Staffing Medical Staff | “A” Players

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Cory Minter: Hi my name is Cory Minter. I’m president of Trinity employment specialist and I want to speak with you real quickly about a position that we are constantly recruiting for with Tulsa staffing and it is for medical assistant for all of our many medical clinics, hospitals that we work with in the Tulsa and Oklahoma city markets. We’re always looking for medical assistants because they’re in a very high demand and they are constantly being recruited believe it or not from from different clinics, different staffing agencies. There are always new opportunities for medical assistants. If medical assistant is good they will not have to wait long until they are able to find a new position but that, we’re not looking for people who are typical job hoppers. What we’re trying to find, we’re trying to find people with a good solid work history that can work and we can find the right fit for them to where they can stay long term tulsa staffing positions.

At trinity employment specialists, we are so dedicated to finding “A” player’s for companies and people– we want to find good solid employees who are interested in staying where it is that they– where we place them. We feel like that’s the way that most of our customers are able to recoup the investment that they make in using us as a resource. We want to be able to provide employees that will stay long term and help them out and if we do that we’re going to save them a lot of money in turnover costs and everything else that comes with that, and companies get to utilize us as a way of only getting “A” players in releasing anyone who’s not an “A” player on their team. These people might be an “A” player somewhere else but just not on that particular customers team. It maybe another customer of ours team that they work with well within a tulsa staffing position.

We have this happen constantly in throughout our company will have somebody who does not work for one company and we move them over here and they are a perfect fit. We do everything that we can to reduce that margin of error because we certainly don’t want that to happen very often, but it’s happened you know five or ten times over this last year so far. Finding a medical assistant that is has a strong work history and a longevity at where they’re at, is actually quite different. It’s quite difficult because of the opportunities that are out there and so a lot of times we’re not finding our medical assistants through your traditional job search type engines and that sort of thing we– or by placing an ad Tulsa staffing.

We have to go and find them and we have to find people who are passive candidates but this is what we’re looking for. We’re looking for for medical assistants in the medical field that have a slid work history. We’re looking for individuals that have specific job history in whatever specialty group that we’re looking for, and we’re looking for people who are “A” player’s, they have a good positive personality. They lean in towards positivity, they’re not the type of people that jump into the negative talk that happens at certain clinics. A lot of people call that drama but we would we would rather just identify it as just participating in the negative talk that goes on, rather than leaning in towards positivity we don’t want somebody that leans in toward the negativity and gets caught up in that.

That can really be an environment killer and we want all of our employees to be more on the positive side of those of those types of scenarios. We’re always trying to find someone who have great references, it’s something that we’re constantly looking for and of course we’re always checking backgrounds and then depending on the customer we run a drug screen as well.

We are trying to find someone who hits on all cylinders, they’re a great fit, they’ve got a great skill set, they’ve got a great work history and they’ve got great references and everything as a package comes in to where there is very little risk in hiring any of the medical assistants that we send over to our groups for Tulsa staffing needs.

We’re also constantly searching for medical front office people and so we staff some of the best front office people in our clinics. In our clinics they know us for the high-quality “A” players that we provide. We want to be an “A” player match maker for any of our customers and this is how we do that. We want to have a partnership with our clients so that if we do not provide an “A” player that we allow them to have the flexibility to be able to release that individual maybe we as a company can find somewhere else for them and then also find another person to replace them with in a very short order. And, when we get each one of our customers “A” players they’ll have to utilize us less because “A” players don’t leave is often and we know that we can save them money and so please give us a call if we can help anyone out that is like that. Our phone number is (918)-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Thank you so much. Learn more about Trinity Employment and what they can do for you by going to their website or giving them a call. You will see why so many people have and continue to use them for all their Tulsa staffing needs.