Staffing Agency Tulsa | Keeping People Challenged

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Keeping People Challenged

Our money is Corey mentor and I’m with Trinity employment specialist. We are a staffing organization. Centrally located here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We staff all over our region. We staff in the medical field and in finance accounting and banking and administrative type positions as well. We’ve been doing this for about ten years. We’ve won multiple awards. Staffing Agency Tulsa It’s that thing that we try to do is we try to be an avenue for only getting a players A and B plus players over to our clients. It’s really really important to us. We’ve put quality at the forefront of recruiting. And you know I I work with a lot of I work around a lot of staffing agencies so we know I hear from managers because eventually I become very good friends with the managers that we work with. And you know as I was with the manager yesterday and the same kind of story over and over again she says you know. We we worked with three or four different staffing agencies. You’re the only one that we that we work with now. I’m like why is that. You know what is it that we do want to duplicate that stuff. If it’s possible. And they every time are like you decided to put quality first and not flood me out. With candidates and so your quality is extraordinary. And. We don’t waste their time. We’ve put a lot of effort in that and that is very difficult to do because the winning model in recruiting. I’m telling you it’s this for staffing companies. You make sure it hit a certain number on making that many phone calls out for sales Staffing Agency Tulsa

And then you make sure send out a certain number of resumes for every job where you get regardless and if you’re you know if your employees don’t do that well then you farm and get. And the thing is is that it works. From a financial model. But a lot of times you lead your client down a road of making poor decisions because they’re not good recruiters. And if you’re a client of high shiftlessness it’s listen you’re a specialist in what you do and there are some of our managers that are out there. They are naturally God given. Talented. Recruiters. No question. I’ve got I’ve got three four or five of them. There are great recruiters they still reach out to us from time to time if they need to do it on their own. They’re good. It’s not absolute. Staffing Agency Tulsa first for the most part it’s just it’s for the same reason. I’m not a good accountant. I would be a horrible accountant because it’s not what I’m good at. Most of our clients. They aren’t great recruiters. And so when when a staffing agency floods them with resumes and basically puts it on them to choose and weed out. They’re not going to be making the wisest decisions

Just strictly because of their skill set. Staffing Agency Tulsa

God made them to do this type of job not be a recruiter. And really to be honest with you there are very few people that I’ve met that make great recruiters. It’s difficult to find someone who’s great. It really is. Staffing Agency Tulsa so it’s what we want to always do is we break. We elevate the level of what we do by minimizing the number of applicants that we send out to our candidates or to our clients and make sure that they are like the best. And then if we’re unable to find them rather than just sending out what we got we call them and let them know. We’ve even called our clients before in the past and said Listen never ever do we ever want to refer you out to another staffing agency but we need to be honest with you we don’t have anyone that we’re comfortable saying I can send you resumes and you’re going to be impressed with these resumes. But I’m telling you we met with them. We do not like them. For you. And so if you want us to send those over to you we will be if you need to fill this right now.

Right now we don’t have anyone. We’re working hard on it. That’s the type of message that we give that. I think what most of Americans are waiting for starving for the very hungry for. Is authenticity. And a lot of companies are not willing to be authentic with their customers and put themselves second and their customers first. And we’ve just switched that role. And it’s worked out very well for us. So. That was a long monologue to what I was going to talk about but here here’s what I was meaning to talk about. It started this video. I wanted to talk about. How do you. Create the best. How do you bring in the best recruits. Staffing Agency Tulsa it’s one I’m a 1 1 bullet point topic here. And it is this promote. Employee referrals. I think it is the number one top rated best way of finding talent is get your employees to refer people that they know respect and maybe they’ve worked with in the past.

So I’m going to bring some of that bring up some things that I think that you can do with your employees to help with this. I think it’s I think it’s just paramount and most likely you’re not going to get your candidate from a job ad. Now sometimes you can’t you can get a players there but a majority of your players are all going to be referred to you to some level and having a high. Really well respected referral bonus to your employees for bringing somebody who’s going to start with your company. I would say that and stays there with them for six months. To make it worth worth your while because the last thing you want is for them to come and get another offer and leave and you paid out twenty five hundred bucks to your employee. You know. It’s worth it because recruiting expenses are very very expensive. Staffing Agency Tulsa you want to promote employee referrals and do it strategically. You know they’re. You know. Most amazing the most amazing people you know

You’re going to want to hire them. You want to try to figure out ways in your company if you are presented with someone who’s just amazing even by your employees if they’re you know and you can ask for this. Hey listen if you know someone amazing. Really amazing. We would love to meet with them. There might be a role for them in this company at some point. And so. Rather than recruiting for the right now urgency you can begin this process way in advance and begin these relationships with people that you would really love to hire. Staffing Agency Tulsa then just keep a file folder and remind yourself because it might be six months down the road. You might want to give that person a call and say hey listen I now have an opening. Where yet. In your know and it’s a it’s a really great way to

To recruit where you’ve got options and you develop these options with amazing people that your staff had the courage to introduce you to.

I really think it’s one of the best ways of recruiting. This is something that I’ve started doing and listen I’ve hired people before when we really didn’t have a position. But I knew we could grow into it. And right now we’re doing that process with an operations person. That’s how we’re going to get them. We’re not in an enormous hurry you know. We can handle that function right now. We have for years but when we get the right person we’re going to be ready to go. Staffing Agency Tulsa we’re already starting to just get employee referrals our friend referrals those referrals for amazing people that’s that’s what helps you. The next thing is you want to keep. Once you get amazing people you’re going to want to keep them challenged and energized.

So you know you need to pay attention to this and have pretty regular meetings are and ask Are you challenging you still love your job. Staffing Agency Tulsa

A lot of times they might not tell you directly if you’re the owner. I’m just telling you what happens. But you can read it on their face. If you have a high enough awareness about you you can look at their face and then hear their answer. And I don’t want to you know I’m pretty bold in the way I do it but when I don’t believe them based on the face and be like Listen your words said one thing but your face told me another. Can you tell me if I read that right or not. I mean if there’s anything there like this isn’t a. This isn’t a bad thing like this could be a very good thing. Like I want you to be happier. We’ll try to figure out something and then lead him into a lot of times you’ll figure out what the issue is. You know the next thing is encourage them to bring the most talented friends. You know that’s part of the referral process. Next thing is is provide an excellent candidate experience whenever you do meet that person. Make sure that the person that you think is amazing make sure and court them. So that means every quarter give them a call. Stay friends with them. Staffing Agency Tulsa Keep them energized. Get them excited about possibly working with your company. And if you do this over years you have a group of people ready for you. A group of extraordinary people. How great is that. This these are some things that we do. Trinity I think that it help you in your recruiting process to be proactive and not reactive. If Cheney can help her recruiting is what we do we love doing it. We love teaching it. Give us a call at 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thanks.

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