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Staffing Tulsa | Bank Position

Hi, my name is corey mentor and I’m president trinity employment Staffing Tulsa specialist trinity, the staffing company one of the things that we’ve done for years and years almost 10 years now is we staff for the medical field, staff for almost every major hospital and medical clinic in this community, and we we are known for putting quality over quantity and we’re known for being a for doing a Staffing Tulsa superior job and being a major influence her in the way that recruiting is done in the medical field, and so I want to talk to you about a couple of positions that were recruiting for at the moment. That is something you were always recruiting for it, but it’s also something that we specialize in. So we could become kind of a hub for people to go to because they know that we know this field. Pretty wellfirst position is in medical billing. We have medical, billers are, are Staffing Tulsa people who do all the billing for the medical facilities and they’re very difficult to find it’s not like a front office person. In fact, just the just yesterday knows the day before yesterday they had went and met with a manager, and she’s, like you know, is pretty large. Clinic said you Know:i’ve had some people, you know, I have another manager who does oliver on recruiting she’s in the front office, and she does a pretty good job. So I really try to do it on my own, so I Staffing Tulsa posted out all my ads on. Indeed, and I did all that thing and she’s, like you, know, I hired a couple of people, but the resumes that I get or awful said, I can’t.

How are you finding these people to what she had done? She posted up an ad and way different. Are we found no one and got frustrated called us and we sent her to peopleshe’s going to her two of them and she only needed one person field and so the way that we do this it’s different trying to recruit for medical billing positions is much much different than trying to find someone in front office, and she realized this really quickly. We develop strong relationships and treat people well. I noticed that my sound like will you should do that yeah we should, but when you treat people well for over 10 Staffing Tulsa years or right at 10 years, people start seeing you as an authority in the field of medical billing or in or in clinical as well. But we have a lot of medical billers that recommend their friends who are looking for a job over to us. We do a lot of social, organic type of recruiting and we don’t use. Indeed, indeed, is Staffing Tulsa our very last resort. It’s the it’s! The only weighted it can be because your best candidates are not necessarily always looking for a job I’m not actively, and if they are there going to be talking to people they’re, probably not going to be going on the indeed in applying for everything. That’s if it’s available on, Staffing Tulsa indeed he’s becoming much more washed out now, and you got to get a little bit more socially involved in integrated to be able to do a good job and recruiting so we’re constantly recruiting for medical billing positions. Cash posting collections and understanding the full explanation of benefits with the eobs and being able to decipher that all of these types of positions is something that we that we recruit for regularly. Another position that were always looking to try Staffing Tulsa to feel-and this is another tough tougher position is-were always looking for lp and in our medical clinics. There are hospital lpns and then there you also have lpns in home health and in nursing homes.

In that that sort of thing we’re primarily focusing on lpn within the clinics, were always looking for them. They they are difficult to find because there’s not as much education for them as Staffing Tulsa there once was there. Everyone in in our community has focused on rn training versus bringing in a new lpn programs, and we’ve lost a couple of the schools in town as well. I’ve noticed due to some government restrictions that they that they put on them, but because of all this, the demand for lpns in all rents has gone up in the supply has gone down. So where we got this larger and larger gap, that’s happened, and because of that it, a lot of companies have had to come to us to go and do that organic, recruiting, because a lot you’re, just not going to get them from schools and there’s not going to be as much of a supply is there Staffing Tulsa once was in, so we loved being a resource for people with this. The thing that you need to expect when using a staffing company is to only only expect and only tolerate a player’s when you’re using a staffing company and pay the higher fee, make sure that you’re getting someone really really great and if you’re not, but this sounds horrible but terminate the relationship that individual and let the staffing company bring you someone else that person, maybe in a player Staffing Tulsa in a different clinic on a different specialty, and we can help them to buy that pathway. So you may be doing them a great favor and actually releasing them from your clinic and moving them somewhere else, but we would love to be resource. Were you from medical billing and anything in clinical, anything in the business office in anything clinical front office. This is this is what we do at trinity. We would love to be able to help you please give us a call if you have any Staffing Tulsa questions about what it is that we do or how we do it. Our number is 918-622-2588 can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you, a present of trinity employment specialist trinity’s at staffing company, and we, we specialized staffing for the finance and banking communities in both tulsa in oklahoma city, Staffing Tulsa that that includes in the type of positions at those include of our accounting bank tellers loan, originators and everything that has to do with the loan processes.

