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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Find Your Next Employee

Hi my name’s Corey Minturn with Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing organization. We’ve been in business for ten years now going on 11 multiple wards and have done so many things we staff in the medical field. We started in the medical field at the very beginning and we we staff everything from a front office position all the way up to a physician so literally everything in between. We’ve been doing this forever so we staffer LP ends or ends medical assistance or x ray techs medical billers medical collectors and everything in the medical field staff for. And then our other division that we started literally the day that the Affordable Care Act went into law. We started this division because I knew what it was going to do to our medical divisions and we staff in banking accounting and finance. Those are LNS. Staffing Agency Tulsa We also do a lot of finance and banking type of positions in customer service and it’s just what we’ve done. It’s something we’ve perfected and have been able to do well. I want to talk to you real quickly about something that I think is the most important. If you listen to any of my video series I’m keep doing the same type of information because it’s a little bit different for everyone but I think it’s important. I’m going to talk today about the traits of a players that you need to look for everybody. Everybody is always interviewing it’s real. It’s really apparent to me that not everyone really knows how to interview and has a good idea of what it is that they’re looking for. It’s a real problem and in a lot of smaller companies tolerate BNC level players for way longer than they should.

In fact I’ve got a really great company we love them we love working with them. Staffing Agency Tulsa they have an employee of ours right now that we want to fire so bad. That it makes us crazy. And here’s the scenario we just went my recruiter came to me and said listen I want to find out she’s running numbers how many times this person been absent she calls in at least once a week and the employer is refusing to terminate her because when she is at work she does a really good job and gets good reviews. And so they are allowing her to take off once and twice a week. Without any reason like this last one. That was yesterday she said well I’m tired. Not feeling well today and. I mean but she has been tired and not feeling well for like two months now and. We we have this team this team and they are going to tolerate this. Now let me tell you what’s going on. They’ve got I think we have about 30 people working there right now. So they’re a great client of ours. And normally this is not normal. And I love this manager she’s great but she’s tolerating this so let me tell you what is going on. The other team members are watching this go down and they are seeing that. Hey listen this person is tired all the time. And every time she’s tired she has stay home. Staffing Agency Tulsa. I’m tired too. I’m I want to stay home. And so it starts this culture thing and I’m telling you. Culture eats everything positive that you do for breakfast. If you’re. If your culture is bad it doesn’t matter all the good that you do your culture will swallow you. You’ve got to make sure that you keep your culture first. Chase that bird dog. I’m going to go to the five things that I come up with now. First. Define a player. It’s not that. It’s not. Being tired so you don’t show up to work. That’s not. That’s not what it is.

Here’s the first one though. A players have a desire to compete. They have this excruciating desire. Listen I’ve hired them. I’ve watched them I’ve trained them they never ever ever won lose. When when things aren’t going their way. Staffing Agency Tulsa One of my players I’ll give you examples of them because I’ve got everyone on our teams and I players they all have cool stories. School wasn’t getting what you want and she’s our business development person. And she went out and she got a couple of job orders that our recruiters were having trouble filling in the amount of time we normally get it filled. And the reason is because they were civil engineers and civil engineers are very difficult to find. So. This lady

Is. She does not take no for an answer. And so she’s like Where can I go to get these people. And so she goes and finds three nonprofit organizations. That are in the know people in engineering and brought three candidates herself. To the table. Thinking outside the box not taking no for an answer. This insatiable desire to compete. This is nothing thing I’ll tell her I’ll be like. I’m going to smoke you this week in sales. Watch and I’ll step in. Staffing Agency Tulsa

Man she takes the bull by the horns if I say that and she does everything in her power to beat me just to smile and say I beat you and listen I’m really good at sales. And so in general I can put forth just a little bit of effort and beat her but not anymore.

She’s tough and this is a trait of a player she has this insatiable desire just to beat me when we compete. Staffing Agency Tulsa I love it. But this is something in me it pisses me off. If she ever beats me

It’s just this trait that people that are successful share we have this desire to win. So when you’re interviewing people look for this to Czar ask behavioral style questions. Tell me about a situation when you are competing in your company. Maybe it was a friendly competition. How did you how did that go. Tell me a story about that and see what they talk about and see what level they want to compete. I’m just telling you it’s a trait of an A player they will not take no for an answer. Staffing Agency Tulsa The other quick story just last night one of our players got four job orders and said listen I’m going to fill him tonight because tomorrow is my go.

So she filled four job orders after hours last night because she set a personal goal for herself and let me know what the goal was. Staffing Agency Tulsa I didn’t ask her do this. I’m just telling you these are were a players do second thing. They have a champion’s mindset. So I talked to you about that little bit already. They had this desire to win. Staffing Agency Tulsa they they have an unwavering faith also in the vision champion’s mindset has this. They can get in.

They can get into the vision and really throw themselves out at it. Another thing the champion’s mindset is is their mental. Tough. They’re very very tough mentally. If you ever look at an athlete that people look up to. You know one that comes to mind is Tom Brady remember. I think it was this last Super Bowl and they were down. Like a lot of points I can’t remember all the details but. Man they overcame the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. It’s because they had a champion’s mindset like their desire to win and their mental toughness even when things were not going well was way higher than the average person. Staffing Agency Tulsa that’s why they won. It’s because of their mental toughness a players have a champion’s mindset. Think of some of the star athlete heroes legends that you can think of that’s the type of mentality you want your players to have. They will have a players or self-discipline This is number three. They do not need you following up with them all the time. You don’t they’re aren’t going to have to. Right. You’re going to have to micromanage and a player because there’s self-discipline they drive themselves they push themselves. If I just gave an example of one of our players last night that had a goal to meet today and so they decided hey let me get the work done so I can actually accomplish my goal. Good night. Man I’m blessed. To have these type of people working for us. I only got three of the five because I’m long winded. I’ll finish up the other two and this next video series. But was sort of Trinity can help you find a players. We’ve got a system for it. I think it works. I know it works. I watch it happen with other companies all the time when they follow our suggestions on the system that we’ve created. Give us a call if we can help you. It’s 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thank you.

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