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Staffing Tulsa | Becoming your Partner

Hi, my name is cory mentzer I’m, president of trinity employment specialist, trinity, we’re staffing organization in tulsa oklahoma, and we staff our surrounding areas in our surrounding states as well, in texas, arkansas and kansas and missouri, and so I wanted to I’m going to share a some ideas about trying to create your growth growth in a company’s extremely difficult. In my opinion, Staffing Tulsa I think it’s the hardest Thing:i’m right in the middle of a growth plan. Now so we maximized the amount that we can take, one or, as a company and I’ve got to add new staff to be able to get there, we’ll I’m trying to figure out all right I’m trying to project how much, how much bandwidth we’re going to need minnie? How much business are we going to get and then try to make the decisions on? You know what the appropriate staff is to add to it and good grief it’s hard and sometimes I wish I could just have. Somebody else make the decisions for me, because I really really don’t know, but so far in our company up I think I’ve done an okay job at it. We haven’t grown as rapidly as I think we could have, Staffing Tulsa but we’ve been very steady, which I think is healthy, so this is this. Is my process like i, said I’ve been very successful at it so far, but at the same time this process is probably not something that you shoot you to the moon, real quick. You know this is more of a steady top of an approach, so the first thing is is to determine what your goals are.

Last night I determine that you know I’d me and my wife sat down my wife’s, my Staffing Tulsa business partner and in trinity and we sit down and we decided what is it that we want to tell ourselves that we’re going to do in the next year? What, and so we wrote down three main things that we wanted to make sure and accomplish, and so here and actually about an hour, we’re going to sit down again and try to put some specific details that are going to help us to get to that plan, and-and so this is what we do, we determine. What are goals are. The next thing is, is we rode out an organizational chart and we wanted to see? Where is everyone? We know our plan for growth, how we want our to structure our organizational chart, so we’re trying to figure out this person. We believe at this point Staffing Tulsa might move over here become a manager will put two people underneath him. This person, we believe, is going to be a manager, we’re going to put two people underneath in and we just had a diagram of what we would like to see happen and so were able to see it visualize it and then physically be able to see what we’re going to do, and so, like i, said here in an hour we’re going to sit down and put some specific details to make that happen. So we’ve got our personal goals that we want to see happen. Now we got the business goes. What we want to see happen and we’re going to create a new level of management in organizational development and I think this person went the higher.

Is it’s going to cost a lot to get them, but I think it’s going to be worth it, but I can see it and I can see how it’s supposed to work so that the third thing is. Is you want to analyze the people that you have their patterns and you and you want to see all right? So how often are we Staffing Tulsa keeping recruiters if we got a good recruiter on average? How long are they going to stay with us, and then you know and then we’re trying to put some things in place to make certain that we keep the people that are great. You know in cuz. We don’t want him to leave, so we want to put some some things in place to keep some of our past behaviors from happening, so in general, recruiter stay with us around for years and so far, so we’ve only got 10 years of data on this is so you take 4 years of it in your house, got half of it, but are good recruiter stay with us around for years? Okay, we don’t want to lose our good recruiters. We need to be able to keep them in place, so we set up a management style where we can move them into different roles where they can begin to start over, see some things, but you want to make sure and stay on top of whatever those trends are Staffing Tulsa and so for recruiters. We never ever stop recruiting and interviewing for recruiters. We always have a pipeline coming in of recruiters. We never ever stop never ever stop for salespeople. Those are very difficult to find. We’ve got an awesome, salesperson and I cannot. Imagine would want to go anywhere else, but we are still always recruiting for good sales people. Those are the two key positions now we also have admins and we have an hr coordinator, but those are much easier to find. We believe it is the biggest staple in heartbeat of our company comes through the recruiters in the sales people, and so you want to create a system that you don’t lose knowledge whenever someone leaves so, for example, we just had someone that we kind of parted ways, but it was. It was amicable, he knows, and not only that trinity went out, found a job for this individual and it’s perfectly Staffing Tulsa aligned with their skill sets cuz, we loved this individual she’s great. She compasses, who we are as a culture, is just at that position didn’t fit her well and so, but we have a system in place so that whenever there was a transition, their knowledge wasn’t lost because we document dagum everything.

So every phone call that we have. We have our recruiters document into our system so that anyone can step into that role and know exactly what they’ve done and be able to step in with very few interruptions, and so that’s something that we’ve been able to create. That I think there’s very helpful, so I would encourage anyone to Staffing Tulsa create this type of system for their staff. The next thing is, is you want to identify your staffing in people need? So when I said you want to create the organizational chart, you want to start seeing all right. This is where some of our needs. These are some of the things that we need to accomplish. You know one of the things that I had yesterday is I met with another staffing specialist and he is doing. He is building a staffing system for ibm. Now I’ve heard that the system that they’re creating at least so far, it’s Staffing Tulsa not received it’s not been very well received by these huge organizations, but he is stopping for when they need 20,000 people versus you know with us or been with, is probably a couple hundred and so we’re really it complete different levels. But he was telling me yesterday the importance of staying on top of the technology that is in your field, so that you are not ever left behind and I’ll. Tell you what you know.

Remember remember the story of kodak that companies no longer in existence, and you know what something is really crazy. They created the technology for the digital photograph and did nothing Staffing Tulsa with it and gave away the technology you’re, not crazy, that the leadership did not see they. They in here’s why they were making $0.70 out of every dollar spent. That was the profit margin in printing photographs, so they were making so much money. They just didn’t even want the thought of getting away from that profit margin. Just they didn’t want to do it, and maybe it was their stockholders that were demanding that kind of profit. Maybe they knew that if they shifted this digital photograph, they knew what was Staffing Tulsa going to happen. Update their profit margins would shrink in the short-term, and maybe that was going to be a problem for him. But you know i, remember:i was just listening to a book by richard branson where-and he was talking about his virgin stores, used to have a huge cd store and all the sudden, a digital music thing came in. They were late to the party, and so they finally created the product that played mp3’s. But by that time the ipod had come out, steve jobs to come out of his ipod and it wasn’t compatible with Staffing Tulsa the ipod holy cow. This can get out of control so make sure that you stay on top of your technology as well. This is one part of a two-part series that I’m going to do here. I’m going to do another section here in a second, so trinity can help you out at all. Please give us a call. We are exceptional, staffing company. Our number is 918-622-2588. Staffing Tulsa Thank you. So much

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