Staffing Agency Tulsa | Creating a Healthy Culture

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Creating a Healthy Culture

Hi, my name’s Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity Employment Specialists. We are staffing organization. We’re located here in Tulsa and we staff in the medical fields and finance, accounting, banking, do a lot of different administrative type positions in the middle there. And I’m going to talk today about recruiting strategies that help companies live long prosper, think about things in the long term and create a healthy approach to recruiting, um, with, with staffing. We started about 11 years ago and we started in the medical field, um, and since then we are one of the staple companies for medical staffing in the Tulsa area. Staffing Agency Tulsa, I don’t think there’s any dispute about that. Um, we’re, we’re, we’re very, very competent in what we’re doing in the medical field. Um, and about five years ago we began a, a division that now constitutes roughly around 40 percent, 45 percent of our business and that is finance, accounting and banking, and then the, the various administrative type positions that are around that.

And that has done very well for our company. It’s given us even more of a foundation. Um, we were in ink magazine or we’re going to be in August while I guess it’s August now, so, um, it should be coming out anytime now. I’m really excited about that, but that is what has happened with the consistent growth that we’ve had following this one little short formula that is if you treat somebody well, they might, they might tell one or two people, but if you treat them poorly, they’re going to tell 100. Um, because we, we have this ideology that quality is so much more for the long run, better than quantity. And so we’ve been able to consistently grow. We don’t grow like this. Staffing Agency Tulsa, and I’m really okay with that, you know, unless we just had an unbelievable opportunity. I’m not opposed to that kind of growth, but I’m really happy with the consistent growth that we’ve had for 11 years straight.

Now I’m going to talk real quickly, like I said, about the, the live long and prosper top of an approach to recruiting were the first one. When you’re trying to recruit people, you need to treat your candidates like they’re your customer. Um, you know, every company has salespeople and I’m a salesperson and I’m not gonna lie to you. I feel like sometimes I have a higher vision on how we should treat our customers. Then maybe our administrative staff does like they just want to get, they just want to get a, B and c knocked out and that’s it. Staffing Agency Tulsa I’m always trying to put that cherry on top of everything. Um, you know, in, in company we create, we call it the Disney world experience and you know, many, many people of my friends and you know, even the people that are around here where I’m videotaping this recording know lot about Lee Cockerell.

We learned about Lee Cockerell who was the vice president of Walt Disney world. And um, he taught us a lot about how to create that kind of atmosphere. Will listen to me. If you’re going to recruit, you want to have the Disney world top of an experience for those people that you really want on your team. And when you think about it, getting the best people on your team really defines a, the levels to where your company’s going to grow, how good you’re going to be, how poor you’re going to be. Staffing Agency Tulsa, it’s all going to be dependent on the people that you have on the team. It’s the most important part will if, if every company knows this, do you not think that they’re going to be vying for the same top talent? There’s not going to be a smorgasbord of top talent around. Like, you should get that in your head, like your company may be great in your eyes.

But there are a lot of other companies. They’re gonna throw all of these different things at them. Some people are gonna throw money. Some people are gonna throw an experience. Some people are gonna, throw the atmosphere. Some people are going to throw out that they get vacation. Whatever it is, they’re going to throw everything at it. You’ve gotTa, you’ve gotTa have a humble sense about your company. Um, so that you can go after and chase and while the employees that come in, um, or the potential candidates, you know, my mentors told me this about my spouse, I think, I think there’s a really similar top of the circumstance here. Staffing Agency Tulsa they say this, they’re like, listen, never ever stopped chasing her, never stopped chasing her. And I, I take that advice. I find different ways to never get bored or just monotonous. The relationship with my wife.

I’m always trying to throw something in there and uh, for better or common word date her, I’m court her, that sort of thing. And um, and you need to do a similar top of an idea, an ideology with the people that you recruit and especially your a players, you’re always going to want to be paying attention to them. Do not just ignore them because they do a good job. Because I’m telling you, one of the biggest mistakes that I made as a manager is I had an a player on my team many years ago. Staffing Agency Tulsa I still think she may come back actually some point. But, um, she did such a great job, I completely ignored her and let her do her job, never ever told them, hey, you’re doing a great investing in them. All that stuff. It’s a big mistakes early on, but um, the next thing.

