Staffing Agency Tulsa | Failure is Not An Option

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Failure is Not An Option

Hi my name is Corey Minter and I’m with Triniti employment specialists trainee is a staffing firm. We’re located here in Tulsa but we also staff in Oklahoma City as well. MAN We’ve been busy lately. We’ve we’ve grown quite a bit this year. In fact I’m I’m going to probably apply for some some new awards Inc magazine sent me another request and I’m going to send out I’m going to send out some of our growth because we’ve we’ve done we’ve done very well. Really excited about what we’ve been able to create over the last ten years. It’s been pretty remarkable creating a team. That is a team of a players that really go far and beyond. It was not easy getting this team. Staffing Agency Tulsa It took a lot of struggle and I hope to hold onto it. You know. But we’ve got I think everyone really bought in right now. Really excited about what’s going on at Trinity.

I want to share with you real quick. For for employees. Staffing Agency Tulsa You know I’m always talking to employers about how to hire a players and I guess if you’re an employer you should listen to this because these are traits of a players to get as an employee. How do you become a player. And why would you want to become a player. What’s in it for you. We hope. You’ll make a lot more money as a player. You’ll get promoted as a player. You’ll be you’ll make yourself irreplaceable if you’re a player in your company and your company will recognize it and if you’re in with a good company listen to me they will compensate you for it and if they don’t they’re kind of stupid because somebody else will. Or at least that’s the way I view it. Hit Somebody else out there. As much a player in that treated like crud trust me I’ll take them. Don’t worry about it because they make a company money. They make the owners happy because it’s not. It. It does come a struggle. And then if you’re a good owner you want to pay them so much money that it just rewards them and you want to bless them in many ways. And so if you are no why to become a player. That’s a big reason why is because it’s it’s a really really good match for a player companies and an opportunity in that category.

But I want to tell you. So if you are an employee maybe you’re trying to wonder if you’re trying to figure out where you stand. If you’re trying to figure that out most likely you are not in a player. You’ll know it. People will come to you for questions they will rely on you. And you’ll know it. You’re at the top of your game and and Ill be self-evident. But it’s very easy to train yourself to be a pleasurably. It’s not. It’s not a situation where you are just stuck doing what it is that you’re doing and you can’t do anything different. You can. It’s just like sales sales is a learned skill. Now there are some things in in being a player that maybe aren’t trained. I read about it a lot and I’ve and I’ve read that these things are not trained however. I think it’s possible that people can change. I’ve heard that you cannot train passion and just a natural drive. Staffing Agency Tulsa that’s the case. I’ve seen it come alive in people when you inspire them. But these are some things you need to work on for yourself. I’ve got five things here. First thing is is mastered communication.

This requires you to be self-aware. The most successful people in this world there are just self-aware. They look around and they see how they impact the people around them. He a dude on the back side of the camera now I don’t know why but I pay attention to him and if he’s bored or if it doesn’t look like he’s having a good day I’ll make a point to try to say something funny to lighten him up or to engage with him. You know what I do. You need to be or you know the other. The other night I was talking in a ER. I was at a leadership Tulsa thing and I was telling a story and it went a little bit long and I could tell by the looks on other people’s faces that I’d bore them with my story. So. What I did is I recognized it. And then I and then I said hey you know what. I’ve talked way too long. I need to shut up because I want to hear what you guys have to say. You know that’s being self-aware and noticing that hey listen you got a little bit long you’ve lost their attention and they are going to appreciate you so much but just recognizing it and giving them a chance to chime in.

I’ve done that twice just in the last two days mainly because I’m a little bit long winded but I’m self-aware about it. If I just kept talking have here been around that person and they just keep talking over and over again they don’t stop. And eventually you begin to start silently praying in your head you’re saying God please shut them up and get me out so. Don’t be that person be self-aware. See how you infect other people if you’re being direct with someone pay attention to how you how you are impacting them. You know yesterday I was talking to one of our players and she said something really really stupid in my mind. And so I called her out on it. Staffing Agency Tulsa I was like Why did you say that. And you could tell it automatically impacted her. And I said I just started laughing. I said Oh I was like listen I’m sorry that came across

Horrible did it and we were able to laugh about it but it was because I was able to see by other face that what I’d said had crossed the line. I didn’t mean it that way but it that’s not the way it came out. Staffing Agency Tulsa Eight players had this ability to assess how what they say impacts people

And and when they care about it other people will notice that hey listen they care and it gives the people around you the desire to want to work with you and for you. And eventually if you do that if you shows pattern over and over again they will do anything for you. That’s my leadership style. There are all sorts of leadership styles out there. But some of the most important people in this world are self-aware. Staffing Agency Tulsa they they’ve been mastered communication for it. Second thing is they go the extra mile. This is pretty simple self-explanatory but

You know what the job is. Go look at your job description. If you have one go look at it and because of that right there. Is the bare minimum

Most people get this right. Well I’ve got a job. I’m asking you to do my job title and then that’s it. Listen I never did that. I took my job title and took it to a whole new level. Even when I got in trouble and they’re like hey stop doing those things. I worked at one company. I had no idea how to write a website but I knew that I could communicate better with our customers. If I created a website an ability for everybody to have one hub to communicate with and they weren’t writing it so I went and wrote it Whiton got the domain paid for it myself and wrote it and said here here it is. And they ended up adopting it. Staffing Agency Tulsa then the I.T. guy got frustrated with me because I did his job. It’s just. That in my job description. But I knew it would help. And so I went over and above a players I’m telling this is what they do. They figure out how to make it better and they look at their job description as the bare minimum not the oh if I do these things well then I’m good. It’s a different mindset by the way 90 percent of America probably 90 percent like they’re just fine completing the job.

The job. Description. And and they’ll get rewarded for it and people will pay them to do it and that’s great. But if you want to if you’re trying to watch us to learn how to be great listen that’s not how it is number three. Failure is not an option. I had a I had an employee just this last week run into a roadblock of trying to find someone she’s our business development manager and she recognized that we were not we were not producing you know what our recruiter in the region was the position is very very difficult. Staffing Agency Tulsa So she goes out and finds all of these institutions and develops relationships with them and solve the problem herself because she saw that we were failing at it. Failure was an option that wasn’t in her job description but she went out and did it anyway. She got frustrated with not producing. That’s what a players do. Listen there are some things that I think can help you and if Trinity can help you in any way we’d love to get you connected with that team or company that will appreciate you for being in a player.

Give us a call at 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can go online. Staffing Agency Tulsa read about all of our reviews at Trinity employment dot com. Thank you.

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