what’s really great about me and what’s really great about this experience and what’s really great about this, meaning that I’ve now associated with it, listen you’re going to begin to find that I’m telling you the best athletes. They think this way the best that the greatest people that this is the way that they think that you’re going to get what you look for it so I’m, sorry about all of the this is not my Staffing Tulsa typical video. You can ask my cameraman back here generally I’m, pretty on point that I wrote, listen, I was all over the place and I was really tired when I wrote it so mark hope this helps you out. I got my seo done. It somehow got you a message before you took out of the country. Man god bless, you god bless. You I had I had one last verse for you because I think big part of it you’re going to need to you know god. Does this change market? It’s it’s not necessarily you in overtime, I believe that he’ll do it. I don’t have to look up the spurs. If you’ll give me just a second and it is mark 11 long, my phone mark 11 and it’s 23 yeah, it starts with 22 and it is, is it have faith in god, truly i. Staffing Tulsa Tell you to anyone that says to this mountain, go and throw yourself into the sea and does not doubt in their heart but believes what they say will happen. It will be done for them. Therefore, I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you received you’ve received it and it will be listen. There’s going to be a big part of this for your. You were going to need to spend some time in prayer, and but you need to believe and know that god has the power to change things in a really really crazy, good way, and so I’ll read that verse over get that in your head and we’ll be seeing you in about a month. So you man

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