Staffing Agency Tulsa | Making The Right Decision

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Making The Right Decision

Hi my name is Corey Minturn and I’m president of Trinity employment specialists. Trinity is a staffing organization. We’re located here in Tulsa but we staff in Oklahoma City in Texas Arkansas and Kansas and Missouri and we’ve been around for about 11 years now. We’ve been one of the top staffing companies as far as awards in just the way that we go about doing business. We love to encourage people to go and check out Google reviews. You’re going to see authentic. Staffing Agency Tulsa Reviews on how people have worked and interacted with us. You know we have we have maybe a couple of bad reviews but man there is a little bit content like. We’re not perfect and we screw things up but the ones that we get negative you can’t do anything for it.
But hey I want to I want to tell you. I want to talk quickly today about the top five things to consider when you’re trying to recruit someone how to get things set up. I want to always bring new ideas to the table. I want people to be able to think about different things. You know I’m always I’m always in this industry. I understand all of the different strategies and you just have to take the type of strategies that you learn about. You read about maybe you hear about from me and then incorporate them the way that you would like to you know your company you know what. Would help you the best. And so you know everyone sharing all of their strategies My job is to learn about strategies and create the best strategies for us. Staffing Agency Tulsa. Man this this first thing I’m going to mention to you you know I’ve got five five things here for you to consider this. First thing I think is one of the most helpful things that I have done and that is create a scorecard see doing an interview. Often times it people can make an emotional decision. And I’ll tell you earlier in my career I did this regularly. And listen you’ve got to listen to. You’ve got to use your emotional intelligence to find out who’s good for your team or not. I’m not telling you to eliminate it I’m just saying it’s really nice to have a numerical. Score card that helps you. Not go all emotional. And make your decision based on whether or not you like that person or you know how well they interacted but you score them on answers that they give. So the thing is you’re going to want to have. Criteria that you need to pick. You can go in there top grading is one of the best books that I can see bits for some companies especially smaller companies. Staffing Agency Tulsa It gets almost too detailed and too high level. So for some midsize companies and smaller companies I want to consider you take a look at top grading but don’t feel like you have to follow their scorecard. Exactly. You can put on their personable skills. You can put on their knowledge of industry. You can put on their. Level of recruiting skills. You can put on their ability to connect with others. You know you can put on there how humble are they. How hungry are they. You can score them on areas that are really really important. Here’s the thing. Put one to five or 1 to 10 and score them and then score each one of their answers every question they answer score it or every question that you asked score it and be specific in the questions that you ask. You ask the same questions of everyone and at the end of it at the end of that it’s going to remind you what you thought. At the time. Of their of their answer.

Staffing Agency Tulsa it gives you a numerical ability so you can add all of those up and you can. And then you can add them up in categories and see Hey this person we feel like would be stronger here than this person. It really really helps you to compare and contrast when when you’re making a decision. So I really really want to encourage you to create a scorecard. I’ve done this for all of our customers and I believe it’s such a great help. The next thing is you got a source candidates so. I encourage every company that we work with to never ever stop recruiting. Never have us stop recruiting if we have a customer we’re always recruiting for them for some key positions. You’re always got to be looking. The next thing is is you’re always going to be wanting to when you’re when you’re ready to go and try to find someone go after passive candidates don’t just go after the people that are available and placing a job and find a recruiter who knows how to go after passive candidates and not just get people who were available at the time in an economy like what we’re in right now right now we’re in a thriving economy. Our unemployment rate is lower than it’s ever been. I think they said 18 years. Staffing Agency Tulsa so the. The biggest concern that employers need to have now is not whether or not they can get some one. It’s making sure they can get someone that’s really competent because the the people who are actually looking right now. There’s probably a reason. Not all the time you know that but there’s probably a reason. So a good recruiting strategy is not hey let’s bring in let’s place a job and see who comes in. If you pass key parts of candidates and if you don’t know how to do that you need a higher career that can do it for you. Never ever forget the hidden cost of hiring the wrong person.

It’s extremely expensive. You don’t want to do that recruiters way cheaper. The next thing is you need to really put a strong emphasis on references and make sure make for certain that you’ve got a strong questionnaire that you can ask references and that I would encourage you if you’re the owner or if you’re the manager make sure that you do the reference checks yourself and be very good at it. I mean if you’re if you’re good interview go interview the reference checks. Great. Great example of this is we we found somebody that knocked it out of the park. He knocked out the score card. He knocked up the personality. And man he was great. It’s just that when we checked his reference I kept asking his references questions and they would answer it very positively. So plausibly that really concerned me a little bit. And so I started asking this person I said No you’re the manager right. Oh yes. Oh yes. Staffing Agency Tulsa So what were his metrics. How many how many hours did did you guys run in in the staffing world. You know what that means. And she’s like odd. I really don’t know. And I was like well how many you know how many customers would you say they had under their belt. And she. She went round and round and after a while I realized this was his wife and he was lying the entire time. And then two weeks later a friend of mine called said hey listen I had a friend that told me or had somebody that I hard told me that you gave him a job offer and he declined it and came over here to me. What was your experience with him. Because I hired him. He’s horrible.

You know I was just gleaning. But here’s the thing this guy hired him paid him a decent amount of money. You know he starts benefits starting day one so he paid for a month of his benefits. I mean he had to have was 18 grand before he figured it out. And that’s it. Staffing Agency Tulsa That’s his lucky. You know and then he had to terminate him. And then there’s always a risk terminating somebody. They might come back and sue you or whatever and this guy was one of those type of people anyway obviously. So they really be really careful you know use your references wisely. Next thing is you got to make a decision. Once you are once you find somebody that you like you can make a decision quickly especially right now in today’s in today’s economy. We lose as a staffing company more people we lost three people this week all because a company knew that they wanted to really like him said you know we’re going away. We’re going to bring in Susie. Susie might want to meet with them and then while we’re waiting on Suzy to get back from vacation another company hires them out from under this happens all the time. Be quick to make a decision when you know it’s really really important for you. You know missing some of the best clients. I really think it’s a mistake. When you find a great GM I think you got to make a decision really quickly and be able to be decisive. Some of the best business leaders around one of their biggest assets is being able to make a decision and being decisive about it. So I really think that it’s important and if you’re really recruiting somebody great they don’t have to wait around there’s all there’s already five other people recruiting.

Last thing is sell your company. Figure out how you want to sell your company and get ready to sell your company once you have the right candidate go all in and get them pumped get them ready to come work with you sell your company get excited yourself about your company and bring them in on a high note. You do these things I think it’ll help you give me a call if we can help you at all at Trinity. My number is 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. We would love to speak with you and help you out in your recruiting. Staffing Agency Tulsa Thank you so much.

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