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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Upper Level Positions

Hi my name is Corey mentor and I’m with Triniti employment specialists were staffing organization. We’re located here in Tulsa. We staff in Oklahoma City areas and all the remote areas are not remote areas I’m sorry the general. Areas central far here in Oklahoma. We are weird organization. We were one of Tulsa’s top medical staffing companies in town. We’ve been doing medical staffing for 11 years now and and we’ve become someone that’s probably one of the most trusted companies to do what we do. And then also in 2008 we started staffing for banking jobs and we become one of Tulsa’s banking staffing companies. Staffing Agency Tulsa it’s something that we’ve been very very proud of. We’ve won multiple awards. I want to I want to go and get started on what my talk is for this particular segment because I think it’s interesting and it’s something that we’re continually learning at our company. So all I can tell you are are some things that we have tried to do to entice people but the topic is is if you’re going to be recruiting on LinkedIn how can you get people to actually answer. You reaching out to them when you get especially into the world of engineering and some of these upper level positions which I mean we’re recruiting for I think for engineers right now. They’re getting hit up all the time. I mean like LinkedIn has become like this smorgasbord of barrage minute of.

And so you’re going to get all sorts of different requests. The only reason I don’t get either it’s easy. Staffing Agency Tulsa I don’t get very many requests and it’s either because I’m a business owner. And you’ll be recruiting me away from my own business or or there’s something they don’t like about my my experience level I’m not sure what it is but

I don’t get recruited. I think it’s probably because I’m the CEO of the company. They can’t imagine me leaving but I do think that they’re well we know that some of these engineers some of these higher level people are physicians that we go after Staffing Agency Tulsa Nurse practitioners these higher level people takes a lot to get them to answer. So I’m going to talk about what are some things that we do that tried that gets the right kind of response and we’re going to assume that they’re at least going to open it up. So let’s just assume that for this first

For this first point here say they open it up will you need to focus more on the candidates wish list at first then you do your own. Staffing Agency Tulsa. If you’re an employer you are probably you could be thinking that woman that doesn’t make any sense because we want people who are going to come in and have the interest of the company here. We have plenty of people who have self-interest.

Well I get that. But our society’s changed a lot Staffing Agency Tulsa And now people have a lot of different options and they’re getting really picky about who they’ll go work for and they’re more interested in what’s interest. Interesting to them. And so you need to try to create your wish list if you have it if it works in the job. Put a lot of the bonuses for the candidate. In that wish list you know. So for example if you have a really great benefit package you know are you looking for a great physician position that has a much better than average benefit and compensation package. With great hours are you a physician and you’re tired of working the hospital hours where you’re always on call. We have a really great position within a hospital that gives us normal daytime hours. Please contact us. We’d love to tell you about it or and then go through the jobs ascription. You’re going to have to hear what they are interested in. First what’s. Grab their attention and you need to be able to get their attention somehow. I’ll tell you in recruiting for physicians and engineers. Your response rate is very low and that tells me that. There’s either something wrong with the way that we’re writing it or that they’re just getting a barrage Mint. Staffing Agency Tulsa so we’ve been we’ve been getting much more creative in the way that we write things and in our response rate has gone way up. Second thing is to try to use humor in some in the subject lines and I want to encourage you to go on to Google and type in and type in subject lines for LinkedIn. Recruiter. For a physician or physician email subject lines physician linked in subject lines. Try to find something that will capture their attention. Listen they’re getting every. This is what it looks like in their in their inbox. Great opportunity. Are you looking for a new opportunity. You know all of these different things and

There are some there are some ways that you could utilize humor or just be a little bit different. You know does your hospital suck and you wish it didn’t. Or. Staffing Agency Tulsa that’s that might not be the right one. I’m just trying to think off the top of my head. But when you put some thought into it you can come up with a really creative. Job or subject line that gets them to actually click on it. And the very first point that I brought up we’re assuming that they opened up the e-mail. This point is hey let’s get them to try to actually open it up to be curious enough as to what this is. You know most hospitals are horrible all throughout the United States but ours isn’t. That’s a horrible joke. I’m trying to think outside the box on the fly and it’s not working but you can get creative with it. I’m telling you you can. And you can get people to start thinking about how to how to open some of these up and I would need to go. I wish one of my recruiters were here so they could share with me some of their subject lines that they came up with because I’m trying to come up with them and the next thing is is admit weaknesses and ask candidates for help. And we do this all the time. Is one of our best recruiting tools. This is a site. It’s not a manipulation. I promise you it’s not.

You’re genuinely asking for help because you need it. But this is a thing. Human beings feel way smarter and it makes them feel good when their knowledge helps someone else win. If you were to go up to someone and say you know. Is there any way you could give me some advice. Staffing Agency Tulsa. On this and. You know the other person will feel. Complimented that someone else is looking up to them and asking them for advice because there are a couple of things that go on every day in life. And that is one. Generally people

Want. They’re more focused on what they have to say than they are about what you have to say. Staffing Agency Tulsa so getting someone to listen is a rarity. And so when you have somebody asking you or at er when you’re asking someone else to please give me information it’s going to make them feel good. The next thing is is giving someone the opportunity to talk about what they know it’s likely going to make their day. But when you can get on social media and say Hey guys. Or with your friends I’m really having a struggle finding someone. With this type of criteria. Is there anyone that you know of that you could connect me with that might know some people in this industry.

And I love it. We get we get all sorts of responses there. It’s led us into new places that we would have never contacted before. It’s given us some really great ideas and that’s just asking for help shutting up and listening and you wouldn’t believe how many people just want to feel useful you know. Staffing Agency Tulsa if you don’t believe me. Have you ever seen. Have you ever seen a response that someone gets I don’t get it because I’m not on Facebook very much but I’m telling you this happens.

It’s this simple. They’ll be like good plumbers and go. Has anyone ever seeing this. Staffing Agency Tulsa then all of a sudden for some reason. Someone takes all their time and they’ve got 40 responses down there.

I’ve never done that once so please don’t expect me to tell you the plumber. Like I don’t really like I don’t have a plumber hotline. And I don’t have time to tell you about the plumber. But this will give you an idea about how people feel when they can be useful and their suggestion might be helpful to you makes them feel great.

And these are just these are three of the first six I’ll finish the next in the next segment. Staffing Agency Tulsa Trinity can help you give us a call it 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thanks.

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