Tips on Filling Out Applications

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As a staffing company in Tulsa, staffing for the accounting and banking industries are like to offer some tips on filling out applications the right way. As John wooden, Hall of Fame basketball coach, said do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

Filling out applications seems like a really simple process. But what I noticed as an owner of a staffing company here in Tulsa is that there are many things that people just do not know. So I want to go over a few things that I think can help anyone when they’re filling out an application. Most of these things seem like common sense but believe it or not are missed pretty regularly. The first thing that I would like for you to consider is to make sure that you dress to impress when you’re going to fill out even a job application. You would not believe how many people walk into our office and just simply are not dressed for an interview at all. They will wear jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, T-shirts, on and on. And as a recruiter, it’s so easy to make up your mind very quickly in a yes, no, or maybe fashion. And when we see someone coming in wearing these type of outfits that I’ve outlined, it is so easy for someone who might possibly be a good candidate to be put in the know category based solely on how they are dressed. So to encourage anyone who is going to fill out an application to make sure that you’re ready before you just show up in shorts and expect people to take you seriously.

The second thing I would recommend is to know what position you are applying for. Only application you will notice that it will ask position are you applying for and I highly recommend that you not ever write any, open, or leave it blank. An employer will not want to take the time to try to investigate and figure out what you’re wanting to apply for. Rather they would appreciate it if you could notify the of what your interest is. Always make sure in indicate the specific position you would like to apply for.

The third thing that I would like for you to consider paying attention to is to make sure that every blank is filled out on the application. This will require you to read it over before you start filling blanks out. I do not know how many times I’ve had job applicants come back to my desk and request for to fill out another job application and it simply because they didn’t read it through before they began. They just started filling out blanks and realize later on that they were either on the wrong line or they wrote down the wrong thing in the wrong space. And this is very easy to do because job applications contain a whole outline spaces blanks. You do not want to be judged as someone who does not pay attention to detail, so read over the entire application for filling out even one blank.

The last thing that I would like to bring up in this short article is to come prepared to present all of the required information that most applications require. So what are these things? Dates, addresses of all previous work experience, names and addresses of schools attended, license numbers, Social Security card, at least three references and their information, and last but not least all of the information on your resume. For the dates of employment you are going to be required to present the months and years that you started and ended each position. Because many jobseekers have a long work history and other places of employment it may be difficult to remember months and years. However, employers are going to want to know this information and the reason is because you may have started working in December 2014 and you ended in January 2015 which covers a time span of two months. This can become very confusing to employers when you write just the years because just riding the years can be so vastly different depending on the months of the years. Names and addresses: you will appear very unprepared if you are not ready to present the names and addresses of the businesses and schools that you’ve worked and attended if you do not know the names and addresses is your responsibility to make sure look up before you arrive to fill out an application. Of course now in our society most people are going to be able to obtain this information via cell phone. However you want to prepare for not being able to receive a signal in the building that you’re applying for. Even though you may be able to retrieve this information via phone, I still recommend that you write down and be prepared to have this information even if your phone does not deliver a signal for you.

Make sure and come prepared with the proper personal and efficacious. Employers are required to have this documentation before they can even offer a job offer and they can be heavily fined if they do not retain some of it in a certain time. So it is of utmost importance to the employer that this information is provided. It is definitely in your best interest to come prepared to present that documentation. For standard I-9 form or in E-Verify force required to have two proper forms of identification. All

References: it is so finally the pair three good solid professional references that are not family members to any employer. Most employers are going to ask for the references you are unable to find that there are big red flags that come up in employers mind. You also need to make sure that you contact each reference before you actually listen. You definitely do not want to cash your potential reference authority they get a random phone call in her is a professional courtesy to make sure in notifying any potential reference that they may be contacted and asked her permission to be used. You will definitely get a much better reference from your references if you provide this professional person.

These things anyone who is going to trying to fill out an application. Owner wish everyone plug please pay attention to details know you’ll do great.

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