Staffing Agency Tulsa | Treating People Properly

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Treating People Properly

Hi my name is Corey Minturn I’m President Truman employment specialist. We’re staffing organization located here and also staff in the medical field for every position we can imagine medical billing medical transcription medical assistance Orens LPN medical assistance. X-ray techs every position that you can think of in the medical field that that is what we do staff for large hospitals and small medical clinics. We also staff in banking finance and accounting. We staffer for every position that you can think of in a bank. Bank tellers and loan originators loan assistance loan processors. All of these positions we staff for in the in the bank as well as tellers and then finance accounting you know all of the accounting levels of positions revenue analysts those sort of positions that’s what we do. Staffing Agency Tulsa so I want to tell I want to talk with you real quickly about recruiting and how you can go about getting some of the best talent you know are at Trinity our big main goal is to bring a players to good quality companies. You know now we have to find good quality companies because if a company has an entire group of employees that are be players though runoff any a player that we sent them in so the company will lose money using us. We have to be careful with that.

But our goal is to try to get the very best. Staffing Agency Tulsa so I want to tell you talk to you about some of the strategies that we use to bring some of the best talent into our company. You know the whole goal behind this I just want to help and I want to help other people get what they want in recruiting. You know sometimes people come to us but sometimes they need to do it on their own as well. And Gods our provider at Trinity and so I just love helping other people with it. But listen don’t get me wrong we would love to help you. So if you know please feel free to contact Trinity at anytime. But here’s some of our strategies. The first thing is is warm relationships are critical. When you recruit someone you’re either going to make them feel good or make them feel bad. It’s the same thing whenever you go out into the grocery store or getting a coffee cup of coffee or meeting certain people. I mean there’s a guy here on the other side of the camera with me and we we do this. You know these videos and so you know your interaction with people my interaction with this guy on the other side of the camera it’s either going to be a warm.

Type of conversation. You’re either going to leave that person feeling better. Staffing Agency Tulsa. Flatline nothing at all. Or like. Good grief I don’t know. And you get this control and you get. It’s voluntary on your part. Well when you’re recruiting you need to recruit people the same way that you will. I don’t know interact with people that you want to. Be closer to you. Or maybe you don’t. But you’ve got to be careful with the way that you come across people when you’re recruiting you need to be one you want. You want to let the person know how you intend to help them. You need to try to get to know why they’re looking for a job. How you can truly help them really truly what they want. And as a recruiter try not to put them in a position that’s not good for them. Maybe it’s good for you the company but you can tell it’s not good for them well going after that. Hard core just because they would be good for you in the short term. It’s really not a good it’s not a good long term level of wisdom. I would say but I want I want to encourage you to make sure that you have a warm relationship with your candidates rather than on the employer. Your the possible employee and I’m a hierarchy a little bit higher than you when you have that top down approach. In today’s culture I’m telling you you are going to run away any young new a player talent.

It is going to happen you’ve got to be careful the way that you treat people you need them to feel warm and if for any other reason it just makes you feel better when you elevate the people around you. The next thing is Staffing Agency Tulsa Mobile is very relevant when you’re trying to recruit. Listen you’ve got to be mobile everybody is on their phone. They don’t go to their computer websites very often they go on their phone. I do it.

You do. I don’t I didn’t even want to do it. I’m a tech I’m anti tech. I’ve always resisted any kind of technology. I just don’t like it. I’m an old school top a dude. But listen if I if I need to research something I go to my phone. I was trying to find a Bible verse this morning to share with my wife. I didn’t go on the internet. I went to my phone. I didn’t even go to a Bible. Home until my phone. That’s what you research. It’s how you use it. Listen. Same thing with the job people are going to be scrolling through their phones as they’re sitting in an airport if they’re waiting Staffing Agency Tulsa

For to get their haircut whatever it is that they’re doing. That’s how people are searching for jobs. They are doing it on the go. You got to be mobile friendly and so using the social media. Aspect is very very helpful. Facebook has been a really great tool for us. LinkedIn is a really great tool for us that we do it in more of a grassroots type of way in letting people know about our company. So be mobile friendly man and if you’re not you better get there. It’s a big part of the process.

