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You are listening to Trinity Employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome

to the a player matchmakers. We’re always trying to look for ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this particular podcast is going to be mainly for the job seeker and it is signs that you nailed the interview and everyone wants to know how things went. As recruiters, we’re always, we can’t wait to hear how things went and some of these things are generally things that we hear when it’s going well. So before we get started though, I want to, I want to let everybody know, you can see all of our content on our However, I know I’ve been saying this for the last two or three weeks, but we will be moving to on tunes very shortly and B, and we’re going to begin to market this staffing agency Tulsa. Um, even though we have like 30 episodes, we’re going to begin to actually market this out.

Um, it a lot more heavily than we have now. This particular topic today, I think it’s really important because everyone who goes to a job interview you, especially if you really liked that job and you really wanted it, there’s a time of period, the period where you’re just twiddling your thumbs, wondering just the anxious anxiety, uh, that is anxious anxiety a thing. I mean, sure. I mean, I hate to interrupt the introduction. No, it’s okay. I mean, it’s a little redundantly redundant, but so you’re wanting it makes me laughing at that. That was a really funny, I appreciate the lot though. It was pretty good. Yeah. Well, you know that the anxiety that people feel, even if it’s low, um, just wanting to know how you did, I think if you will follow some of the signs, you’ll have a good idea that you did well if some of these things happened.

And so, um, we want to ask that you also, if this content helps you or if you know of somebody that it would help, please refer them to our website. We would love to have them. Uh, listen, we don’t, we’re not trying to make anything off of this pub podcast financially. We just want to help people in their job searching and job seeking strategies. And so we would just be honored if you, if you shared this information with, with other people. So this topic is very interesting. I think Ethan, uh, we want to go and get started. We always start with some statistics about this particular topic, what he got. Sure. So looking for a job is very, very anxiously anxious. Uh, it’s, it’s very stressful, you know, and uh, and it becomes even more stressful after reading some of these stats. You know, glass door as reported.

The interview process takes an average of 22.9 days. That’s just barely over three weeks. And so I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely someone who, you know, if I do something and then the longer I have to wait for it, the worst and worst I did in my head. I mean, one day, first day I’m like, yeah, I think I did good. And then I don’t hear anything that I don’t hear anything. By the end, I’m like, I bombed the interview, I’m a worthless, you know, work or I can’t do anything. Well, this is what happens with most people. And this is kind of unfortunate, but it’s, it’s really, it’s really true. I think for most people, it’s just the stinking thinking that goes on. And as the time goes on, the scenarios in your head become more and more negative. Now nothing’s changed.

But Day one you were thinking, Hey, I think I did. Well, I’m kind of excited. Day Two it’s like, well, maybe I messed up this and that and the other, but I think it’s going to be okay. And then it, it, you know, before long you’re like, oh, there’s no way they’re going shake me because of this, that, and the other. And you know, sometimes it’s, it’s easier for most people to begin to think negatively than it does positively. And, um, the more time that goes on, it seems like the, the more unrealistic your ideas become. And this happens to almost anyone that’s interviewing. And so, you know, if you were, if you had just, if you’re listening and you just interviewed for a job and you’re going through this process, it should sound pretty on point, probably for you. I just want you to listen to this, take some of these things.

If some of these things happened at a staffing agency Tulsa, it probably went pretty well. And so you’re not doing yourself any good, being anxious about something that you really don’t know about. Think positively. And sometimes you might have to be intentional to tell yourself, think positively. Let’s not get unrealistic in our thinking, man. I definitely just take a deep breath and say, yeah, I love what you said. Actually. Cory said nothing changes, you know, from day one to day four that you haven’t heard. Nothing has changed except it has just been a few more days, you know. Um, but I just today I had a candidate who interviewed this morning somewhere and called me to see if I’d heard anything yet and I hadn’t. And I was on the other line with someone else. And so our front office administrator, Alexis, said, Ethan’s on the line, I’ll call you back later. And so when I did call her back, um, I had gotten an email saying they wanted to offer the job, right?

