Staffing Agency Tulsa | What Makes Us Important to You?

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At Trinity employment, we are a staffing agency Tulsa who works with employees and employers to find them either the stuff that they were looking for or is employment opportunity they have been meeting. We take of personal approach to all of our clients and get to know them in more ways than just what their resume states. We know that just because someone qualified to do something may not mean that they would love to do it so we want to make sure that whatever it is that you are qualified and trained to do, we also want to include your passions in that as well.

The hiring process is not always easy and we want to make that process a lot better for all involved. By doing the screening and drug tests and background checks for our employers, we take the headache out of the hiring process. We also do pre-interviews so that the clients you interview for a final time are only those candidates who are truly qualified for not only the position but to be included in your work environment and the culture that you’ve established.

For employees, when you need a staffing agency Tulsa, we have a variety of resources for you that will help you in the job process and allow you to have help with building a resume or creating one if you don’t have one yet, in making cover letters and thank you letters for post interviews, and by preparing you for the actual interview with tips and tricks on how to find your confidence and hold on to it the entire time. If there is something that you like to do but aren’t sure how to include in making a living, then sit down with us and we can go through what your passions are and help you find the avenue to make that into a living for yourself.

Working with us is so easy, a child would understand! And speaking of children, we partner with the Oklahoma Baptist children’s home and for every employee that we find employment for, we donate to the organization. We want all children to have the opportunity to succeed in a bright and prosperous future, and we hope that with our small involvement we can make a big difference. We also have a referral service so if you send an employee to use to find employment and we place them somewhere for 90 days or more, then we will send you bonus compensation for that referral.

When you are looking for a staffing agency Tulsa, then look no further asset Trinity employment specialist. We are the highest rated company and we are the most sought-after agreement because we don’t believe in sticking any person in just any job. We thoroughly screen candidates so they are the perfect fit for the position that you have in your company as well as the atmosphere that you want in your business. We also assist employees by preparing them for interviews so they know they are qualified for the job that they want but also are seeking out jobs they truly would be happy doing. You can give us a call at 918-622-2588 or visit our website at for more information.

Staffing Agency Tulsa | What Makes Us Important to You?

If you are an employee or employer in the Tulsa area or surrounding, then we are vital to your hiring search. Whether you are looking for the perfect job opportunity for your career, or if you are an employer looking for the right employees to work in that specific position or just to fit in with the culture that you’ve created in your work environment, then we can assist you with all of that.

It is extremely difficult to be looking for a job and go online and have to browse through all of the various openings and opportunities that there are and not know exactly who it is that you’re applying to or exactly what your job one tail, but you just know that you need to make money in want to be happy doing it. All this can be made even more difficult if not impossible if you aren’t really sure what it is that you want to do but you know you have passions for certain things and want to be able to do them to make a living for herself. We can sit with you and go over what it is that you like to do as well as what you need to do to make the income that you want to have the life that you want, and then we can show you all the opportunities and avenues in order to make that happen.

If you’re an employer and you need a staffing agency Tulsa because you are tired of going through the hiring process on your own and you do not want to go through 10,000 interviews just have to pick one candidate, then we are here to assist you and make that process a whole lot less stressful. We will do pre-interviews for you and then screen the candidates for their drug and background checks, and then we will only send through to meet with you the candidates you are truly a perfect fit for that position as well as what we know your work environment is that you wish to continue establishing.

We are also important because we partner with, Baptist homes for children and for every employee that we place in a job opening, we will donate to their organization. They help to provide housing and skills for children and young adults who do not have the resources or people around them to provide the things, and they also help to care for and provide for young women with unplanned pregnancies and the challenges it does provide. We believe in this organization and what they’re doing and we want to help so we pride ourselves on placing employees and great positions so that we can then assist the children’s home.

At Trinity employment, we are a staffing agency Tulsa and we believe and giving everyone the best opportunity to succeed and prosper in their work environment. Whether you are an employer, we can assist you in all of your hiring needs. We make sure to partner quality with quality and we are different than other staffing agencies because we take a more personal approach to getting in our clients. You can give us a call at 918-622-2588, or visit our website at for more information.

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