Staffing Agency Tulsa | Running Through an Interview

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Running Through an Interview

Hi my name is Corey Minter and I’m with Triniti employment specialists. We are a staffing organization located here in Tulsa Oklahoma and we also staff a lot in the Oklahoma City markets as well. And over in our history we we’ve worked pretty consistently in Arkansas and in Texas and in Kansas and it’s just we started out in the medical field and we we began. Staffing for very low level positions in the medical field front office people and then medical assistance. And over time we slowly started to build up and we slowly started to be able to staff for larger positions in medical billing and then we went into Aryan’s and LPU ends then nurse practitioners physicians assist nurse practitioners and physicians assistants. Staffing Agency Tulsa Now we staff physicians so it’s literally everything from a front office person all the way up to a physician now. And we also staff in our other division in finance and accounting and banking. We staff from bank tellers customer service reps when it’s in finance and we do a lot of that all throughout the region. And and you know in the banking field we’ll do almost every position like loan originators loan processors loan assistance all of those positions we hope for in the banks. Staffing Agency Tulsa today I want to talk to you real quickly about. Recruiting techniques that I believe people can use to try to try to find. Better talent. What I’ve noticed in a lot of the companies that we work with and even those that don’t use staffing companies is that generally whenever they’re having to start recruiting it’s always a crisis. I noticed when I worked in large corporations it was always a crisis like all men and we got to get somebody really quickly this person left. And so we would work work work or get it and we would we would hire and trying to get rid of that person if it was the wrong hire was almost impossible. It just seemed very inefficient. And I believe that’s where recruiting firms can really help out.

Staffing Agency Tulsa these are some of the things that I think recruiters do regularly or at least that we do on our team that help bring someone that likely that are cut in the company we worked with they wouldn’t have found otherwise had they not used us. If for any other reason just simply because we have a volume of half of recruiting and interviewing people that all the time. But that leads me into the very first point that I think is important for people to consider and that is hire for attitude and training skills. You know I say it generally hire the person and train the skill.

That’s what we do at our company. I don’t know that we have that maybe one recruiter that we’ve brought on that was. A true recruiter beforehand and they had worked in recruiting beforehand. We have a different way of recruiting. Staffing Agency Tulsa It’s completely different.

And if you brought in someone that had the same type of ideas. I’ve I’ve done that I’ve brought in recruiters at the same top ideas. You could never get them to be incredibly effective because it was just the same thing over and over again you couldn’t get anybody outside of the box. So one of the things that happened about five or six years ago is Harvard did this huge study that went nationwide and it was basically this that you can you need to try to find the person that’s the one thing that you can’t really train in people is attitude and behavior and their character. You know if you were to try to train those things this is just this is just my personal experience. Listen I’ve mentor many young men and even a couple of guys are older than me and. This is one thing that I notice when it deals with character and integrity. That takes about a year. Write out about a year. You can start to see someone’s character. Staffing Agency Tulsa Their integrity. Who they are as an individual begin to change. But it takes a long time in my in my opinion.

I think it takes God to do it. But even when God is involved. I’ve seen it take some time. And so. Interviewers and companies started to pick up on this I think or at least Harvard did in that study started realize and listen. It is very difficult to change someone’s learned behavior something they started learning when they were two years old then you can’t just all of a sudden change that takes a lot of time. So you’re better off with time wise to hire someone who has character and training than skill that you want you can train the skill. But getting the behavior in the character into somebody it takes years. My dad used to hit be a hypnotist. This is what it is you’ve got to get it into their subconscious memory getting something in your subconscious memory. It takes a long time if you don’t know what I’m talking about with subconscious memory. Staffing Agency Tulsa go research subconscious memory and you’ll learn why it takes so long for someone to change their behaviors.

So how are the person train the skill is a very viable option that might not make sense. Staffing Agency Tulsa

I’ll tell you man like it’s very easy to just go in and find someone that has the skill set that man if you bring them into your company and they have the wrong type behaviors and just set of values is just way off it’s going to be hard for you to really work well together. Second thing is is think outside of the box. We do this at least once a week at Trinity using the hire the person train the skill type of methodology. We have a lot of employers that come to us and say listen we’re looking for this this and that and it’s generally a very specific list that they’re looking for. But we always ask them this question we’re like listen if we happened to find someone that’s just special that has a skill set you can tell they have a skill set of easily transferable skills. Are you okay with sending someone over for you just to evaluate in a hire the person training the skill type of mentality. Are you OK with sending someone over like that and every week we meet someone they come in the office slides up the receptionist recognizes it. Everyone that’s there like who’s that you know. And we’re always able to present those to some of our clients and say hey listen we just met somebody is terrific.

Staffing Agency Tulsa I think you ought to look at them. They’re up to. I’ll give you an example of how this happened. One of my good friends got worked out with every morning. He runs a an I.T. company and he was named a salesman. Why did this guy come in interviewing for a complete different position brought aren’t Tartine donuts to interview. I’m there anybody do this before and was just he was a salesman. He was a salesman through interviews. This is someone who didn’t know they were a salesman. Yet. They had no clue that that’s who they were. And so sent them over there and they’re interviewing with him. And I think they’re likely going to hire him. And it’s it’s all because this guy his first inclination was to bring doughnuts to to get all the recruiters like him. Well man that’s the. That is the number one thing a salesperson needs to do is see the long term effects in and just let them know and to know that hey if you ease someone’s. Tastebuds a lot of times I’ll listen to your closer. So think outside of the box when you’re trying to hire. I would recommend that you bring in at least two or three people for every position you’re hiring where their resume doesn’t even match up. However their skill set looks good. Staffing Agency Tulsa

It’s not a bad idea to do this and try to see if you can find someone their attitude and everything is great.

You can also get this from referrals if you’ll put a referral system in place. You can get your referrals to send you people that are just special and they’re just good human beings people that everyone wants to work with and then you can bring them in and see if they match up with what it is that you’re doing. I’m telling you I think these have been some of our best Harsch for customers over the years. I know my best hires have come from that Mau Mau. Staffing Agency Tulsa My current sales person came specifically because she came in to apply for a front office position and I was like No no. And she is killing it. So you might want to consider some different ways of thinking when it comes to hiring. Give us a call at trendy. It’s 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thanks.

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