And I called her and chancellor is, hey, it’s Ethan with Trinity. She goes, oh, hi. How would they say? And she’s immediately thought, oh, the worst had happened. And the exact same thing. There was one question that she had answered in the interview. She felt like she didn’t do super great about it. She left thinking, oh, that’s okay. You know, not the end of the world. But as she had waited kind of throughout the day expecting to hear from me and that she thought the worst must have happened when in reality she got the job. It’s, it’s really sad, but it’s, it’s not just this, it’s probably a lot of other things in people’s lives. But I know Ethan, even training recruiters, you may remember this a little bit yourself, whenever one of our office managers or one of our managers interviewed one of our candidates and then some time lapsed and you’re like, oh, there’s no way, you know, and when you’ve, and then at the end of, once you finally hear back from them, you find out they were like swamped or they got the flu and that was the reason you didn’t hear back.

And the thing is, is all of these unrealistic almost lies in her head had gone on for a long time. That created unnecessary anxiety. And if there’s anything that we accomplish at the end of this, we’re wanting to, um, reduce the anxiety, the anxiety of the job searching. I think that’s one of the worst parts. Yeah. The anxious anxiety that we have. Um, we need to reduce that, the anxious things and that what he said. So you can’t even get it. I can’t remember whatever, but I going to make funny, you know, I mean, at least you could think in remembering. That’s true. There’s actually a quote that, uh, that we were chatting about briefly right before this. We both Aquarian, I both really love Dr Seuss. We think he was a really brilliant man, but he has a quote that kind of makes me think of what we’re talking about staffing agency Tulsa.

And he said, there are so many things that you can learn about, but you’ll mess the best. You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut. And it’s kind of that same idea, man, with this. There are so many things positively that you can take from an interview, but you’ll miss them all if all you’re doing is keeping your eyes shut and thinking about all the negatives. I did this wrong, or maybe they didn’t love this and think negatively, you’ll miss so many of the best things that you did just by not look. And you know, you and I were talking about this earlier, how great is doctor sue? Really excellent. You, you wouldn’t think that this guy is a great intellectual. Oh yeah. Holy smokes. When you, when you read some of his stuff, um, it’s, it’s really intuitively, it’s really intuitive from a psychological standpoint.

And his way of simplifying the thought process is it’s brilliant. Yeah. Um, you know, and I was telling you, I start one of the speeches that I do when I go speak with the zone in the road and how brilliant he breaks it down at how silly we are to ourselves in, in going negative, you know, all the time. Very true. Yeah. But we love that quote and then it really applies, I think to this, uh, 100%. So, um, so let’s go ahead. Do you, do you have any, uh, yeah, we already ran into that. Let’s, let’s jump into the action items here. So action items here are really, um, just some of the signs, like if you see this, it probably went pretty well from a recruiting standpoint. When we hear this from our candidates. Well, how did it end? What did the interviewers say?

Um, you know, when we asked those questions, when we get these types of answers, we know it pretty, it went pretty well. And, uh, you know, we’ve done this over and over again so we’ve kind of stopped getting anxious about it as much. But here, here’s number one, let’s, let’s go and get started. The interviewers spoke as if you’re already a part of the team. Have, have you ever had this happen at all? Oh yeah. Oh definitely. Yeah. So someone will give me a call and it, I mean it’s very big difference. You know, if the interview is talking something like, uh, you know, the person in this position would be doing x, Y, Z, right? Very different than if they’re saying, you know, like, uh, for example, you know, this will be your office or you know, you’ll be working closely with Jane. You know, this is something you’d be doing x, Y, z.

That that’s a huge difference cause it’s really implying, listen, you got the job. I’m, I’m just telling you what you’re going to be doing, not what you might be. Right, staffing agency Tulsa. Very positive sign when they start talking to you as you’re already a part of the team. The second, the second sign is when the interviewer asks about their competition. And that might, that might have some of you scratching your head. This, this is what, this is what I’m talking about though. Your, they care about your opinion, they care about what you think about their industry and they want to know what are your thoughts on this and when it, when it switches to that. If you, if you’ll pay attention, suck logically what’s happening here. All of a sudden they just moved you to become their peer and when you can get on that wavelength of talking to someone, it’s a really great sign.

