Staffing Agency Tulsa | Finding physicians assistants

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Finding physicians assistants

Hi my name is Corey mentor. I’m president Triniti employment specialist. We’re staffing organization located here in Tulsa and one of the top staffing companies known in the medical industry and we are one of them. We’ve been one of the top medical staffing firms. For 10 almost 11 years now and one of and we’re a great source for banking jobs and engineering jobs as well something that we’ve been moving into for years. We also have when it comes to finance related to the banking we also do a lot of customer service top roles in the medical field we Stafford everything from a front office position all the way up to physician like medical billing specialist medical assistance LP INS Aryan’s X-ray techs nurse practitioners physicians assistants and then everything that’s in between there because there’s 20 different positions in between all of those different look different titles. Staffing Agency Tulsa I’m talking today about recruiting. And recruiting today is completely different than it was just a couple of years ago. I mentioned in an earlier video that our unemployment rate. The last time I looked was at three point two percent. And I don’t even know what it is today I haven’t checked it because it’s in the morning and I haven’t had a chance to read anything yet.

But we’re really really low on unemployment and so that what that means is there’s a lot of people that are not looking for jobs. There are a lot of people who are likely somewhat dissatisfied in their job aka a passive candidate someone that will be open to new opportunities but they’re not going to be post and be out actively looking for jobs. You can almost be guaranteed that that’s not what they’re going to be doing. So you’ve got to get really creative at trying to get in front of them. And I think it’s really important for us to consider different ways of recruiting. And so this is the second part series and I’m going to do the last three points on how to recruit and grab someone’s attention through LinkedIn recruiter. Thing is is some of your upper level positions like your nurse practitioners your physicians your physicians assistants in the medical world. You know we’re staffing for several engineers right now. And so we are we are having to reach out to people who are likely getting hit up Staffing Agency Tulsa

All the time in the end. Staffing Agency Tulsa

If you don’t believe me go ask someone who’s in an in demand top position. Listen they’re getting hit up by recruiters all the time recruiters gotten very very aggressive. And. And so you want to try to figure out how to create a message where you actually grab their attention. So in the last segment we talked about enticing the candidate by making sure to mention the things that the candidate is interested in. Before you mentioned the. You know the essentials of the job you know try to find some of the great things about the job that your company offers that satisfies a need of theirs. And then list that out especially if one of your competitors has a weakness which I’m getting ready to talk about here in just a second. You’ll definitely want to bring that up. The second thing was is using humor whenever you can especially in the subject line or using something you need to actually get them to open it up because the first point. Assumes that you’ve already they’re going to open it up. The second point of try the subject line you’ve got to actually get them to open it up.

Maybe I should reverse those and talked about the first first. Staffing Agency Tulsa the second first. The third one is admitting weaknesses and asking candidates for help and getting getting other people in your social media to give you suggestions and stuff. So that leads us into the fourth point and that is. To research competitors weaknesses know what they are so that you can put them in your posts. You might consider putting this in your subject line rather than trying to use humor because some humor is going to sound corny. I think the corny humor is what gets people to actually open stuff up honestly. If you don’t believe me go look at the videos that go viral. They. Are weird. There’s stuff that you don’t even want to really admit sometimes that you watched. But curiosity killed the cat. Type of thing that curiosity you want to use in your recruiting strategies and that and that’s what I’m talking about is getting curiosity. But listen you can also research your competitors weaknesses so some of the weaknesses might be the hours. That you have to work. If. But but.

But then again like in the manufacturing world if you’re getting paid overtime or something like that these people want hours like that. But in that case you’re going to want to go after family values. You know I have you know are you seeking for a job that is much more. Family friendly. Listen some there are some great great workers out there great great people who are looking for a good work life balance. I wouldn’t use the word work life balance because it’s been overused. Staffing Agency Tulsa so it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

I would describe it or use a different word different way of explaining it. That’s going to capture the attention because if views workplace. If you’re if you’re using that terminology of work life balance it’s going to look like another form e-mail that’s come through and that’s what they’re getting barraged with. You got to be different. You know art is your family suffering because of your because of your work hours. Would you like. Would you like to look at something different.

You know if that’s something that you offer or if that’s one of your competitors weaknesses use that use that in your subject and use that in in the body you know for physicians there are some physicians. Listen they make a ton of money. Well they they actually don’t anymore. Most of them you got to be in surgery. To bring in for 500 thousand dollars a year. Most physicians are run at a hundred grand and you know they’ve gone to school for 10 years to do it and then some are stuck in the E.R. working overnight hours and getting called back are on call like this work life thing Staffing Agency Tulsa Probably sucks. And so there you know if their families get fed up or if their family is important to them I think that’s a good move. But find out what your competitors witnesses are and use that against them if their benefits are you looking for a job with extraordinary benefits.

All right number number five take advantage of mutual connections. So rather than if you know of someone that’s connected to someone and I’ve been hit up for this a lot so I’m going to I’m going to be honest with you about it. It irritates me when people want me to introduce. Them to. My friend. Especially when I don’t know and trust that person. So. I want to first say. Look for people that you know trust you. Before you fall off and ask them hey would you please make an introduction to me. Now if you know the person. Is way better deal. But if your LinkedIn is anything like mine. Staffing Agency Tulsa I don’t know. Well. A majority of the people that are in there I get like right now if I looked them up over there I’m guaranteeing you I’ve got 10 requests. Guaranteed. And. But I don’t know these people they’re connecting with me because. I’ve got a lot of connections on my linkedin thing. And I’m sure that’s why they’re connecting with me because they sure don’t know me. So I’ve got a lot of these type of people and these are the type of people that I’m talking about will ask me to make a connection for them and I don’t know who they are. I would recommend that you not do that. I think you’ll make more enemies than you will friends but if you know someone that is connected they’re

Asking them hey listen I know that they’re on your LinkedIn I can see that are you. Are you friends with them socially. And if they are say listen I could really use an introduction if you didn’t mind doing that. But I would make sure that they were friends socially first before you asked them to do that. The last thing is is. To. I lost my last one. Staffing Agency Tulsa

I can’t even read my own handwriting. Listen if Trinity can help you in your in your staffing. We have a system for hiring only a players. These are some of our tricks on how we get in front of people. And I would really love to talk with you about that and be a resource for you please give us a call at 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thanks.

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