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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Surrounding Yourself with Vision

Hi my name’s Corey Minter I’m president Triniti employment specialists trendy we’re staffing organization started in the medical field. We’ve been to medical staffing company since day one and we have dominated the space in medical staffing throughout Tulsa in the hospitals the medical clinics we staffer every position that you can imagine from a front office possessed position all the way up to a physician physician’s assistant nurse practitioners medical billing specialist medical insurance follow up specialists we staffer medical assistance and Aryan’s and LPN and everything that you can imagine in the medical field we work on that. Staffing Agency Tulsa then we also work in staffing for banks and accounting and finance and customer service as it relates to finance for for the the customers that we work with. And so I’m going to talk real quickly about

About hiring the top people that you can that you can get and want to Staffing Agency Tulsa

One of the one of the people that did so well at this and we really began this journey to finding any kind of coined the phrase A players I mean he defined it that this is this is what you want to you want to try to find to find the very very best. And you know he he began on this journey and that’s how he was able to build Apple. And then of course if you’ve watched his story and I’ll share some of it with you if you haven’t I mean he he hired some people that really kind of screwed him over pretty good too. But I want to I want to read a couple of quotes that he had. I think this will help almost everyone to just think about the possibilities of what if you got the very best in your company.

What could that do for you. What Staffing Agency Tulsa

What level could you climb to do you think if you had the very best if you had access to the very best so recruiting these people. It’s very very important he said. So I’m going to read this too said Staffing Agency Tulsa

He said. I notice that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1. Given that you’re well advised to go after the cream of the crop a small team of a plus players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players. So

We all watched what Apple did. We all watched how he created this and what it’s still doing. Staffing Agency Tulsa we also see the disadvantage of not having Steve jobs around. You know Apple Apple really hasn’t come up with anything remarkable since he left you know that iPad was probably his last big mark. You know and you’ve got a team of probably really great people you know but he’s

Working at Apple now but he really focused on getting the very very best around. And I’ve got another quote from later. But you know him he really pursued the best executives in engineers because he knew that he could accomplish more with them.

And so when you asked some of the executives around that you look up to or you know people have really achieved a lot. You know I’ve. Spent. I spent two weeks in Brazil with probably one of the wealthiest people in Tulsa for sure and talked him for the whole time and he just kept going over like I’ve just got to got get the best people and I got him. And I went out and got him and I made sure I got him. You know it’s easy for him to confidently say this because the dude’s got a lot of money to go get them. You know. And so for all of us that are smaller levels. Of companies which is probably a majority of the people that I’m there I’m talking about I mean this this guy probably nets 8 or 9 million a year. You know we’re in so and so you’ve got companies who you know are they did well but. Staffing Agency Tulsa Trying to figure this out and asking yourself the question Do I have a group of players and if I don’t what consequences Am I seeing because of that you know and even myself asking myself this.

You know we’ve got a players in some key roles you know but some you know there are some areas I wonder about sometimes. And so some of the top executives they have the stamina to just get rid of anyone who’s not you know. And and so that’s something that you need to consider. You need to recruit a players in order to. Retain. Your existing eight players. So one thing that you’re going to notice is that if you. Have a team of players and put a player in there they will choose that person output amount. Staffing Agency Tulsa if you continue to bring a B players into a team of eight players eight players are going to get extremely frustrated they’re going to quit and leave. And I’ve listened I’ve watched that happen in companies over and over and over again I would say it happens once a month

When we have somebody saying listen I join that team it looked really great man the people that are there they are not at the level that I want to work with. And I can’t work with that person a players are intolerant to subpar work. They have a value in themselves and they know they can’t reach it when they’re around a team of players. It’s really really important you know. A players they can’t do it alone. And so you’ve gotta keep submitting more and more a players over to them. It’s extremely important. I want to read another quote that they have.

I’ve learned over the years that when you have really good people you don’t have to baby them by expecting them to do great things. You can you can get them to do great things.

The original Mac team taught me that eight plus players like to work together Staffing Agency Tulsa and they don’t like it if you tolerate B grade work.

And so when you bring a bunch of players in the game when you bring the right people in they’re going to motivate one another and push one another. The thing is as a leader you want to make sure that you set the vision you know in the Bible it says where there’s no vision the people perish will if you give a players the right vision and the right expectation

They’ll meet it. Staffing Agency Tulsa You just got to continue to bring that. Ideology that hey we can become great together. Everyone wants to become great.

You know you’ve got all these Roman Empires you know everybody loves the idea of conquering and becoming great. Everybody loves that. Well as a visionary and as a leader on your team you can create a vision for the right people that hey listen we can can become great if we create this we have to work hard but we can do this. This is the bar. And even a players they need a great visionary some some a players are people who are multitasking type of individuals and they need vision. And so as a leader on your team you’re going to want to be able to provide the vision to a player. The first thing is hire a players

And terminate players because the players can run off a players. Second thing is create an unbelievable vision. A vision that is just out of this world and watch them go after it. Watch them go after it. No. Amber my wife worked for this huge commercial real estate company and she would say she would talk about how they set goals for one another.

I was like that girl was outrageous. That doesn’t make sense. Staffing Agency Tulsa Why would they set a goal. It’s almost impossible to hit and I was kind of just like I don’t get it. These guys are so successful but why would they do that.

Man they got real close. It’s just they were a team of players and so Stan had set the. Had set the bar really really high and that’s just what a players do so if you can get yourself surrounded by a players be a visionary provide that vision you’ll be amazed at what they can create. We love it. Trinity to recruit a players for companies and their hard. It’s hard they’re hard to find and we want to be a service to you and anyone out there that’s trying to find and a player and they have uphill hopes of having an A player but the recruiting habits they have downhill recruiting habits. We would love to add our recruiting habits to your organization and help you find a team of players so you the owner can provide a grand vision and begin to see it attained. Give us a call if we can help you. My number is 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thank you.

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