Yeah. And not only that, but when they start asking about other companies that you’ve maybe applied with or interviewed with, um, what they’re essentially saying is you are a hot commodity to right now. I mean, I’m concerned that someone else might snatch you up. I just, yesterday got a girl hired and the company, we got them hired at, um, gave us a call and said, you know, usually we do a second interview. Um, but after this first interview, we know that she’s interviewed other places, a couple of our competitors, and we just, we want to snatch her up so we don’t need to do the second interview. We just want to go and hire her. A really a really easy way of saying that they stop interviewing and start recruiting. Yeah. They’re really wanting you to, yeah, exactly. So that’s huge. I mean, um, sometimes, you know, yeah.

Recruiters, hiring managers, they just ask, are you interviewing anywhere else or with a staffing agency Tulsa? Just to kind of see where your interests are, what you might be looking for. Um, but a lot of times that means that they’re concerned that they might lose you. Yeah. Number three, I’m, the interviewer starts introducing you to the rest of the team. They are not going to go do this unless they think it’s really close because this is why, um, they want to know what do they think? They want to know what their team’s opinion is. They want to get their team’s buy in on it and they don’t want, they don’t want it. They don’t want their team to feel like, well they just made a decision and didn’t include them in any way. So you’re getting really close to a decision if they’re starting to talk to you, to Jan the receptionist.

Yeah. Oh definitely. And also picture it this way. Um, you know, if you’re with a hiring manager of a company and that hiring manager doesn’t like you doesn’t wake for the job, why would they take the time to lead you around the office and introduce you to all the people that you will never see again? You know, I mean literally the only reason they would do that is because they were impressed by you and they’re, they’re still feeling it out a little bit, but good looking, you know, sign there. Yeah, it’s, it’s definitely that you’ve made the top two. When that begins to happen, a number four, the interviewer gives you their direct number to follow up with with questions. And this goes back to what I was saying, they stopped interviewing and they began recruiting. Now they’re wanting to make sure that you are taking care of, that you are comfortable with the job and that if you have any questions they make certain to answer them.

And that’s quite different from when the interview began, you see? Oh yeah. And so and so if someone asks you, um, you know, if they, if they start giving you that kind of information that’s a, it’s a very good sign that they do not mind talking to you again. Oh sure. I mean if they don’t want you for the job, then they don’t really want to be talking to you anymore. And so giving you a direct line, uh, is not something that a recruiter or hiring manager wants to do with people. They don’t want it falling. Not a good time management tool. No. I mean you’re going to get, you’re going to get all sorts of questions and then we could go through the scenarios because I think it’s funny to go through them, but we might want to stay on topic. We were, we, we’re known for kind of for a rambling chasing rabbits.

Number five, I’m, the interviewer tells you about the perks and the benefits. If they’re going to begin to talk about this again there they’ve gone into a recruiting stage and they’re trying to recruit you to their team. They are trying to impress you with their team there, especially if the benefits are good. Well that is definitely a good sign that they’re going to, they’re trying to talk you into this and getting you ready to want to take, you know, take this job. Yeah. I mean, they’re probably in all likelihood, using that as a selling point to, to really interest to you. Um, and you know, and staffing agency Tulsa, they’re interviewing year for the job and you’re also interviewing them to see if you want to work there. And so if they start throwing out things like that that are really enticing for you, then that means that they want you to want to work for them.

So if you’re seeing some of the signs in your interview, I want to encourage you to relax, be good to yourself with your thoughts, and make sure that you’re not going into no man’s land of just unnecessary. Um, I don’t know. Negative thinking station thinking. Anxious, anxiety. Yeah. You don’t need any of that. He never want anxious anxiety. It’s never good. Oh Man. Well listen, thank you so much for, uh, for setting some time with us here today. Um, if, if trinity can help you in any way, either with your job search or, um, you know, a lot of times from council employees as well, um, if we can help you in any way, please give us a call at nine one eight six two, two, two, five, eight, eight. But if you would like to see in read some information about trinity, go to our you’ll find our podcasts there as well. And we would love to talk to you. Thank you so much for visiting us today.