Be More Prepared for Your Next Interview

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Be More Prepared for Your Next Interview

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa Experts at Trinity Employment

Trinity Employment provide Staffing Tulsa solutions for the people they’re looking for jobs in our great state of Oklahoma. We have a database online at that has all of the current jobs available to you for your next big career move. Give us a call today to set up an interview process at 918-622-2588. We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams when it comes to a better career and a better lifestyle. Our company is committed to helping our clients achieve greatness, and in this article I will be going over some things that are important to remember when going through an interview process.

1. Arriving too early. Certainly arriving late is a problem, but arriving more than 10 minutes early can be a faux pas as well. It’s fine to allot extra time to find the location, but if you are half an hour early, wait somewhere other than the lobby of your interview destination.

2. Bringing an entourage. If someone else drove you to the interview, have them wait elsewhere. You are being evaluated the minute you enter the lobby, you don’t need any inadvertent baggage/behavior of your companion detracting from your positive impression.

3. Perfume/cologne. As an interviewer, I want to be greeted by your big smile and firm handshake, not a cloud of scent. Be aware that many people are very sensitive to odors. You want an interviewer to remember your good energy and strong communication, not how you gave them watery eyes and a headache.

4. Cell phones. Turn your cell phone off and then double check again. Off does not mean vibrate. Trust me, I can hear your purse vibrating.

5. Drinking and interviewing. I know the interviewer asked if you wanted a coffee or water when you sat down, but don’t take them up on their beverage offer. This can portray a “too casual” attitude to your interviewer.

6. Negativity. If you fill your communication during your brief interview with a litany of complaints about evil past employers, lazy co-workers, or the lousy job market, it will leave a negative impression. The goal of your interview is to leave a positive impression, so make sure your contributions to the dialogue are bright and shiny! Practice putting a positive spin on your personal sales pitch.

7. Too Much Information. An interviewer wants to find out what you can contribute to the company’s team or bottom line. The interviewer does not want to hear about heavy situations or past traumas.

8. Talking too much/too little. Be prepared to perform a balancing act answering interview questions. Give enough detail to make yourself understood and demonstrate your excellent communication skills, but be aware your interviewer is most likely on a time schedule. Conversely, if getting answers from you is like pulling teeth, it can make an interviewer exhausted or wonder if you have something to hide.

9. Be engaging. When you look at your watch or yawn, I am going to think you have something more interesting to do than apply for this job.

For more information on how to nab your dream job contact the staffing Tulsa experts at Trinity Employment today at 918-622-2588.

Searching for Jobs like a Professional

This Content Was Written by Staffing Tulsa Experts at Trinity Employment

When it comes to staffing Tulsa, there is one firm that rises above the rest. The experts at Trinity Employment really our dedicated to this community and making sure it grows in a real and meaningful way. We not only provide expert jobs and recruit only the best candidates for your company, we also give back to the community by supporting charity organizations. If you’re looking to hire the top talent or find a great job in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area you’ve come to the right place. We provide the right fit for the right position on a daily basis and we want to do for your company as well. Visit us online at and browse through all of the services we offer to the people and companies in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. You can also give us a call anytime at 918-622-2588. This article I will give you 10 steps on how to search for a job like a pro.

Stick With What You’ve Done: Make sure your resume is relevant to the job that you are applying for. I have received countless resumes that have zero relevance for the job being offered. If you are looking to make a career transition, tailor your experience to demonstrate skills integral to the new position.

Don’t Overdo It: Do not apply over and over for the same job. You can rest assured that in any company worth working for, your resume is being reviewed so there is no need to apply multiple times. This includes applying online and also sending a paper resume. It does not demonstrate persistence, but rather a lack of organization and focus.

Don’t Blend In: Make your resume simple, but tailored to your career field. Do not use templates for your resume, everyone else is doing that! You don’t want your resume to look identical to the one next to it. Make it unique, but professional and polished.

Make it Easy to Read: When you write your resume, a narrative format is almost never appropriate. As a recruiter I am looking for specific skills and keywords, so spell them out clearly and concisely in a bulleted list.
Have the Right Objective: Double check that your objective lines up with the job being offered.

Proofread, Please: Double check that all of the information on your resume is correct before sending it to a recruiter. All jobs require some degree of attention to detail, so you need to demonstrate you possess that skill. Ensure that your employment dates are correct and accurate. Your resume is a living document, so if you are not currently working, there should be an end date on your last employer.

Communicate Clearly: This may sound like common sense, but if you contact me about a position, leave your phone number in the message. Speak clearly and at a reasonable pace, repeat your phone number twice, and if your name is difficult to spell, go ahead and spell it out on your message. Refer to the position you have applied for using a reference number if included.

Communicate Professionally: When sending out your resume you never know when you’ll get that call you’ve been waiting for, so always be prepared to answer the phone as a potential candidate. If you are not in a position to speak professionally and spend some time on the phone with a recruiter, re-schedule the call for later when you have ample time. Assume every single call is from a recruiter while you are in the job hunt and answer your phone accordingly.

Keep It Upbeat: Even if you are having a bad day, be cheerful and upbeat on the phone with a potential employer. Listen, we hear every day how tough it is to be looking for a job. It can be brutal, we understand. But, a little bit of energy goes a long way.

Self-Evaluate: There are a lot of people competing for the same job. What makes you stand out? Make a list and keep it handy. Make sure you can verbalize your accomplishments as well as your unique challenges.


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