Staffing Agency Tulsa | Why Would You Call?

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When you are in need of a staffing agency Tulsa, then give they are the highest-rated recruitment firm in the area and they assist in all the industries in finding quality and employers for candidates and also finding quality candidates for employers. Our founders take great pride in getting to know their clients personally so that they can assist them not only in employing the right candidate but finding just the right is that they want to be doing.

Cory Minter is the president and owner. He has previously worked for staffing agencies in the past when he needed employment and he always felt as though he was just being placed in position because it was open and available him and they needed a body there. But he wanted to be placed somewhere that he actually was valued and appreciated for what he knows and what he can do for the company and not spurred his desire to start his own staffing agency. He believes in giving his clients his personal attention to their time and their needs. She makes sure to finally give them what it is that they need in an employee or employer, but to make sure that they are given what they want as well and as much as possible.

His wife, Amber Minter is also a CEO and owner of the staffing agency Tulsa Trinity employment. She has multiple years of experience as a corporate marketing and operating officer. She is an integral part of the accounting and payroll operations at Trinity, and she also is the point of contact for any of the clients that wish to start working with or have worked with their company. Together they make sure that their company is a wholesome and personally invested operation.

When you need to be placed in a position for employment and is daunting to go online and look at all the different options as well as try to figure out what it is that they’re offering, what you’re getting paid, what you’ll be doing, and you are actually qualified. On top of that, you may not even know what the business believes said or how they operate and I can make it even more terrifying to apply first. We try to scare factor out of things and help you by finding out what it is that you are passionate about and what you are qualified so that we can part the best position possible.

Finding the right place employment to spend your working days or to find the right place where you feel valued and appreciated and are happy to work every day is something that millions of people never get to experience. At Trinity Employment, we want to make sure that you are searching in the right direction for your ultimate career goals and we will help prepare you with our variety of resources. We also make sure that employers have every opportunity to find the right candidate while also taking the headache out of searching for applications and holding interviews and doing the screenings. You can give us a call to work with us at 918-622-2588 or visit our website at

Staffing Agency Tulsa | Why Would You Call?

If you are in need of employment or an employee, we are the number one staffing agency Tulsa. In the highest-rated reviews from our past and current clients and we have multiple return clients because they love working with us any personal purse that we give to their needs and wants from us. Most of our clients are employers who wish for us to post their opening for the company. A lot of our employee base does not return, because they are happy and thriving in the position that we have found for them so they do not need a new job search.

We have been featured in multiple news outlets, and we have continued growing year after year because our client base knows that we take care of not only the big “what” of what it is that they need, but we listen to the small details and make sure that we focus on those as well to ensure that people are not only given a job that they are technically qualified for, but that they are also happy doing every day. Our employers come to us knowing that we are going to take the stress out of the hiring process for them.

When we help a business with staffing agency Tulsa, we take care of doing the prescreening and pre-interviewing situations. We read through all of the candidates and we make sure that the only potential employees that you are meeting with are those who not only are well qualified and skilled for the job, but they are also someone who will fit in personality and character-wise with the work culture that you have established for your employees and your customers. We know that because someone is trained in an area and has the proper degree for the position, it does not always mean that they are the best suited. We take all factors into account when using someone into your job openings.

You should call us because we also believe in giving back to the community. We have partnered with the Okahoma Baptist homes for children organization and for every employee that we place into a position, we will donate to their organization. We believe in what they do in helping children with basic life necessities as well as providing skills for life as well as future employment. We want to assist in any way that we can and assuring that every child is given the opportunity to grow and have a prosperous future.

There is no other place to look when you need staffing agency Tulsa, then Trinity employment specialists. We believe in helping all of our clients find nut only what they want but what they need in a career choice and staff member. You can give us a call at 918-622-2588 and speak with a representative about how we can assist you. You can also find us online at where you can view all of our information as well as read reviews from our clients on Google. We also have social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Give us a call today and see how our staffing agency can assist you in your job/employee search.

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