You know loan processor loan loan originators in junior underwriters, anything that has to do with that process that something that we specialize in finding. We also, we also work in the finance. Lot of the positions that we have right now or in the customer service arena in in finances for one of the largest telecommunication companies, the united states, and it’s helping it’s helping customers to understand their Staffing Tulsa bill and work out different things that have to deal with their bill. But it takes someone with a good financial mind to be able to decipher it and to be able to communicate it, and these are not low level positions. These these are mid-level high-quality jobs in in our community and we’re very proud to be associated Staffing Tulsa with them. I wanted I want to talk to you just real quickly about some of the roles that we have and what we look for. The the the first thing before I go over. You know that the different types of positions with you, no other other types of positions, is that we’re trying to find people who are a player’s and if you’re, an employee out there in your looking we’re trying to find the right place that you can being a player in. If you have that carrot and integrity within Staffing Tulsa your, you know who you are and I am I recognize that not everyone has that dna, i, guess being a player for one reason or another, and a player’s is what we are seeking. It’s who we want to surround ourselves with, and it’s who we want to provide to our customers. One thing that I’ve noticed about a player’s is a player’s one. They hang around other writing players into. They recruit other a players to you in 3 days. They do want to have time to work sometimes, and so, if you Staffing Tulsa were that type of individual, you are someone that we’re looking and wanting to partner with, and we once were able to find you a job in the right field. We also offer a referral fee for any other, a players that you bring over to us. That’s that’s! The beauty of art of our recruiting is the we want to pay you for bringing Staffing Tulsa us some of your friends following the idea that a player’s hang out with other a players. We have a lot of people that make a decent amount of money just by referring different people that they know over to us and they’re doing their friend a favor and they’re, making money doing it and all the while. We are thrilled Staffing Tulsa to pay a referral fee for an a player, because it is way better to get a referral from someone that we know and trust and to try to find and recruit someone out of not knowing them in any way shape or form. So, in our banks, we recruit for bank tellers all of the time and each bank.

It depends on what we’re looking for some Staffing Tulsa banks. Look for part-time teller, some banks look for full-time. Some banks are looking for retail banker sosa people who sell their. You know the products that they have to offer to their customers if they notice that they have little bit of extra money in their in their savings account, they give them opportunities to be able to invest that money rather than just having it sit there and doing nothing. Retail bankers also make a commission on the things that they Staffing Tulsa sell, and so this is more of a transition from a bank teller into a branch manager or an assistant branch manager. But it’s definitely a great career for someone who is trying to get into banking and then on. The upper and upper end of banking were always looking for loan originators in commercial loans and people who Staffing Tulsa have a book of business are always really highly sought-after, but we have a prominent bank that they want to develop their own loan originators and so someone who has just some experience in loans in banking it and they want to try to help them get into the commercial aspect of things and it’s a great opportunity for Staffing Tulsa someone to really jump up and shower, because if you do well in loan origination in the on the commercial side, your salary is most definitely going to be in the six figures in short order. If you’re any good at what it is that you do. And so we want to try to create opportunity for some people that might not have thought of this before and we would. We would love to be a resource for you if you were a player and you think that you got you got some a background that can be transferred in any of these levels. We would love to speak with you and we would love to start partnering with you, because if you are in a player-and you refer us other people, not only will you we be able to find you a great job will also be able to pay you after you’re there at the job in other ways, by way of you referring Staffing Tulsa some of your friends to us, and that is our overall recruiting process, it’s is what we do is what it’s, why we’ve done it for years and it works really really well, so we would love for you to be a part of it. Please give us a call if you have any questions about trinity or you’d like to learn more about partnering with Staffing Tulsa us. Our number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you. So much

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