Staffing Agency Tulsa | Creating A Hiring System

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Creating A Hiring System

Hi my name is Corey Minter and I’m with Trinity employment specialists. We’re a staffing organization located here in Tulsa Oklahoma staffer everything in the medical field. And then we have a division in finance accounting and banking and I want to talk to you real quick today about hiring techniques that some of them that we use. Staffing Agency Tulsa I want you to start to begin to think outside of the box in the way that you think about how to recruit because they’re their most recruiters. Especially in large corporations just get into a box of the way they do it. And we have a different way of looking at it. I think that you found refreshing and I think it can help you. It’s one of the things that we do for a lot of our clients. The first thing is is we we tried to incorporate hire the person training the skill whenever that’s possible so in our with our customers we always ask questions. Some customers are like No way. And of course if you like an LPN or an Orian you can’t really do this you need a license. So that that’s kind of a given thing. Staffing Agency Tulsa

In other positions know like sales and even as a recruiter or know some of the some of the other positions in banking and stuff like that you can hire someone who has a great attitude who is a great individual who is liked by many works hard has a great work ethic. All of these things you can’t hardly seem to train. Staffing Agency Tulsa You know Harvard did a study a long long time ago four or five years ago and it really started to open up people’s minds.

I happened to read the article I changed the way that we did things at Trinity and that is the beginning of how I created the culture that we have today. I’ll tell you what I’ve never had anyone walk into our office and not if I knew them. They didn’t say something about. When they walk in and just the attitude is different. It’s calm it’s peaceful it’s fun. People are laughing. It’s a really great atmosphere that we’ve created. That’s how we did it started hiring the person in training the skill we had a unique way that we recruit is completely different from any one I’ve heard of before. Staffing Agency Tulsa so when we brought in other recruiters they had preconceived ideas about how things should be done and getting them to change that was very difficult. Harvard basically was trying to make the point that it is it takes a long period of time to change attitude. I know that from mentoring other people takes a long time to get someone’s attitude in their character and their integrity and their values to change. I don’t think that it’s impossible it’s just that it takes a long time. My dad was a hypnotist.

I know it’s a weird profession but he taught me this about the mind that when you try when you try to change the belief system that is the subconscious memory and being able to change the subconscious memory means that someone needs to experience something over and over and over again throughout their life before it becomes a belief system. Staffing Agency Tulsa so that’s why it takes a long time to change character. So I think outside of the box is my second one when you’re trying to hire. You don’t want to bring in someone because they fit the skill set. I always recommend to all of our recruiters that we at least bring in one or two people that are just kind of their resumes look decent their work history looks decent it looks like they could be the right person. We bring them in an interview them and see if they don’t somehow fit within one of our other customers and then we have already had the conversation with our customers that hey listen we might want to present someone to you that would just be a wonderful person for you to train. Listen we’ve done this I believe twice this week. Maybe he just wants that I know for sure. Every week we have someone that we’ve done this with and it’s all it’s really rewarding because we give someone the career that they really wanted but they didn’t see a pathway to getting there because their work history was a blinder for so many recruiters.

Here’s the third thing. Go where they go. So if you if if you’re when we interview or when we get a job or for like a civil engineer or an engineer or loan originators all that stuff we send our people to go to the same networking group same type of educational groups as these people do go where they go you know for physicians what kind of physicians groups are around go where they go get to know them. You know if you’ve got a lot of money as a company advertise in these groups. Staffing Agency Tulsa let them know who you are and b add value to the people that you’re wanting to try to recruit or at least get into a social setting where you get to know and listen the best way is the referrals. You get one of them no. They’ve got 20 friends in the same profession specially with physicians and loan originators. All these people they know one another real well.

So if you go where they go network where they have work be involved and be interested in the things that they’re interested in. All of a sudden you’re going to find friends who are great sounding boards for you. Referrals are always your best. Resource for a recruiter. It always is way better than getting someone off a job ad or mining them what we call it. So go where they go they will help you a lot. Number Number Four have employee referral programs. If you are trying to hire someone within your organization I recommend especially if you’re a small business. Offer him something that gets her attention. You know I’m thinking 500 minimum dollars if you get a higher bit. I mean if you’re going to hire us it’s going to cost way more than 500 dollars and likely a good referral from one of your employees. They don’t want to work with the chump that didn’t do anything you know especially if it’s an A player they don’t want to work with those people. They’re not about to bring them into your organization or most people wouldn’t. So you can use your employee referral program is a really great way of interacting with and and finding people that are extraordinary. Staffing Agency Tulsa I’ll tell you hire a group of players one of the things that I keep saying to employers if you will allow us to go get you only a players a players stay longer. They do have times of work and they refer other. They will bring other a players to your organization because a players like hanging out and working with other players. And when you give your players a huge incentive they’ll bring the players over to you. So I think that’s a huge help and then my last one here is is to grow leaders.

And I don’t know a lot of people that do this. I do it. I know a lot of people that talk about doing this. Staffing Agency Tulsa. For a long time I talked about doing it and I talked about how I kind of already did it but I really didn’t. A lot. But I finally got something that I’ve systemized ingrowing my leaders. Here’s the thing I want to spend time around my leaders. I want to teach them who I am. I want to be around them. I want to help them to see a different way of doing things. Maybe I hope to instill character and integrity. And I want them to sound so vain. It’s not meant to be switchy I want them to what I want them to want to look up to me and I want them to want to elevate themselves to be sometimes a little more like me. And this is what happens. They help me more than I ever helped them. You should know this when you start to elevate leaders listen they will help you more than you’ll help them. And I’m telling you they will. And but you want to instill and give them everything every bit of wisdom that you’ve learned everything that you learned. Create a system. I have a system and I. And it tells me.

Where are you at now. Where where do you want to be. You know how do you feel emotionally now about your work family and and your hobbies

Staffing Agency Tulsa see where they’re at. And I help them to get the kind of life that they only dreamed of. And listen I’m not anyone special. I’m just following the system and I’m telling you every single person that I’ve ever invested in has given me back a hundredfold in wisdom. They’ve taught me stuff.

So don’t go in there like a dictator where you’re learning. You’re the only ones learning I’m here the teacher man that’s not the case you’ll learn from them. And if you will go in and grow your leaders I’m telling you it will change your organization and they’ll want to work harder for you. Staffing Agency Tulsa If training can help you create a hiring system.

Give us a call at 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thank you.