So make sure that you treat your candidates like they’re your best customers. Treat them well, usher them in, give them a wow experience. Next thing is understand your customer benefit, your. I’m sorry, I understand your cost and your benefit for each different, harder that you have. You need to make sure that you need this position. There are a lot of companies that we work with that are larger and a position is eliminate or someone quits. And so instantaneously they decided to hire him. Then we hire them, we get them in there and the person calls and says, listen, there’s nothing to do. So it was just one of those things that, well, we had it in there. Let’s go ahead and replace it real quick before Staffing Agency Tulsa maybe it might be before management finds out, you know, we can at least use this person or whatever the reason is.

But if you’re, the manager makes sure that you understand what that person does and that there’s an actual good benefit that comes out of the cost of hiring the person. I think that’s really wise to do after every, after any type of turner turnover happens. Staffing Agency Tulsa, the next thing is hard candidates for the longterm. Um, I, I mentioned this just briefly a little bit, but when you hire someone, a Walmart says that if you hire somebody $11 an hour and they stay for only three months and it’s an $11,000 loss. So the longer that someone stays, the more of a benefit they are to your company. It’s really in your best interest to get the right people to stay. Now on, on the contrast to that, if you’ve got the wrong person the seat, it is much more in your interest to, in that relationship and get the right person seat.

But once you have the right people in your seat and make sure that you do everything you can to keep that team together when they’re jelling well, um, and then keeping them jelling well is a constant. Um, uh, not burdened, but it’s the responsibility of the owner or the manager or director or whatever. Um, the next thing is, is strengthen your employer brand by content marketing. Um, we do this everyday. We have social media for a, I probably don’t even know how many social media outlets that we’re going to, to be honest with you, but every single week we’re posting two, three, four different things out there and we’re trying to make sure that we’re remaining relevant, Staffing Agency Tulsa, not only just in the content marketing that we’re putting out, but also doing things out in the community that, uh, that gets our name out there and, and lets people see that, hey, listen, these people do good and have fun.

And I’m telling you, I think that that’s one of the biggest things. You. People want to go to a place where it looks like it’s enjoyable to work there. And so you need to be able to create the culture of that. And that will start to bleed over into your content marketing, I think. But people rob before they come to work for us, we have a line of people wanting to work with us because of that. One thing, um, you know, in our content marketing really works. You want to use a coaching culture also, and this is mainly for millennials, millennial, a younger workers, they want to have a coat. They want to have somebody that’s mentoring them. It’s Staffing Agency Tulsa a, it’s a really big thing. I understand it. I have four or five mentors for different areas of my life. Um, and I’m blessed to have, I can’t even believe some of the people that are willing to spend time with me.

Um, but it’s really important that you do that because, uh, maybe they caught onto the wisdom that I’m, if you surround yourself with wisdom, it will raise you up. Maybe maybe they’ve caught onto that or maybe they’re just scared and they don’t know how to do it. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a, it’s become more of a fact rather than a theory that a coaching culture will keep millennials around. The last thing is to keep an office space that attracts millennials. You don’t want to have a boring, dull office space. Staffing Agency Tulsa, it, it’s, it creates the ideology that this place going to be boring. I don’t know if I’m going to like it and it creates a lot of doubt in some of the best clients or candidates. I’m sorry. I hope that this helps you just give you some ideas to think about if you’re trying to recruit someone, you know, this isn’t a huge theory type of thing, but it can’t. This can be something that can help you set kind of a ground, a ground floor foundation of your thinking when you’re trying to bring somebody in. A, give us a call at trinity if we can help you. We’d love to. My number is nine one eight six, two, two, two, five, eight, eight. Or you can visit us online at Trinity Employment Dot Com. Thanks.

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