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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Working With Your Team

Hi my name is Corey Minter and I’m the president of Trinity employment specialists. Trinity is a staffing organization we’re located here in Tulsa. We started staffing 11 years ago and since eleven years have passed. We’ve won multiple awards in fact we just found out that we were elected as one of ink magazine’s fastest growing companies again really excited about that. We started in the medical field we started staffing for medical assistance medical front office people then it then it worked in the LP ends and then Orrin’s then we started staffing for x ray techs and then all of a sudden the medical billing arena opened up where we started the medical collections and medical insurance follow ups and all of these positions just started rolling over and now we we’re staffing for most of the major hospitals and major medical clinics in the Tulsa area. We’ve been so blessed to be able to do that. Staffing Agency Tulsa in 2000.

It was when they began the Affordable Care Act. We started our business division because to be quite honest with you we’re really concerned about what the Affordable Care Act was going to do with medical world. And it did it. It decreased it by about a third about wiped out a big part of it. Staffing Agency Tulsa now we’ve recovered from that. But Trinity doubled in size next year because we opened up our other division focusing on banking and finance and accounting. And it’s just been a really really great journey that we’ve learned. I want to talk real quickly about a recruiting strategy that I read about the other day that I think is really great to think about when you’re interviewing people. And you know there’s there’s a million different recruiting strategies that you can do. There’s a lot of things that you can read but this is very simple and I love the simplicity of it because it’s three things to look for.
Are they hungry. Are they humble and are they smart. Think about that. That’s.

That’s kind of what you want. Because we’re all trying to find that a player employer employee. We’re all trying to find that because your company is only as good as the people that you hire and to be honest with you the things that you tolerate you know what you get what you tolerate from people. Staffing Agency Tulsa so I’m going to break some of these down and cut. Kind of think about it because the whole idea behind the strategy is. Is you need all three.

You need humble hungry and smart. So let me just say let’s let’s just assume that they really are really not that hungry.
And they’ve got average intelligence but they’re very humble.
OK. Staffing Agency Tulsa You know what you got there you got a pawn.
You’ve got somebody that’s really I mean the real pleasant to be around. They play well play well in the sandbox with everyone but they’re not aggressive enough to go and make things happen for you.

You know they are the type of people that you really like. You know you really want. In fact if you hire someone like this let me tell you just from my experience they are the hardest people to fire because you just like them. Like you want to be around and they’re. Fun they’re humble there. It’s a great great quality that people have. But if you can’t if they’re not hungry. And they’re not like crazy smart. And they’re just humble. Man you’ve got somebody that’s just there all day and they’re nice. And. This is the reason I’m bringing up this example first is because. I have so many companies that we work with. Where they are just the managers are too nice. Too far. The humble. And so they have somebody that stays in their business. They pay them. They’re not really contributing they’re getting by. And they’re doing the bare minimum.

Staffing Agency Tulsa they’re not the type of people that help drive the company to where it can really succeed. And you gotta keep in mind that your companies are only as good as the people that you have in it. Staffing Agency Tulsa so having one humble person that everyone likes but doesn’t it just hurts the company. So got Yeah. You have to be someone that can make the tough decisions. But I see more people out of and they mean the best and they want the best in out of out of an idea of an ideology of doing the right thing. You know they make the decision to keep the humble and it’s in the end. They’re meaning to do the right thing. But for everyone else in that team they’re really not doing the right thing. Everybody likes them but they really stalemate people. And so I went a little bit too long on that. But let’s let’s just give an example if you got somebody that’s hungry but they’re not humble when you got there.
You got somebody is going to bulldoze over everyone.

They’re not going to listen to anyone. Every they’re going to be probably the only one talking in the room. And so if you’re the only one talking in the room that means you’re the only one not learning anything.

Staffing Agency Tulsa and we’ve all worked with these top people there. They’re hungry but there’s no reason to their hunger. They’re not humble. They don’t listen to other people. They don’t respect the people around them. They don’t have an ability to play with a team member. You know a lot of people with the Oklahoma City Thunder are accusing Russell Westbrook of being your boss hog it and pass it around

Michael Jordan was that way for a long time until Phil Jackson got into Michael and said listen buddy you will never win a championship. You will have more points and anyone else individually you will skyrocket. But you told me you won a championship and I’m telling you you are not going to get that into you humble yourself and begin to include your teammates. That is the only way that it’s going to get done. All right. He had to do the same thing with Kobe Bryant. I mean these guys were hungry. But to Phil Jackson taught them how to be humble. Like they were they were never going to win the championship no way because one person can’t beat five people. Regularly. Staffing Agency Tulsa so that’s that’s a great analogy in the end if you get somebody really smart and Zimbi had somebody on their team in there really really really super smart but they’re not humble. Have you ever seen somebody manipulate the ever love him far out of you and you are so smart that they just outsmarted you. I hard someone like this.

They were so smart they were so great at what they did right up until. The Staffing Agency Tulsa point that they did. They got upset about something and then I’ve never seen someone so cunningly vindictive and stirred. Everyone up and did it in a manipulative way. I’m telling you so. So you got to try to grade people equally on all three of these areas and then ask questions to find out how they’re humble. Well how would you do that. Well you can ask them. Tell me about the team that you worked with the best. How did that work and just shut up. Don’t let them know that you’re trying to figure out if they’re humble or not. But find out how they worked on the team and see if they start mentioning their team players ask them if they value their team players or their teammates and you’ll begin to see how humble they are. You can ask how hungry they are. Ask them how they interacted in a team when doing sales. You know what was. What was their experience there. You know what was the most frustrating part about sales. If you get somebody talking about well I didn’t like being turned down all the time.

Well that’s not your hungry guy. You know that’s the God. He’s. He’s gonna count down to that or she is you know and then you can test intellect in a lot of different ways but these three things need to be included. I believe in almost every recruiting strategy that you read about and you can do it real quick you know. I mean you can you can meet with someone if you’re a good read of people you can meet someone and ask them about five or six questions and get a pretty decent read on hungry smart and humble. You can. You can see that in people. I met someone today and I got a pretty good read on where they were at in those little areas and he just asked me several questions and I asked him a couple of questions that. Staffing Agency Tulsa we both made those assessments about one another. Listen if Trinity can help you in your recruiting strategies. We love doing this for companies we love elevating companies knowledge in the recruiting process and then helping them find only a players finding people for sure that our humble hungry and smart and they’re balanced in those areas. And that’s that’s what we do. We would love to help you. Our number is 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can business online at Trinity employment dot com.

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