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You are listening to Trinity Employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast, storing your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi and welcome to the a player matchmakers I’m here with with

Ethan May and we’re always trying to find some way to add value to job seekers. And the title of this podcast is a followup in part two of the previous podcast about a report talking about how terrible the fortune 500 companies do with job seekers in the candidate experience. But this one is part two of it. We want to also add value to people. Here’s seven ways to get hired at a fortune 500 companies. So if you’re struggling to try to get your foot in the door to one of these big conglomerates, even, it’s not if it’s not a fortune 500 company, but it’s a big company and you really don’t know how to get traction. This content, I think we’ll be able to help you. Staffing agency Tulsa, this, this content is very important, we think because we know that there are some people out there that are really trying to figure out how can I, how can I do this?

And we’re going to give you seven ideas to get an edge. And that’s what we want to be able to do. We would like to ask anyone’s listening to this. If you find this content valuable, could you please share this content or um, or um, at least, uh, review it and uh, and, and tell your friends. Thank you. She’s you. Holy Cow. It was really even comes in for the, for the savior. Oh Man, man, I don’t know what happened to me there. It was just like dead black. I don’t know man. Yeah. So, Staffing agency Tulsa, let me just, let me kick it over to you then. Let’s go ahead and get her started out. Seven ways to get hard at a fortune 500 company. Sorry, I bought it our intro. Then as I, as I talk, go ahead and just like in your head, run through it.

You’re going to say jerk. Oh Geez. Okay. So I’m some stats about getting hired over to Fortune 500 company. Our last podcast, we talked about a lot of stats that I really liked. I wanted to touch down on a couple of them. Again, just to reiterate. Staffing agency Tulsa, what they were saying was, was 2% of the a a fortune 500 companies, 2% kept their candidates updated on the status of their application throughout the whole process. Um, and that’s a very small number. It’s really difficult. We realized that so many of these fortune 500 companies are not geared towards the candidate experience, you know, um, only one out of three companies in general, like not just fortune 500 but companies only one out of three have an apply button that is visible all the time on their websites and things like that. It’s just that it’s not intuitive to application is not intuitive to the candidate experience.

Um, and it’s a really important thing. And uh, I read a stat just a little bit ago by a company called undercover recruiter and they said that 15% of job seekers say that they put forth more effort. They find themselves putting forth more effort into their new position when they feel that they’ve had a positive hiring experience, which is really interesting and definitely something to think about, you know? Yeah. Well, and not only that, I would go into the onboarding experience as well. A lot of people will get hired, get really, really excited and they’re like, Oh, who pride we got, I got a new job. And then they get on the job and they’re like, all right, good luck with that. Figured it out. And that, that really frustrates a lot of a players. But that’s really interesting about, you know, their, their level of excitement coming in.

Sure. You know, this is, this is a new topic I mentioned in the last podcast. If you mentioned it or if you mention it, God, I’m tied up with words today. If you, uh, if you listen to it, I’m here for you man. But it, a lot of people are starting to claim or call us until us about it and we understand the employer’s perspective cause we’re always dealing with this. You know, we, we mentioned in the last podcast that Ethan gets roughly 250 applications for every job posts that we put up in only roughly about 50, 50 of the people are actually qualified for it. So there’s no way that he could contact everyone that would wish to be contact contacted. And we also talked about how the application process has made it so easy to just apply, apply, apply, apply, apply using the same resume, using the same application.

And because of that you’re getting a lot more applications and a resume submitted. Then previously people were used to, but this is beginning to change. Staffing agency Tulsa, Google is starting to recognize this. A lot of employers are beginning to comply with some of the research that’s out here. And I think that this is a very relevant topic right now where you’re going to start seeing some changes where you should start seeing companies talking a little bit about their culture and talking about what it is that their company offers. Because if anything else, it’s an employees market right now and employers are going to have to get a lot more competitive to be able to get top talent. Yeah, I’ll have to get a lot more competitive and, and uh, well what was this telling me? Find it here again. It was, they were talking about, um, yeah, nearly six out of 10 companies, that’s 59 roughly about 59% of companies don’t include content on why candidates would want to work for them.

And like you said, I mean companies are gonna have to start getting a lot more competitive and a lot more serious about catering to the candidate pool if they really want success there. Um, well oh, go ahead. Go ahead. Go for it. One of the things that people are looking for is they want to know where is this going to be located at? Staffing agency Tulsa, sometimes the company doesn’t even mention their name. You’re like, what company is this? What is the salary going to be like, what are some of the benefits? They’re wanting to know some of this information up front that used to be really hidden duck. That was a trend amongst almost anyone. And so, but you know, that was probably an employer’s market, but it’s, it’s probably always when it comes to job ads, it’s always just been expected to be an employer minded type of a thing.