Then the next thing is this is this is interesting especially for staffing companies but even for other companies as well. Listen don’t ask for too much information too soon. You know if they if you have somebody walk in the door and you haven’t met with them you don’t you’re not talking to them and you give them a form asking them to put their Social Security number on the thing. Like. Any more because of all the theft because you’re like. Staffing Agency Tulsa.

Especially if you’re a smaller or medium sized company. You know if if you’re going into Google or something like that Google is going to it just has a level of legitimacy to it you know or if you’re if you’re interviewing for Amazon or some huge organization you’re going to feel a little bit more comfortable about giving your Social Security number. But if you’re in a small mom and pop top group and the very you walk in there and they’re trying to build their team you know. Sometimes we work with smaller companies. It’s not very often.

But even if you’re a midsize company you’re not well-known. Listen people are going to be scared about dishing all that stuff out to you so quick. Listen it’s important for higher level candidates that you don’t expect them to fill out a book before they get started. I’m telling you some of them will become frustrated and I kind of get it. You know this was an adjustment for Trinity as well where we had we had to be careful how much we asked of people up front. It’s important. Next thing is pay attention to your failures as a recruiter just as much as your successes. Ill tell you a lot you can learn a lot from screwing crap up. In fact I think it is the only source of wisdom. Me myself I always get a little bit nervous when I pray specifically and ask God to give me wisdom. The likelihood of some struggle to come in a short amount of time is relatively high for me. Staffing Agency Tulsa looking back 18 years later that was the only way that I was going to be able to get myself up to a new level was to really screw something up. Learn from it and be able to move on. So as you’re recruiting. If you lose a candidate at the last minute you might want to ask yourself why you might want to ask the candidate why and approach it like listen I’m not trying to talk you into this position. I just want to know can you explain to me through the process. Did we handle everything correctly. We’ve done that before and I think it’s really wise to know if you’re losing people. The next thing is. Convert assessment into an attraction. So. This is what I mean by that when you’re bringing someone in. This is kind of complementing the very first point that I made in treating the person really well with respect. But. You can grill the person. Or make them feel good. In my interviewing style. OK. I do both on purpose

And I give them a warning. OK I’m giving you a warning. This is going to be a short little 3 or 4 question grilling session. Staffing Agency Tulsa I will get I will get serious with these questions. You know so just just a fair warning is just to try to figure things out.

But then I follow that stuff up with an attraction. Staffing Agency Tulsa I will either do that by letting them know what I see in them good qualities gods give me an ability to encourage people at a different level than some people. And so sometimes I utilize that sometimes I use it to tell people about our vision for our company and I paint our company in a different kind of a role. You know what you want. You’ve got to assess people but when you make when you make the interview 100 percent assessment and not enough traction you’re going to take your players and move them over to some place who are going to sell and get people excited about their company. You’ve got to give them a vision about what life would be like if you work teer. And I you know we worked extremely hard on our culture. We have something to be very proud of and we would be completely sealed silly and foolish to not let people know about it. So yes we assess we assess. Directly. And sometimes very bluntly but we also paint vision of an attraction to our company so they can say hey listen these people are serious but at the same time you know they have a great culture here. And I like I like somebody that would be honest with me even if it were tough. So you can paint that picture with people I think it’s really important. And the last question or the last point that I have that I believe has helped me more than anything. Is to ask why. On almost everything. You know if you ask someone and they they tell you about a problem they had. Why do you think that was such a problem for you. Try to get to learn there. Staffing Agency Tulsa. It’s really really important to know people’s why it’s a it’s a. It’s the key.

And generally it’s the foundation you know it’s like if you if you were to go to a psychologist and they give you a pill or you’re just you’re just treating this symptom you’re not trying to get to the root cause. Staffing Agency Tulsa ultimately people find that to be a mistake. You’ll want to get to the foundation of why the person acts the way they do. What really drives them what encourages them what’s going to discourage them.

You can find a lot of these out with asking the question why to almost everything. These are some tips that I think can help you and your recruiting process. If Trinity can help you with your recruiting please give us a call. We would love to talk with you. Our number is 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thanks.

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