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Hi, my name is corey mentor I’m, president of trinity employment specialist trinity, Staffing Tulsa we’re staffing group in tulsa and oklahoma city, markets, specialized staffing in the medical field, with everything from a front office person all the way to a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant and in the on our business side of it. We we staff for finance, accounting, banking and also a big group of customer service people that deal with collections and customer service from the financial aspecttoday I want to I want to talk real quickly to the the people, have different relationships. We have relationship with our employers. We have relationship with employees, so I want to I want to talk about our Staffing Tulsa relationships that we have with our employees. Just real quick I think that they think that this will be hopefully really helpful, because there’s a different way of looking at a job search, then I think that everybody else thinks about. The thing is:i think that most people, when they think about their job search they go through and just start immediately plying for ads that they see it again in the newspaper you know it’ll get online to look for different Staffing Tulsa companies who placed an ad for a position and then don’t reply to those ads and I really think that that is probably the worst way of trying to find a job.

If I’m being honest, I run a staffing company on I know the ballgame I see how I talk with employers all the time, they’re recruiting and so I just kind of know. Howthe best people get in and I’m it’s just not that way. That I don’t know if Staffing Tulsa you, because of the internet you that used to be the way, because you know that it was a piece of paper, go on somebody’s desk lot of times it was mailed, but once once they’re they’re hiring system got automated and everything’s online. Most people get sent to a big dark black hole of a bottomless pit Staffing Tulsa of resumes and it’s going somewhere in the cyberspace, and you don’t know where it’s at you know how to follow up and all that stuff. So you can keep doing that if you want, but I want to give you some ideas on how to flip that upside down and I get things to working a little bit better for you. You’ll Staffing Tulsa will still include that searching for job things. It’s just it’ll, be the last thing that you do so, let’s, let’s take a look at this real quick see if it’s help someonefirst thing I want to recommend that you do is get as many systems working for you as possible. What. You want to do when you’re at sleep at night is what I try to do as a businessman when I’m asleep I want our business still somehow someway making us money same thing for your job, search when Staffing Tulsa you’re asleep, when you’re not working on your job search when you get as many systems is possible working for you, then you’re doing your job searching you’re, not even doing your job search, you’re, utilizing all of these wonderful tools that have created a black hole for most companies for utilizing these tools and now to your advantage. So this, what you do get on is many websites, as you can, that are job search, e-type websites. You want to get your your Staffing Tulsa resume up on careerbuilder on monster on. Indeed, you want to create a really great linkedin page. Most people get frustrated with this cuz.

It takes some time. Listen to me. Get this thing. Get offlet me give you a hint about Staffing Tulsa these I learn this because I utilize, some of these web sites and i, have to go to these huge trade shows they throw these huge, elaborate parties, it’s just nuts, and when you go to these things, you know I feel like a fish out of water, cuz i, just don’t party but I’m there, but I try to get to know the owners and the vp’s of these organizations. Those to understand them really. Well, let me give you a hint about these huge websitesthey. You become way more searchable online when, when you fill out your your profile completely, when you feel like your profile halfway with most of these, which is what most people Staffing Tulsa do you or you’re nowhere near as searchable as you would be, if you filled out their own profile and think of it from the website standpoint, they want everyone feeling out the profile as much as possible and when you don’t they just don’t make you a searchable, and so your search engine optimization shoots Staffing Tulsa through the roof. When you’ll take an extra 15-20 minutes to fill out your profile completely and put as much information in there as possible, I’m eating, as many keywords as you can possibly get, is a really cute saying. I saw some ideas in linkedin the other day and I thought it was really creative and underneath one of the one of their mostjob job jobs that they held. They put keywords in the all the keywords in there, so you you become search engine. Staffing Tulsa You optimize your search engine search but make sure you get as many of these working for you as possible and that way, whenever you, you know you are unemployed. So you want to take some advantage of enjoying yourself while you’re enjoying yourself these. These websites are probably helping. Staffing Tulsa You still become noticed by employers. Cuz trust me. Companies like ours, we scour them all day long. The next thing is is to utilize your social media platform. Social media is a nutso tool. It is crazy, the power that you have with social media whenever it is utilized right, and so the I really want to encourage you to use your social media platform. So you’ve got facebook, you got linkedinyou know you got snapchat twitter I’m.

All of these things myspace your space, all this stuff, that’s going on, and so whatever Staffing Tulsa social media platform that you utilize I want to encourage you to enter politely, but yet very confidently. What confident confidently confident way to let people know that you were currently looking for a position or for a job, and these are your specialties and if you know of anything, I would really love to speak with you, and by doing that alone, what you’re doing is you’re getting your network to work for you, I’m telling you you’ll you’ll be off Staffing Tulsa playing tennis somewhere. You got all these systems working for you and if you do, you think then you’re going to have your network working for you and then you’ll want to follow up that post. Maybe the next couple of days and ask your network and say:if you know of anyone that might know of someone Staffing Tulsa in this area, I would really love to speak with you. I would really love to be referred and ask for the referral. So then you’re going to get your networks network working for you think these are really cute tools. Here’s here’s the thing! When you do this, you need to clean up your social media platforms and make sure that the things that you are representing on your facebook and your snapchat twitter feeds that they are positive, professional post. You do not want Staffing Tulsa to have you not want to get everyone out there to start looking for you you’re asking your network to help you out. What’s your network? What’s probably the very first thing, they’re going to do they’re going to go to your page and research you and see what they see, but if they see if the very first thing they see, is you with this drunk and party with somebody else, that’s drunk and you might have thought that was a really really great timeand. That’s great, but you Staffing Tulsa just got canned, is what you did because they’re going to be concerned to run there going to be concerned to represent you when you’re, not representing yourself.

Well, online, really really important got clean the stuff up. The the last thing or not. The last thing next last thing is make sure that you make sure that you make a list of companies that you would like to work with and then start to go after them and I’ll Staffing Tulsa tell you how to go after them, make a list and then start trying to figure out who you might know that either works there now or who do you know that know someone that might work there that can make you an introduction and these networks I’m telling you most jobs. Most quality jobs now are found because of people. You know that’s the wayplay, it works anymore, and so you want to use you want to use these platforms. The the next thing that you need to make sure Staffing Tulsa and do is reach out to her go on linkedin and see who works there. That way, you can kind of know who works there. If you have some a friend of yours, that is a specialist in hr, you might go in there and find the hr specialist. That’s in that company I’m telling you can find them on linkedin and then go ask your friend who’s a specialist in in hr, said:hey. Listen! Do you happen to know this person they work at this company, I really like to be introduced Staffing Tulsa to them, and they constantly navigating these top platforms that are completely different from just posting a posting your resume on a job board. These are the things that will really make things click for you. The the last thing is search for job ads and submit your resume, but make sure that you do the Staffing Tulsa most important things. First and ii I’m telling you there may be things out there that disagree with me on the best way of doing a job search, but I would question as to whether or not they are really really in the field. I really thought about this. A lot and I think this will help you listen to trinity can help you in your job search. We would love to. Please give us a call at 918-622-2588 or visit us online at trinity. Employment.Com trinity can also be a Staffing Tulsa great resource for you. Thank you

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