And as an employer I kind of really liked that. It gives an advantage but that’s probably not going to be where the trend Lens too. So it’s going to be interesting to see how companies begin to react to the big dog Google changing. Um, the, the, the experience too, from an employer’s experience to a candidate experience, you should start to see this popping up. Yeah, definitely. And I’m starting to see it a little bit just with certain jobs that we have because there’s a high demand for it. Things like CNC, machinists, we, you know, huge demand for not a lot of people. I had a guy come in for an interview and Alexis, our front office Admin, you know, it was like, hey, here’s an application. Go and fill it out. And he looked at the application, he said, nope. Walked away, walked down to the office, he was done, didn’t want to even talk to me cause he had to fill an application.

And at that moment I was really frustrated like, are you kidding me man? Staffing agency Tulsa, but I called him. I was like, hey man, listen. I know you didn’t really want to fill that out, but I think it’d be great if you will come back and fill it out and we can talk about a job. And normally I wouldn’t want to cater to someone like that, but in, in the candidate focused environment and the fact that we really, really needed some CNC machinists, I found myself catering to him even though he was like, man, I don’t want to fill out an application. I’m a machinist. Just let me go do my job. You know? Yeah. Well with with those top positions like that, that’s the way that their viewpoint is. And they know how much in demand or in, so they don’t have, I mean they don’t have to tolerate that right now.

I will tell you though, Ethan, it’s not going to be very long and they’re going to be, you know, the, the, the industry is going to change a little bit and you’re going to be in a different position at that point. So if you’re a candidate and that’s the way you feel because things have have changed, especially in that market of welders, CNC, machinists, in that sort of thing, man, Oh man, tables always turn. It might be a big party right now, but, um, you know, America, it never, ever changes. You know, uh, I was, I was talking to somebody about this the other day cause we were looking at buying some real estate, um, to build a building. And they’re like, well, why aren’t you by now? I was like, well, the, the real estate market’s going to go down eventually. And I’m like, what?

How do you know that? And I’m like, it’s just, it’s just a part of what happens. How did I get off on that? Not sure we get back to action item. Let’s get back to action items. I like it. I like talking about how we can help people get hired at fortune 500 companies. You’ve got some good tips you’re telling me about. Well, the first thing is, is do what you can to connect with the recruiter. Nine Times out of 10, the hiring manager at your future job isn’t doing the hiring just by themselves. If you can find a recruiter on linkedin or in a staffing agency, um, that will really help you because you need someone to go to bat for you. And so that’s going to take, that’s going to take some extra effort. Staffing agency Tulsa, you know, there, there was a, there’s a quote, it’s by, it’s about an anonymous person, but he said, you know, you’ll make your own luck with effort and if you want to get lucky, just put some effort into it.

And so really what you’re doing is following a Tony Robbins advice. He said, identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions. And that’s what we’re doing here. So we’re connect with the recruiter. You can do this through Linkedin, any other social media platform that you can do, but connecting with Linkedin is probably your first bet and then I would even venture to say, connect with other employees at this company and do everything you can to develop relationship with them. At least they could ask their human resources. Have you seen this applicant? If you’re friends with someone and that would at least get your resume up to the top of the big dark black hole. Yeah, and I mean not only that, but it’s never a bad idea to make yourself stand out in a positive way to the person who’s in charge of hiring.

Even just by being friendly. If you do get an interview, just being polite, friendly, thanking them shouldn’t have a follow up email saying, hey, thanks for your time. Really appreciate it. And things like that make you stand out because you’re making like a human to human connection with that person and that’s just never a bad idea. Yeah, absolutely. This is, by the way, this is how we do sales. I mean that this is exactly how I do it. I’ll go in and present my card to someone and I immediately, if I don’t get their card, I go onto linkedin, try to connect with them that way. Um, or, or connect with other people inside that organization. And the thing is, is it’s not what, you know, it’s who you know in a lot of instances. So you’ve got to use your network there and we’re going to be talking about that here in a little bit later on how you can do another type of networking.

