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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Customer Services Matter

Hi my name is Corey Minter and I’m president of Trinity employment specialists and Trinity is a staffing firm we’re located here in Tulsa and we staff in the medical field. We are one of the top medical staffing companies in the state of Oklahoma I believe. We’re definitely I believe one of the top one or two here in our city. We’ve taken on some really large accounts in Oklahoma City and we are spending this year. I’m super excited about it but we’re one of Tulsa’s top medical Staffing Agency Tulsa. We’re one of Tulsa’s top banking staffing companies in one of Tulsa’s top companies for staffing for customer service as it relates to finance and accounting. And I’m going to talk to you real quickly about recruiting strategies. Trying to find a players is a really hard thing to do and that’s something that we specialize in and is helping companies to find them. Like right now we’re in an economy where the unemployment rate is so low that almost

Everyone is going to be looking or they are not going to be looking for a job. Staffing Agency Tulsa you’re going to have to go after passive candidates and get very creative in how you recruit if you’re going to bring in top the top players you know right behind me is the book called Winning and God Jack Welch

Wrote that book. And this was a long time ago. He he built G.E. which you know took him from almost bankruptcy into one of those profitable like. Healthy companies that we know of today like that turn around was such a big deal. And one of the ways that he did it is he had a philosophy that people are the reason you succeed. You know everything rises and falls based on the on one your leadership and into the people that are underneath you. And whether or not whether or not they buy into your leadership or not. And I just think it’s such an important thing to make sure that you get the right people. In your organization in the right spaces doing the right things.

And when you get top notch people all of a sudden everything is going to begin to elevate and that’s what I want to do is that’s what our company I want us to do. I want us to elevate the companies around us. I’m going to talk to you about some of our recruiting processes and some of the things that I believe work. You know when you go on and you Google these things you know talk every Thursday. So you have to google and and just come up with different outlines to talk about. Staffing Agency Tulsa I always want to take it back to the way we do things.

So I’m I’m talking about my experience with it and just using different outlines. When you look at all these things we do all of these things and we’ve done them for years. But in interacting with other companies they’re so involved in whatever it is that their company does that the recruiting piece is just not on their forefront and it hurts them because of what I was just talking about how very very important it is to have the right people there. And so they end up taking whatever they can get with poor recruiting strategies. And I think I think that’s really hurt some great great companies sometimes so let’s take a look at this the very first thing and I mentioned this in every one of the post. Now when I’m talk about recruiting is to engage in social media you’re going to have to be engaging your page needs to be updated. You know just the other day we’re in we’re recruiting company. We started noticing hey listen we’ve gotten lazy with our pages and we need to update these things. We just updated them. And you know I’m going to talk later here in webs in about Web sites. Listen we’ve had the same Web site for three years and we’re getting ready to update that. We were always putting new information on it every week new information is being put on it. But you know things change so quickly in I.T. and even though our page is like two years old we need to be changing it. You’ve got to engage in social media. Staffing Agency Tulsa You’ve got to be a get to have a good media presence whenever they look you up. Everyone’s going to Google you. I hope that you know that and even if you’re not a

You know a public figure I’ll bet you somebody Googles you. And so they’re either going to find things that are good or find things that are bad. But in an engaging in social media you’re going to need to be engaged in pages like Instagram Facebook Twitter and you’re going to need to be able to blast those things out. Glassdoor is a good. Is a good Web site that you can utilize but you’ve got to use these different platforms. I mentioned the last videos Dune. It’s so hard for me to think that most Americans spend 6 7 hours a day on social media. It’s so hard for me to understand but apparently that’s a reality. That’s a factual reality. And so you want to play this. So you’re going to want to get this in front of people ask them to share it and hopefully find the right person will will come to you. The next thing is you’re going to put your need to put a real name and face on your social media. Staffing Agency Tulsa This is something that I’ve started dabbling in. You know shooting these kind of videos you know some of these will take black. Will post up and we’ll put a name and a face with our company.

A lot of times in the past we when we’ve done you know promotions or something OK I’ll take a quick little cell phone video and post that up on our Web site and. But we’re always doing funny things in the office like the other day my wife sent me this. I don’t know how you describe it but it was a dude that had ears bunny ears. He had a belly shirt. He’s way overweight. And he started dancing around to lollipop lollipop and and gave me some doughnuts. Staffing Agency Tulsa so we put that on social media and people look at us and they’ll see the fun that we have. You know we we had a video that this was the video that got us the most hits of anything that we’ve ever had. I don’t really know how to explain it but there’s a video of it starts out with an empty desk. No one’s there. And then all of a sudden. One of my employees. With a blow up ape goes. Hopping like a monkey through the office. And that’s it. That was the video. When people laughed and did and this these are the things that create

Kind of atmosphere. Now this is what happened after these videos. I always had people say man I would really loved working your company it looks like you guys have so much fun. Well. I know it might sound immature to some people. I’ve got to be honest with you. Like those two videos kind of make me a little bit embarrassed because I’m just more on the conservative side. I always have been even in my marketing but that’s the response that we get. Staffing Agency Tulsa so you need to have a presence about your company. Who is your company what kind of culture are you wanting to show. We provide quality and have fun. We were crazy hard but we have fun and do some goofy stuff occasionally. And that’s what our social media says about us. And so when people go look at us they’re seeing the fun. And luckily we do a good enough job that that we don’t have to worry about our google reviews saying bad things about us. Here’s something to also notice when you’re trying to bring in and create a culture. People are going to notice things whenever they come into your office.

Right. Right out of the bat and they’re going to be able to make a decision on the culture of the company very very quickly. And the way that you treat your employees in the back of the House is going to be a direct reflection on how they work with people in the front of the house. Staffing Agency Tulsa if you want to change your company’s perception you know you’re going to have to address the way that they’re treated in the back of the house so that whenever they come up to the front of the House and deal with your customers whether it’s over the phone or in person that you know they’ve got your back. They’re happy to be there. They’re proud to be there. And there’s a complete different change when you can create that kind of culture. Listen untrendy can help you with your recruiting these are just three or two things. I’ve got five more that I’m going to go over in the next value. Give us a call at 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thank you.