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Hi my name is Corey Minter and I’m with Triniti employment specialists. We are an employment agency located here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We’ve been one of Tulsa’s top medical staffing companies for the past 10 11 years. And then also in 2008 we began searching for banking jobs and being a resource for banks all throughout all throughout this region. We worked with the mayor most of the major banks that are in this area and Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Staffing Agency Tulsa we’ve created a system in hiring a players that a lot of people have learned to appreciate once they learn how the system works. And we were in Inc magazine back in August as one of America’s fastest growing companies. And then also in 2016 we’ve done a lot of great things. Today I want to talk about the recruiting strategies you should be looking at in 2018 and then we’re moving into 2019 here real soon. But I will tell you recruiting has changed quite a bit. It really has and I think that it’s really important for recruiters especially if you’re in a smaller organization or you’re in an organization where they’re not allowing you to use a staffing organization. You’re going to have to get real. Efficient with all the different things. But I think it’s really important for you to pay attention to so here’s the first thing I think you should know. First thing is right now hiring is on a tremendous rise. I didn’t check the unemployment rate this morning but it’s in the threes low threes like I think it was three point two percent last time I checked that that is the lowest that it’s been since 2001 right before the Trade Center 9/11 thing.

And so I’m wanted I want to make it known to people who are thinking about hiring right now and that it’s going to be a little bit tougher to get top talent. It has been. You’ve got to really be aggressive with it. I was talking with a manager yesterday. Staffing Agency Tulsa It looks like we’re going to become one of their staffing partners. But she just could not find she’s like it’s so much more difficult now to find talent. I’m having a really difficult time and I confidently told her wasn’t it is not you. You could tell that her feet on her face really. And I think that she was probably pretty pressured by her top management to try to help her out. I think that that’s what. Was stressing her dryest confidently told her that listen it’s not you. It is everyone. We’re all having trouble finding top talent because it’s not going to land in your lap because you placed an ad anymore. You’ve really got to go get it. So you’ve got to have a really good strategy at trying to go out and recruit. And let me tell you although you know you’re of course you’re going to throw an ad up there in the small chance that somebody might be unemployed it’s just that that person if they’re unemployed and having a tough time right now they’re like it’s very likely that there’s someone that you don’t necessarily want to be working with. That’s not the case all the time so don’t take that as a as an absolute. Staffing Agency Tulsa right now that’s probably a majority of the time when you get someone especially if the work history doesn’t look that amazing.

And so you’re going to need to know that hiring is on the rise your unemployment rate is very very low. And so you’re going to have to go and get someone likely who is employed and if they’re employed they likely don’t have enough time to go look for jobs even if they aren’t satisfied with where they’re at. You know there you have to get really really unsatisfied. So what you’re looking for most likely are passive candidates and if you’re recruiter you’re very well aware of what this means. The next thing is whenever you get someone who’s likely going to be a passive candidate you have to recruit a little bit differently. At Trinity. We’ve always recruited this way because people are our main resource. But you’ve got to really wow your candidates and give them a good candidate experience as they’re navigating through your recruitment process. Staffing Agency Tulsa. Let me tell you what I think that that should look like. For someone. After you finish the interview that you need to leave them with a timeline on when they should hear back from you. Or what does your recruitment process look like. Give them an outline of what this is going to look like. The very last thing that you want is you do not want someone using their imagination when they’re in a situation of being unemployed when you’re unemployed in general. Your first reaction is just a survival type mode if you don’t work you don’t eat. And that’s a majority of people even people that are driving the big bad Mercedes and all that other stuff when they lose their job they’re used to that income coming in.

And so it’s very easy for people to operate out of fear. When you get fearful. Your imagination goes crazy sometimes not with everybody with a lot of people and they begin start starting have thought well they weren’t interested in me because I should have heard from them and I’ve haven’t heard anything from them. So I don’t know what this means but I need to go look for another job. So they go and look for another job and all of a sudden you’ve lost a really great candidate. Another bad thing is is giving them the expectation or giving them an outline and then not following it. So that means they’re going to probably take your word if you say hey listen we’re going to make a decision in two weeks and when two weeks has come and gone they are going to make the assumption that hey listen they’ve already filled that position. I better hustle and get me something else. These are things that are so very important. You know in the recruiting world as a staffing organization one of the biggest problems I mean we’ve lost three candidates just this week alone on this one thing. That Staffing Agency Tulsa. We send them a great candidate. They interviewed they like oh yeah they’re great they’re great they’re great. And then they take too long to make a decision and then all of a sudden we’ve lost that candidate in right now if you’re a recruiter let me tell you what. Taking Too Long meant they waited an extra day.

I know it sounds nuts. Staffing Agency Tulsa It doesn’t sound that that’s. The way it goes but that’s the way it goes.

You know sometimes we are talking about real estate just a second ago. The guy on the other side of the mouth of the camera was telling me he’s looking for real estate on. A rental Web site because I think he’s trying to rent a house and he’s just running into problems right there. He’s going to have to go and find the return. All right. Staffing Agency Tulsa There are markets sometimes that when a place comes up for rent

It does not last but like four or five hours. There are times when you’re trying to find a house when the real estate market is so tough that you know your house is going to be on the market for six or seven hours. My brother did this when he was trying to sell his house. All of us he put his house up on the market and it was sold in five six hours. That’s how competitive it is. All right we’re in a very similar type of thing with employees. Staffing Agency Tulsa If you’re going to go get top talent you better be decisive

Very ready to hire. And I’m not trying to I don’t want companies to make flippant decisions. You need to make good decisions. Don’t rush it when you’re not ready. It never feels like you’re ready but don’t wait. You’ll have some really great. So that’s enough about that. The third thing is is you need to use the right social media platforms. And that’s all going to depend on what you’re recruiting for. You know for some of our lower level positions listen work on Facebook and Twitter because this is a funny fact that I heard the other day. And so I have not validated this but it came from someone that was Staffing Agency Tulsa Intense intends to know his stuff. He told me that the average American spends seven hours on Facebook a day. The guy behind the camera is shaking his head yes. So he’s heard it too. So

Holy cow. Holy cow. But so why. Why wouldn’t you spend some time on Facebook. And Twitter. You know when when I was reading an article just a little bit ago he said you know if you’re dealing with someone who’s creative you might really make sure and be on Instagram. Think about who you’re going after and what my interest in general. And I think that’s a really good strategy for you. But listen you need to think about your social media platforms because they’re likely who you’re going to get your candidate from. Not a job. So I’m wrapping up with time here. If Trinity can help in your career give us a call. We’d love to. My number is 9 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thank you.

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