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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Terminating Quickly

How their money is Corey mentor with Trinity employment specialists were staffing organization located here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We’ve been one of the top medical staffing firms for years now and I’m really really proud of that. We’ve been doing medical staffing for almost 11 years. Staffing Agency Tulsa then in 2008 we started doing executive and professional level recruiting focusing on banks engineering and also in customer service as it relates to finance. So anything in the finance top world that is that is what our other division staffs for. But we’ve been able to create a system for letting people do it try before you buy top system which is very common. But it is a system that helps you to find an A player it guarantees you getting in a player if you commit to not tolerating behavior that you don’t want. You get what you tolerate and life’s too short to feel like crap. Staffing Agency Tulsa we think we think that we should try to work around people that we really truly enjoy. And so that’s what our goal is. We want to be able to help our managers truly get to people that they enjoy.

And if we don’t do that we ought to know that early on and we can terminate quickly if we need to. Sometimes you take that person put them across the street and there are a much better fit. They’re much happier. They get along with everybody a lot better. So it’s our our focus and mission is twofold. One is to truly find a wonderful place where a candidate or candidates come to us that can go in from a bigger picture to help them get where God wants them and where they can flourish. The second in the second Staffing Agency Tulsa

And it’s a it’s also a top priority. It’s good top talent in the right companies to or other companies can flourish. You’re only as good as the talent that you have around you. And and that’s I think that’s a really really important thing. It doesn’t matter what I read biographies about different companies that are just really really great. And every one of them had the same thing in common they were you know Malcolm Gladwell would probably tell you in one of his books that they were just lucky enough to be around the right people at the beginning. Or they were smart enough to go and find them. You know and maybe it’s a little bit of both but you know really we’re only going to be as good as the people that we have around us if we’re if we surround ourselves around the best we’ll be the best company.

Staffing Agency Tulsa so that’s what we want to focus on. We want to help elevate other companies strictly because we’ve given them the talent at which to do that. So I’m going to talk about

Recruiting strategies for 2000 18 2019. Things are changing a little bit. Some of these ideas are very very new and they’re are just ideas to be thinking about but listen it’s really important for you to be thinking about these things because they’re coming whether we like it or not and it’s going to be it’s going to be a part of this next. Probably decade. I would think the first thing is. Is that a lot of positions are going to be moving to where you can work remotely. We’re seeing that a lot more and more. And so recruitment is likely going to begin being globally. I’ve got a couple of very good friends that are in software and they are constantly working with people in other countries and to a lot of people this is going to sound like unbelievably foreign and be like Cory you’re crazy. We’re not going to go try to recruit someone from Sweden. Well let me tell you something about my best friend who has to work with people in Sweden and the UK. They get unbelievable holidays and they do not like they get four weeks off for vacation. Like you’ve got to get. There’s all sorts of things that are coming from this especially if you’re going to recruit from Europe. Now if that were current from someone from China. You know they’re going to be working ten times as hard for them to even think about our culture. You know we’re lazy compared to them you know but we are workhorses compared to Europe. Staffing Agency Tulsa so there’s going to be a lot of different changes there.

But I am also guaranteeing you in the next decade you are going to start seeing people begin to recruit globally rather than just trying to stay even in an even nationwide because there’s going to be more and more opportunities for people to work remotely. It’s likely going to happen so you might want to think about that and just be reading about it. Next thing is is we have to get prepared for generations. And so there’s almost no. Information out about Generation Z mainly because they are just now entering the workplace. So they are going to be the 18 19 year olds. And so that means in the next you know there are going to be probably what. 15 to 15 to 18 19 right now. So they are getting ready to be. Catapulted into the workplace. And so it’s not going to be long until we’re recruiting for Generation Z. All right we are still. As you know I’m Generation X. Staffing Agency Tulsa. Generation X. And. We are still complaining about the millennials

Ok and the baby boomers don’t know what they’re doing. They can’t understand this at all. And they’re incredibly frustrated about it. That generation is going to be a little bit different deal. You know stats are saying right now that Generation Z whenever they go and apply for a job they everything is online right now. And so they feel as though every time they fill out an application it’s going into a big black hole and so they are filling out applications utilizing the quantity over quality method. That’s what stats are saying and it kind of makes sense. You know if if you’ve tried to go and apply for a job in the last five or six years you know exactly what I’m talking about. Even with one of our biggest clients you know I have some people say listen I applied for a job out there but. They never called me. Staffing Agency Tulsa I know because we recruit form. You are perfect for this check up. And so many times I’ve called the H.R. manager and said Hey listen. There’s somebody that applied for your job let me send either application but they’re already on your Web site and you’ll look at them they’re good. And. And so. You can you can get lost in the dark coal mine. But don’t fault these companies they’re getting a thousand applications a week. You know Generation Z they’re doing the quantity over quality. You’re to need to adjust your job descriptions to entice them and get them interested. They know your job descriptions they’re going to need to have a lot of. A lot more content on your Web site. Better have some good stuff on it. This is one thing that I think is going to really hurt a lot of companies.

I believe that Generation Z is going to rely more on reviews than anything else. Staffing Agency Tulsa so what what I like about that. See there are always going to be some good things. What I like about that is this untrendy has we’ve prided ourselves for years on doing the right things with people.

Listen we don’t all of our reviews that we have a lot more authentic we’re not making any of that crap up. You. Know. It’s the real deal. And I think what’s going to happen is companies that are like that it’s going to weed out some of the companies that lack in quality. And they’re all focused on quantity their profit centered. I think there’s going to be a lot of companies that get weeded out by that. The next thing when I go get my notes up here. You’re going to want Staffing Agency Tulsa When you’re doing an application. You better need it to be one page is what I was trying to say with this one. You need him to be able to fill it out really quickly. Be very be very selective in the information your quest and make it a one page thing. I think that your response rate is going to go up. If it’s a one pager rather than a 10 pager I’m still sticking with you know we’ve got an opportunity for you to fill out an application online. But I’m still sticking with giving them an opportunity to just send send us the resume because that’s what I would prefer. I don’t want to sit there and feel crap out.

And I think most people don’t either. And so you know I like making it look a lot more simple. But an interesting thing is a lot of people are they want to do that. I don’t get it. Let’s see if Trinity can help you with your recruiting. Give us a call. Staffing Agency Tulsa I hope some of these things give you something to think about. You can visit us online at Trinity on employment dot com or you can give us a call at 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8. Thanks.

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