Staffing Agency Tulsa | Strategic Hiring Processes

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Strategic Hiring Processes

Hi my name is Corey mentor. I’m with Trinity employment specialists and we’re a staffing organization we’re located here in Tulsa and we’ve been around for about 10 going on 11 years now. One multiple awards and have done a lot of great things in hiring in the Tulsa Oklahoma City markets we’ve been some in Kansas Arkansas and Texas as well. We started out in the medical field and we started staffing for basically the lower level medical positions mainly it was just a medical assistant and a medical front office person. Staffing Agency Tulsa that’s generally what we staff for then we moved into billing. Then we started staffing for LPN and our NS and now we’re staffing for physicians so we do literally everything from a front office person all the way up to a physician. And then when the Affordable Care Act the day that the Affordable Care Act was passed actually I started a division in finance and accounting and banking. And in those positions will staff from everything in a bank from a bank teller all the way up to a loan originator and you know so and then also in an accounting we do bookkeepers accountants senior financial analyst financial analysts all of those types of positions. We’re constantly staffing for. And we’ve been able to put a sense of quality over quantity on the way that we go about staffing for people we try to find people only a players and it’s very easy to say and very difficult to do. But today I really want to talk just very quickly about some hiring techniques specifically for small business and we probably a majority of our customers.

Our larger business but for small business I think that there’s maybe a different type of interviewing system that you should consider creating. I know that my system because we’re a small business we have nine employees now but because we’re a small business we are. Live a little bit different approach than what I would ever recommend some of our larger companies. Companies that have 30 or more employees. Staffing Agency Tulsa your system might change a little bit. But anyway I think it’s very important to have a system for hiring make sure that you have something that works for your company and you just keep working on it until you get the right equation. And so I’m going to talk to you about some possible equations for your small business and I think it might help you. The first thing is that when you are interviewing people you want to come up with a set of questions make sure that all the questions are the same for a candidate one through 10. Ask them the same questions. It’s just a simple statistics 101. You need to test each variable width or each each individual with the same criteria so you can get a good sample on whether or not that person is good for for what you’re looking for so you want to ask the same kind of questions. Staffing Agency Tulsa while you ask those questions you want to look for patterns in the person’s behavior. It’s really important. I generally will make sure that I have at least three or four well-thought-out behavioral based questions and it would sound very similar to this.

Give me an example of how you handled the most stressful situation in your last job. Tell me about what happened. How did you handle it and what was the outcome of it and then asked the same question in a different way. Later on in the interview but if you needed any kind of assistance for behavioral style questions. You know I have a book that I have called handheld FOR A Handbook for Getting Hired but you can always go to that but it will be much easier probably for you to go online and just type in behavioral style interviewing questions. I think that those would give you a list of that you can you can choose from you can be very creative and choose a question that is very relative to your business. But look for patterns on how they behave and then whenever you get done. With the interview. Really pay attention and behaviors. Staffing Agency Tulsa then when your checking references make sure that the way that they described their behaviors matches their references the way that they describe their behaviors. Some people just do not see themselves as they really are. And you want to make sure that you don’t get some you don’t have someone on your hands that you just interviewed that really lacks the ability to see when they’re wrong or lacks the ability to see how they really come across to people meaning that they’re not very intrinsic about the way that they view themselves.

So make sure and look for patterns in the way they describe themselves match those patterns with the way that the references describe them. And that is a very important thing that will help you to decide whether or not this person really understands themselves. It’s very very important. The second thing I encourage you to involve your staff for small business. We do this at Trinity. We involve our staff. Once we have our recruiters that identify someone that they really think might be a good potential. Staffing Agency Tulsa once they do a first interview with them if they’re still like a decent possibility for us we bring a big chunk of our team to evaluate this person. Right now we’re like I said we’re only nine people so we have a very small family type culture. And listen I’ve worked for years to get this kind of culture and I did not want to screw it up and I will I will tell you this. I learned the hard way that you could have an unbelievable culture and have one person in that team and they will destroy what you’ve built. So be very careful especially in small business about adding the next person. Make sure that you get buy in from all of your employees. On the higher I bring in a majority of our staff and I stay silent as the owner and I let them grill them. You know if you have a truly good culture your employees will look out for you almost better than you’ll look out for yourself. Staffing Agency Tulsa I have some employees that do that man.

If they see anything or anyone doing anything that would that would in any way hurt me or amber. Man are they on it. And sometimes I miss it and I love having that eagle eye. But if you treat your employees well and developed this culture they will really look out for you. Staffing Agency Tulsa if that’s the case for you I really encourage you to involve your staff in these interviews. They will pick up on certain things that you won’t. If you’ve hired the right people you probably hired them because they’re smart will trust them and put them in. Put them in the seat and see what kind of feedback they might have it might really really help you. And then all of that at the end of the day when you know when you have to. When you hire someone everyone’s on board and then when you have to fire them you know in the case that you do. Everybody’s like yep I was part of making that decision and we’re all in it together. The second thing is is to test critical thinking. I think it’s really important to have a strategic question in there to just see how they’re going to handle certain processes of the brain. And you know some positions really require a linear thinker. You know this is kind of like our age our people they really need to. They don’t need to be as emotional. They don’t elaborate the way they think our stats and figures and that’s what they want to hear.

Staffing Agency Tulsa and so you need to know what kind of individual you’re getting and how they think and you can I think you should go and research this I think you’ll get some good ideas from some from some people. But you know let me give you an example. What if you asked a question said listen if you started the year out with a negative 10000 dollar but negative or if you finished last year with negative ten thousand dollars how would you break even. And just see how they. Processed that out. It can. It can really be helpful for you to see how they would handle a tough scenario like that. And there are all sorts of different scenarios that you can that you can go in and look into if you didn’t like the one I gave you but I’m trying to give you an idea to test the way that they think see if they’re linear thinker or or see if they’re on the other. Staffing Agency Tulsa I think that it will help you to decide and figure out what kind of person this person is. These are just three things I’d for but I’m out of time. So if these things can help you I think you should involve them in your hiring process. Or at least create a hiring process for yourself. So please give me a call if we can help you. We love helping people out with this. Our number is not 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thank you.

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