The second one is, is go to industry mixers. And that’s what I was talking about. Your, you can go to industry type. Uh, you know, we have here in Tulsa, we have different, uh, I don’t know, like I went to one today. It was called faith in business. All right? A bunch of different people are there from all sorts of different industries, but you have engineering groups, you’ve got accounting groups, you’ve got, um, you know, building and supply and groups, uh, that were a part of you. You can, you can go to all sorts of different uh, groups where you get to meet other people in your industry. And once you get to know someone who’s a manager, it is real easy to say, hey man, I just applied for a job there. I’m really interested in working there. Do you happen to know human resources person?

Yeah. Would you mind to check and see if they received my resume? Cause I’m really interested. And if that person really liked you, they, they might go do that for you. And that’s just such an easy way to get to get to know some of the people in your industry. And you get to know people in the industry with a company. And if nothing else, it’s the exact same thing. You’re just putting your name out there. Your name will come to the top of their heads when they’re at work. And it’s just, it’s hard to, it’s hard to find a downside to that, you know, to making an impact in someone’s mind. Well, when you’re going to a big, huge company, we’re talking about fortune 500 companies here, it’s really difficult to get into them. Staffing agency Tulsa, you know, you, the third thing we’re going to talk about is you might consider taking another position just to get your foot in the door.

You know, internal job boards are very different from what you see online. You can take an entry level position to get your foot in the door and work hard to get where you want to go. And so, you know, one of these huge conglomerates that we work with all the time, Verizon, they are Staffing agency Tulsa, you know, the, they have so many endless opportunities if you just got your foot in the door. Yeah. And, um, and so that is really great advice. I think number four is work with their partners. If you can’t get into a fortune 500 company, work with someone, work at a company that does work with them. And that way you’ll get to know some of the managers that you’re going to be working with. And I can’t tell you how many people I’ve ran into that said they got their job because the fortune 500 company really liked working with them and said, hey, would you like to come work over here?

Sure. And I’ve heard of a lot of stories that happened like that. They just liked who they worked with. So they did their best to recruit them. Yeah. Um, that was one thing and that’s how we got, I mean, that’s how my arco or her or heard her. Melissa got here. Melissa worked for one of the companies that you all were staffing for. Um, you know, and, and Cassie was the recruiter recruiting for staffing for a company and really liked her. And, and knowing that Melissa was looking for a job, he said, hey, come over here and work for us. I forgot about that. Yeah. Yeah. What’s so funny, we ought to bring it up to Melissa. Melissa used to be our boss.

Yeah. Uh, if you knew Melissa, she would roll her eyes in a big way. Like a big, a big row wise might just get stuck backwards cause she’s rolling with, that’d be great to take a million pictures. Um, the, the, the next thing is use social media. Some businesses use social media to share job openings. For example, Ernst and young uses Twitter to reach new hires. Um, you can use social media to find different job leads. And I’ll tell you what, Facebook is a really huge recruiting tool that many big companies are utilizing, says Ernst and Young. You uses Twitter. Um, and that’s, that’s what I was talking about earlier. We’re trying to learn, um, all of the social media platforms, platforms and become exceptional in each one of them. Um, number number six. I, I don’t know that I, I completely agree with that, but I guess for some very high level people, you could hire a coach that really understood this before coach.

Yeah. Be Very careful with that because a lot of times you’re going to be getting, it’s very difficult to know who’s the real deal. Now, are there some really great coaches out there? Oh yeah, absolutely. And Man, I seek counsel from Wa from wisdom all the time. And that’s what you would be doing. Um, but just be very selective. Our seventh and last one we’ll be wrapping up here is use your network. Um, you know, I mentioned earlier, it’s not what, you know, it’s who you know, and it applies. You can, you can just send out to Facebook and say, does anyone know anyone who’s a manager in this company, in my network? I would really like to get a position. Is there any chance you would be willing to introduce me? Staffing agency Tulsa, one thing that I’ve learned, especially on social media, people really just crave the opportunity to help people.

It makes them feel good and if you just ask in a confident way, even if you’re unemployed, sometimes that is something that is, uh, you know, sometimes frowned upon by the person. I think people are worse in their own heads to themselves than what people really think. But if you can swallow pride and just it, just put it out there and say, listen, I’m unemployed right now, but I would really, I could really use your help. A lot of people would really love to help you. If we can help you in any way at Trinity, we would love to. Our number if you want to call us by phone is (918) 622-2588 but you can also visit us and there we have a lot of content in addition to this podcast. And so thank you so much for, uh, for listening to this today with us. And hopefully we’ll see you in our next podcast.